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Isaiah 17 Damascus Prophecy Isaiah 18 U S Prophecy

Isaiah 17 Damascus Prophecy Isaiah 18 U S Prophecy
Pull reveal the terror and understanding of what is possibly being transmitted exhibit to us with eyes to see and ears to stick.

ISAIAH 17 -- "Nicely, about the annihilation of Damascus, Syria"

ISAIAH 18 -- "Nicely, about the annihilation of the Amalgamated States"

Does this indication that we are about to see the fulfillment of apiece prophecies in operate passable as they're vacant in the Abstract of Isaiah? I use this very well could be the case!

I continue to find distinct trace that suggests Isaiah 18 is in fact a hallucination about the projected of America passable as tons others until that time me claim suggested.

So, for associates of us (myself included) who claim steadily asked, "Somewhere is the Amalgamated States in Bible prophecy? How come she's not acquaint with in spite of being one of the most powerful nations in the world?" I say we now claim our reveal -- she is acquaint with in Isaiah 18!

The obstruction part of Isaiah 17, verses 13 and 14, are about the time of God's unbearable fire throbbing Lucifer's projected labored world gain as "pull somebody's leg" until that time a "twister".

As the obstruction Stage of Isaiah 17 was hallucination which includes Ephraim, this Stage 18 is going to continue that message of Christ's return as Emperor OF KINGS AND Noble OF LORDS.

Moreover, Isaiah 18 fortitude tranquility us about the "receipt" of God's break up come to a decision from all four corners of the Mud, associates of apiece the "shop of Judah", and the "shop of Israel" (Ten Tribes under Ephraim), and the Gentiles of Bombshell 7:9.

ISAIAH 18:1 -- "Woe to THE State-run Stakeout Also WINGS, which is Further the rivers of Ethiopia:" (emphasis supply)

This word "forgotten" is the Hebrew word "eber" and is from the core "abar", meaning "to shield over; cast-off very overtly of any transition" (Strong's nos. 5674; 5676).

That word "eber" is where the name "Hebrew" was resulting from. And Eber was predecessor to Abraham and Christ (Luke 3:35 as "Heber"; Morning 10:31). Hence this "forgotten" allude to to Eber in this verse of Isaiah 18:1 represents God's Population of "secret ballot", that of "take the stones out of", and that of "Sympathy", as all believers on Christ as Redeemer.

In as very much as the projected eternal Secure of God is spiritual, this secret ballot includes the Gentile believers also. This Reality fortitude become outstanding display as we continue in this Stage. Dissemination the Absent Ten Tribes study fortitude help hugely exhibit also.

The "land watch with wings" is idiom about outline who? Anything nation has an eagle with expand wings as it's situation symbol? Anything nation on Mud pioneered and established aviation to its forward today? The Amalgamated States of America. As the founders of the Amalgamated States cleft off and alienated from Ephraim (Innate Britain and Europe), they withdraw Ephraim's large brother Manasseh, i.e. the "thirteenth" clique of Israel.

And recollection, this message of the past part was to Syria and to Ephraim.

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