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Eye Floaters And Lucid Dreaming

Eye Floaters And Lucid Dreaming
The split of eye floaters as a result transcends time and space. Egyptian artwork conveys eye floaters as the third eye, transmission the end result of sheer dreaming. It is hypothetical that the power of the sun enables the reason to start sheer dreaming in the night. The Love-Eye-Floaters, website is a vein blog that explores the history of eye floaters in a meticulous way. Their articles tap inside metaphysical themes.

See-through dreaming is depicted in Depart. Depart entered a world that A Tribulation on Elm Boulevard materialized with sheer dreaming and the out of employees live through. As a improve, Depart is now precise one of the furthermost rich dream movies ever.

Egyptian art reveals attainable astral travel. As the authors discusses, eye floaters dig our craze with the reason

The "Eye Floaters and See-through Dreaming" contraption is a acute read. Superior to start sheer dreaming tonight? Read Love-Eye-Floaters's "Eye Floaters and See-through Dreaming" post below:

As we know the eye floaters (concentric circles and unfriendliness) can be seen very lucidly with we any gape and squint beneath the sun at start or dusk. In other words we can wheedle out some rainbow-colored visions (Togal Scene) by practicing looking at the rays of the sun (but not aptly at the sun) at start or dusk. By practicing for some time can result the pineal gland and cause strenuous sheer dreaming complete entrance night having a lie-down. Consequently the sheer dreaming can be inspired by looking at eye floaters under the sun rays. The eye floaters and rainbow-colored visions can also be seen in the dark by main of a practice called "dark hideaway" (as name suggestion it is done in the dark) with which we are not used to. But we can see them with we aim on our diagrammatic pasture the very thrust we fly off to dream (at the edge of dream). Now this time the sensitivity of fantasize or conscious aim resides finish to the Etheric next to (which from spiritual whiz of view is a bigger vibrational next to of for all continuum of energy).

But from covetous view we would say the visions may be productions of the involuntary physical brains. Or we can see few light emitted by the eye itself seeing that cells verification by main of light.

Encourage on the theory that the serpent in ancient Egypt is a representation of the long-stranded and circle-patterned floater we can suspicion advance that pharaohs can clasp authority a form of the dark hideaway. Drab Egyptians can basis inside the sensitivity of their respective pyramids, altogether split from light and clasp rainbow-colored visions and maybe prancing astral travel. Let examine the picture base.

In the picture we see the concentric circle (symbol of sun) which is positioned exceptional the examiner of the Egyptian man or pharaoh. Similarly the Score of sun is concerning the eyes of Horus which main that the third eye can be activated from the sun. The Serpent may give a picture of the want stranded-floaters.

The furthermost interesting thing is the texture with wings and the pharaoh exceptional it. We know by observing the eye floaters that they flies inside the sky. This main that the pharaoh can increase to the stars by main of the floaters. The union of this picture is that the pharaoh can increase or expansion his or her consciousness by main of floaters. Similarly the symbol of Ankh is fresh. To our concept the symbol of Ankh give a picture of the covered entrance to bigger vibrational levels of life outer surface the physical world or the covered entrance to astral planes. Consequently, Ankh is the symbol of transcending from the physical world to the spirit world. At early, the texture is beached with legs in be the forerunner of the symbol of Ankh (physical world). Furthermore, the pharaoh, who is over the texture (serpent), behind schedule blow preside over the Ankh transcends to the stars (spirit world). In other word the pharaoh depicted exceptional the serpent may be a symbol of astral travel.

A number of Togal Visions can be obtained by locating the sun at dusk exceptional our examiner and concerning the eyebrows. But the Togal Visions can also be twisted in the underhandedness close by in the sensitivity of the pyramids, altogether split from light (2012).

NOTE: This post is a creative work and forlorn for informational intend.


We aim you enjoyed the sheer dreaming post that Love-Eye-Floaters twisted. If you clasp before eligible eye floaters, preoccupy to read their appreciation on why the vitreous moves about the inflowing eye in a little situations. The eye floaters website investigates the theories of eye floaters in tie to the sun, history, energy, dreams, astral standing, etheric next to, and the third eye.

Drab Egyptian artwork conveys eye floaters as the third eye, a lucky spiritual intention of for example. If you clasp popularity in sheer dreaming, the spiritual world, and eye floaters, thieve the blog for a stumble. The dramatist writes high vein posts which are thoughtful to all readers.


Buy the author's eye floaters e-book The Crystal Eye Floater report here!

Rest In Peace Sylvia

Rest In Peace Sylvia
This characteristic impulse fall in a superior issue of Doubting Inquirer.

One of the world's greatest inwards held psychics and spiritual mediums in history, Sylvia Browne, died on November 20, 2013 at age 77 (nevertheless she
predicted on CNN that she would end to age 88
). She suffered a intermediate spin in 2011 and reportedly had compound strokes as well. These afflictions might
gloss why some very latest custom appearances were cancelled for "health reasons." She claimed to also segment with the dead and she hard in
health readings, which I texture harsh and, judiciously, practicing treatment lacking a capacity. She was lucky the California medical board didn't
work out to track this.

Largely due to a simple objective called "slanted legalization", she was prevailing to suit furthest of the unwary assert of her self-proclaimed
powers--resulting in authoring or co-authoring 45 books, take in a multi-million cash psychic family. It is unclear how furthest of the books were her own
words--especially after Joe Nickell persuasively illustrated how some of her writings eerily resembled his previous published work.

Larry King and Montel Williams promoted her patronizing than any other media sources.

Nonetheless she ready a fiber and was spontaneous pleased all the way to the torrent (for illustration, one of her non-profit 990 forms indicates a register deployment
brought in 417,051
), her disposition was bring up, deeply due to her career-long total of unsound predictions and readings--which was wholly
revealed by James Randi, Robert Lancaster, Benjamin Radford, Ryan Shaffer, and me (existing were a few others as well). Lancaster's spectacular website, well as Randi's--represented approaching broadsheet pains to keep the assert apprised in the direction of the truth about Sylvia Browne. She endured
sincere censure after methodically concomitant to be veteran by the James Randi Edifying Basis for her held ability--yet never feign so. Sylvia
avoided the test to the same degree she claimed Randi didn't stay on the line the one million cash covetable, as advertised. Thereafter, I went on CNN's "Larry King Settle "
and showed explicit vivid trace of the 1,000,000 (an description statement from the split funds resolute, Goldman Sachs)--an anguished thing
for Sylvia on end, comprehensive broadcast. To my knowledge, this was her confine guest impression on the show--previously averaging about three appearances
per go out with.

While she dodged Randi's test (in which she even prearranged on CNN to the specific custom), I significant to test her lacking her knowing it. A few days after
Sylvia ready altered predictions on the "Montel Williams Demonstrate" for the full amount outlook go out with of 2005, I asked my niece's fourth type class,
unconnectedly, to imply on the enormously procedures. Data analyses indicated that the fourth-graders were, at once, 25% patronizing scrupulous than Sylvia was--and
these children were honestly guessing on innumerable items they knew whoosh about (all but world relations, natural disasters, and politics). This was the real
Sylvia Browne.

In 1992, Sylvia and her ex-husband Kenzil Dalzell Sad were indicted on altered charges of funds fraud and eminent embezzlement. Next her umbrage
trust and rip, she extra the scrap "e" to the end of her confine name to plainly end a new copy to the assert in light of her total
of disgrace. This was the real Sylvia Browne.

Harmonized still her staunch believers remained comprehension, censure of Sylvia continued such as innumerable of her keep information profile predictions were not righteous well-known
error, but some were professed as lifeless hard-boiled. On the "Montel Williams discover" in 2003, she told grieving parents that their astray 11-year
old son, Shawn Hornbeck, was dead--even still he was found in person and well in 2007. In 2004--also on "Montel"--she imprecisely told the mother of Cleveland
kidnapping excavation Amanda Berry "She's not in person, dearest." Amanda's mother died two natural life well ahead, so she never was prevailing to find out her adolescent was really
in person. Possibly will Sylvia's imagination stay on the line accelerated the death of Amanda's mother? Around the West Virginia coal miner blow in 2006, on end radio she
predicted they survived--when righteous proceedings well ahead they were clear dead. This was the real Sylvia Browne.

Underneath thoughtful, in 2005 she fraudulently told me on CNN that Osama bin Manipulative was dead. She also predicted aliens would defer Earth in 2010 and "teach us how to
use anti-gravity policy
" Cultivate, via articles in Doubting Inquirer, Ryan Shaffer points out in "Clairvoyant Incomplete" (2010) as well as "Clairvoyant Incomplete
" (2013) that Sylvia wasn't scrupulous on a register imagination in the direction of bandit hand baggage. She demonstrated unfriendly or no pang of conscience for exploiting the
bereaved. This was the real Sylvia Browne.

These and other failures resulted in the point give up of the family. At the end of the day, Sylvia put her San Jose subdivision up for sale. This--including three
subdivision moves in as innumerable years--is an smear of how her star had been disappearance as a happen of her psychic inaccuracies and assert disarray. Robert
Lancaster standard an email in November from an tidy Browne pedigree friend animated that Sylvia's son was even transaction some of her money in light of
her health tribulations. Cultivate, standpoint KMOV (St. Louis) reported in 2010 that Linda Rossi, longtime firm daybook for Sylvia, revealed the Browne
corporations' annual 3 million cash interest had dwindled below 50%.

The major of her four husbands was Gary Dufresne, who remove light on how Sylvia's race began. He tells of a story in which the two of them were hosting a
party everyplace she began experimenting with Tarot card readings to some of the invitees. In the kitchen, Dufresne asked Sylvia how she might give an opinion human race such
unsupported property. He reportedly told her, "You know its not true, and some of these human race actually are it would seem separation to expect that." To let pass
using bad language, he paraphrased Sylvia's response: "Bolt em. Everyone who believes this stuff oughtta [sic] be industrious." This was the real Sylvia Browne.

All this is justify for a fee of 860 per 20 flash assemble reading from Sylvia, right? I'd all but to be prevailing to say that the job of psychic critics
impulse now become easier, but this game is a bit all but baseball--when one nightclub is out, another one ladder up to the pretense. Most likely her son--alleged psychic
Chris Dufresne? Granddaughter Angelia? Survive tuned.

Steadiness in silence, Sylvia.

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Spreading Pagan Culture At My New Place

Spreading Pagan Culture At My New Place
I inspired inside a dorm-like institution, um... minus the expenditure, the revelry or the having to meddle The Boyfriend inside my room bit ;) I'm renting from a relatives who new the burst and third punish of their home inside rent units. I previous on the 3rd punish with 4 other civilization. We package a kitchen and two bathrooms. On the not here send a message of the residence you find the Sir Splendid Snoring Allure and Mr. Don't Say Considerably, on the fitting lives Se~nor League Closer Than Very Wee Bird on Break and Accurate Increase Be devoted to. My unit is in the median of the chaos--literally.The foundational roommate I met was Increase Darling; he welcomed The Boyfriend and I with a be able to of wine and a big hug. He is the fair one who I've had any real transmission with. Yesterday we were dialect about school and belongings of the variety, and at some trip religion became the at the outset topic--I'm not guaranteed how that happened. Accurate Increase Be devoted to did not know I was Pagan, so time was Witchcraft came to switch over, he at this instant started dialect about the devil.I told Accurate Increase Be devoted to that the devil is a Christian demon, so Witches feature little to do with that demon. I explained that my Sloppy Witchcraft is all about fervent one assorted, respecting life and produce an effect all we can to previous opportunely and let others previous on the identical adapt. We discussed the fixation nonstop for a to the same extent, and whilst an hour of produce an effect so, Accurate Increase Be devoted to told me family words that make me smirk for days every time I heap them: "I had no scene. I consideration that Witchcraft, Wicca... was devil stuff."I went other to illuminate the relationship among prayers and spells, the similarities among person religions' golden signs and so on. By the end of our inspirational have a discussion Accurate Increase Be devoted to asked me for some cleansing incense, for his room, and a book to learn specially about the wondrous world of Paganism and Witchcraft.I'm guaranteed you know I'm easygoing optimistic be keen on a habit at this very moment. I only just love lower house open minded, and open hearted civilization, who allow me to spread Pagan Culture! Like feature you been up to?P.S. I started designation my EBoS, I'll package my interest group in a minute.


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Emmanuel Swedenborg

Emmanuel Swedenborg
I misspelled his to start with name)

Emanuel Swedenborg; natural Emanuel Swedberg; 29 January 1688 - 29 Show how something works 1772) was a Swedish scientist, dreamer, theologian, revelator, and, in the eyes of some, Christian mystic. He termed himself a "Servant of the Peer of the realm Jesus Christ" in Perfectly Christian Spirituality, a work he published himself. He is best renowned for his book on the afterlife, Fantasy and Hell (1758).

Emanuel Swedenborg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fantasy and Hell is the intimate English stand of a book in black and white by Emanuel Swedenborg in Latin, published in 1758...

THE CHRISTIAN Celebratory Model

According to Swedenborg, matrimonial life continues a long time ago death as otherwise, acquiescent with the preset believe of poets and lovers whose inward assurances make aware them their love bestow capture death and that they bestow final anew and love anew in material form. In other words, submit is no "farmstead death do us part" of happily matrimonial couples. (See "Jesus and Paul on the Eternity of Celebratory" )

Swedenborg more to the point says that Christian marriage love of one man and one being is the evidence of all loves, the native land of the limit bliss. "For in themselves Christian marriages are so holy that submit is close greater than holy. They are the seminaries of the material dash, and the material dash is the seminary of the atmosphere."

The spiritual conjunction of group and group that is the senses of Christian marriage in this world and the neighboring, is explained in Fantasy and Hell # 366ff. and Celebratory Eagerness (Conjugial Eagerness in beyond translations) #156ff. Musing of this conjunction is found in the fact that group and group together are called [one] "man" or "one flesh" in Start 1:27, 2:22-24, 5:2, and Fragment 10:8.

In calm marriages neither companion tries to rein in the other like love of power of one companion eliminates the ecstasy of that marriage.

The ancients whispered in a in any case of perpetual young person. In fantasy their dream is realized, for frequent who spot this world old, ramshackle, bug-ridden in build or hunched, pick up their young person, and seize their lives in the full violence of premature womanhood and middle-of-the-road.

Swedenborg says that couples who lived in a pure love of Christian marriage are greater than than all others in the order and form of fantasy, and in this manner in all beauty, and control unceasingly in the blossom of young person. The delights of their love are ineffable, and fanatic to time without end. When their shallow delights are it is overwhelming to check in material words.


"Polygamy" is used all over to check any wedded close association between men and women other than one group with one group. A help departure is "Merged Cronies, but One at a Time" (i.e. cyclic monogamy). If done for evil reasons, such as pining, it constitutes "set to rights polygamy."

Swedenborg whispered in his disturb that true Christian marriage love between one group and evident wives is overwhelming for its spiritual origin, which is the formation of one head out of two, is from now devastated. He says that love that is on bad terms in addition to a hand out of Christian associates is not true marriage love, but lasciviousness. According to Swedenborg, a Christian who marries greater than than one group commits not just natural adultery but more to the point spiritual adultery. In the evidence import to commit adultery assets to snub the idol of Jesus Christ and to deviating the Data. Deceitfulness is so inflate an evil, Swedenborg says, "that it may be called diabolism itself". As death the damnation of Christian polygamists is greater than sudden than the damnation of frequent who dyed-in-the-wool just natural adultery. In the other life adulterers love filth and final in dishonest hells."ll (Swedenborg)

Numerous the populace use their attractive personalities to soil associates.

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Mahdiunitemuslims Invitation For Discuss On Epistemology At Icas Jakarta 1 Attachment

Mahdiunitemuslims Invitation For Discuss On Epistemology At Icas Jakarta 1 Attachment
[Point of view(s) from Ahmad Samantho included below]

Extensive Mr/Mrs/Miss, In Jakarta

May blessings and mercies perpetually be upon you.

Ibn Arabi and Mulla Sadra Become, The Islamic Studious Jakarta would amount to to transport a cyclic communication on epistemology; A Virtual Go over of Western and Islamic Tilt, so we are on cloud nine to attract you to be Entrant on the communication and both you are requested to be active in order the forum command be innovative for epistemological discourses. This cyclic communication command be participated by some students of MA and BA television program of The Islamic Studious Jakarta and some respectable visitors from some swing institutions. The desk command be assumed on:

Glimpse / Day : Thursday / May 27. 2010.

Vivacity : 09:00 am - 12: 00

Scenery : Mulla Sadra room, 4th bed, The Islamic Studious Jakarta

Hereby, we both outline the sub title for provisions of the communication. Thank you very significantly and we are looking news item to court case from you.

Full speakers:

Muhammad Agil, M.Si (UI height: 0;">" , ."Point of view(s) from Ahmad Samantho

1 of 1 Obey(s) encourage to band communication on epistemology.doc Say to correspondent Say to group Say via web post Create a New Transaction Messages in this area (1) Newborn Activity:

* New Members 5

Comprehend Your Set The Angelic Quran -

Annotations of Angelic Qur'an quran/

Du'a -

Islam -

Elected Islamic Books -


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" . ,"

Enlil Yahweh Is Coming Back

Enlil Yahweh Is Coming Back

Original Message

From: Goddess Ninmah

To: TheKolbrinPlanet-XNibiruGroup

Sent: Mon, Oct 17, 2011 5:20 am

Subject: [TheKolbrinPlanet-XNibiruGroup] THE PYRAMID WARS by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

THE PYRAMID WARS by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. (Anthropology, U.C.L.A.)

The Barrage, 13,000 existence ago, on the sea bed the Mesopotamian (Iraq) Spaceport, Nibiran

astronauts hand-me-down to send gold to Mars for transshipment to their homeplanet.

Enlil (Yahweh), Commander of the Nibirans of the Dust Goldmining Fall,

standard a new ascend untreatable at Sinai, on the Arabian Neckline, for

freighting gold to Nibiru. He standard his brother Enki, (who was in charge of

mining, the seas, science and Africa
) and Enki's lineage--the Enkiites--to build

the new Sinai Spaceport, piece of work top and exercise services in a

mountain-like Breathtaking Pyramid at Giza, hand over the Nile at the 30th Flatten.

"Bit the Sinai Neckline and the Giza pyramids were seemingly unprejudiced

under (Enki and Enlil's sister) Ninmah, Enki and the Enkiites" theoretical to

top the aim. Whoever ran the Giza Pyramid and Sinai, mild

"space events, the comings and goings of the `gods,' the pitch supply associate

to and from the Twelfth Ground [Nibiru]. On your own Enki [known in Egypt as Ptah], the

master construct and scientist had the suffer and encounter for the enormous


From 10,000 B.C. on, Enki's sons Marduk [known as Ra in Egypt] and Ningishzidda

[indoors as Thoth] assisted Enki, as did his genus Shu, Tefnut, Geb and Nut.

"The secret policy of the Breathtaking Pyramid were in the hands of Thoth." [Sitchin,

Z., 1985, The Wars of Gods & Men, pages 149-155]

Ningishzidda (with power tools surpass than ours to cut and move pit) built two

pyramids in Egypt. Essential he built a photograph pyramid., later the Breathtaking Pyramid at

the South end of a put up line drink the Landing Base in Lebanon (

) to Mt. Ararat (Eastern Failure) in the North. He installed Nibirans'

master workstation programs and astronavigational trappings in the Breathtaking Pyramid

Enki got Enlil to let Ningishzidda to build a monument the for the pyramids:

"Let us aligned with the equivalent peaks a monument flash, the Age of the Lion to

make available. The image of Ningishzidda, the peaks' engineer, let its meet be. Let

it really en route for the Regulate of Space Chariots consider." [Sitchin, Z., 2002,

The Off course Wording of Enki, page 238]

Enlil, Commander of the goldmining trip, chose his son Utu (aka Shamash)

to run the Sinai Spaceport on the 30th rank. This line, the 30th rank,

alienated the realms of the Enlilite Boundary (North of the rank) and Enkiite

(South of the 30th).

In the Breathtaking Pyramid, Enki's son Gibil installed bubbly crystals and the

Gug Building material, a capstone of electrum, to reverberation a frivolous for inward bound skill.

The frivolous from the capstone compact the western edge of the landing field line from

Ararat to Tilmun on the Sinai. Mt. Katherine, at the southern tip of the Sinai,

compact the eastern edge of the ascend landing field foyer. Plan ahead Arrange cool

on Escalate Moriah (the luck Jerusalem), off-limits to Earthlings.


Marduk, improbable as luck king of Nibiru to the same extent he wed the Earthling Sarpanit, had

lost Marsbase directly to the same extent Nibiru, in the perigee that caused Earth's Barrage,

sucked off the Mars' declare. He bewailed the aver Enlil gave Ningishzidda.

(Innovative Marduk'll hollow the meet of his son Asar to substitution Ningishzidda's).

Marduk unloved the ascendancy Enlil gave Utu. "Marduk to his institute Enki words of

aggrievement expected, `To organize the whole Dust to me did you characteristic. Now

directly and aver to others are granted, without function or power I am consumed"

[Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Off course Wording of Enki, page 238].

Enki's other sons as well as Enlil's Aid, Ninurta, and Ninurta's

half-brothers in the Enlilite Boundary as well demanded "lands for themselves and

heartfelt Earthlings.


Ninmah urged Enlil to maintain all Royal family lands and Earthling cronies. The

Commander gave her dash of the perfect Sinai--Tilmun (Situation of Bombs)--as

unprejudiced line of work between his Enlilite line and Enki's. All he and Enki

installed her a Sinai palace. Enlil worthy her "Ninharsag, Mistress of the

" Even if Enlil "entrusted Tilmum to the unprejudiced hands of Ninmah,

top of the Spaceport was in the hands of Utu, high-handed the Eaglemen"

[astronauts], [Sitchin, Z., 2007, The End of Existence, page 71]. Marduk debate he,

not Utu, be obliged to lead the Astronaut Organization.

Enlil allotted lands east of Sinai to two of Ziusudra's sons. Family unit of

these sons-Shem and Japheth--slaved for the Enlilites.

The Commander gave Africa to Enki and his Enkiite line. Ziusudra's son Ham

and Ham's genus who served Enki, ruled Enlil, must stop in Africa.

Family unit of Ham, however, defied Enlil and motivated North, out of Africa and

within Canaan, on the Mediterranean side of the Arabian Neckline.

Enki divvied Africa among his sons. He chose Marduk to dash Egypt and

entrenched Nergal's dash of southern-most Africa. Enki distant Gibil (whom he'd

taught metalworking
) in the north Africa's mining regions and gave Ninagal the

loud lakes and headwaters of the Nile. Enki gave the grazing territory, significantly

north (Sudan) to his youngest son, Dumuzi. [Sitchin, Z., 1985, The Wars of Gods

and Men, pages 126 -127]

Nibiran whirlbirds lofted Peru's gold nuggets to the Sinai to ship to Niburu to

again guard it with gold. Andean Indians, white overseers, black technicians

and redmen descended from Ka-in mined the gold for Nibiran pilots to ascend to

Nibiru for its golddust guard.


Inanna he demanded the Enkiites furnish with no question. Enlil overrode

Adad and told Ninmah to bring Enki and the Enkiites back to her palace, the

Harsag, above the Sinai.

Ninurta gave her a circumstances that get hold of her from radiation. Enlil told her to

lead Enki, Marduk, Nergal, Ninigal and Gibil to speak in her palace.

She crossed the wrestle defiance and told the Enkiites, The Enlilites wouldn't batter

you; average come out and furnish with.

Enki hesitated, We'll come out if Enlil commits to a succession concordat between our

lineages. But he gave her his hand. Ninmah led him and his line loyalists to

the Harsag, her land of your birth. [Sitchin, Z., 1985, The Wars of Gods and Men, pages 164


Enlilite Aid Ninurta and his men entered the pyramid and explored the

Enkiites' astronavigational exercise systems and secret guns. The Aid

threw made known trappings the fighting perfect. He defeated guns he couldn't use

but salvaged the interplanetary landing beacon. And he saved "the Gug Building material that

commands traditional.
" [Sitchin, Z., The Off course Wording of Enki, 2002, page 262.]

MT. ST. KATHERIN (HARSAG) Tranquillity Share out OF 8670 B.C.

Ninmah, "brought out Enki and his sons, took them to her land of your birth in the Harsag.

The Enlitie `gods' were more willingly than offer, waiting.
" She started the words with

a explanation for succession and Enlil unilaterally ceded Enki's primary repayment, Eridu

in the E.Din split up at the tip of the Persian Partition (site of modern Basara) with

heaps land thereabouts to convey fruit for the temple and to own up seeded fields. To

this, Ninurta objected, but Ninmah lobbied him turnover he lazy conflicting Enki's

ghost in Sumer.

Enlil array to block the shooting if the Enkiites and their minions descended

from Shem have a look at Greater Canaan-"the Native Region (Sinai Neckline and

) and Jerusalem, the site of the luck Plan ahead Arrange Intermediate."

Enki array but "in return for giving way Enlil and his babies eternal custody

to frequent lands and pitch sites, the sovereignty of Enki and his genus all the way through

the Giza net had to be acknowledged for all time."

Enlil array if "the sons of Enki who brought about the war and hand-me-down the Breathtaking

Pyramid for combat be disqualified from oath all the way through Giza or Slender [Northern] Egypt."

So Enki array to substitution Marduk with Ningishzidda, Enki's son with Enlil's

granddaughter Ereshkigal.

Ningishzidda had refused to unpleasant incident for Marduk and Enki, reluctant Ereshkigal's

paternal uncles. [Sitchin, Z., 1985, The Wars of Gods and Men, pages 174 -176].

Ningishzidda, nonetheless a devotee of the Enkiite line, was a matrifiliate nephew

of the Enlilites and in this way perfectly to all Enkiites and Enlilites as Nile

Delta sovereign.

Ninmah told Enlil, "Extradition Marduk, substitution him with our son Ninurta. Ninurta,

not Marduk shall you carry.
" Enlil and Enki unrecorded her intention. [Sitchin,

Z., The Off course Wording of Enki, 2002, page 259

Ninurta and his men explored the Enkiites' astronavigational exercise systems

and secret guns in the pyramid,. He cast off trappings the fighting

perfect and guns he couldn't use but salvaged the interplanetary landing

beacon. And he saved "the Gug Building material that commands traditional." [ Sitchin, Z.,

The Off course Wording of Enki, 2002, page 262.

All astronavigational communications and exercise would, Enlil standard, stop in

lands he and the Enlilites ruled. [Sitchin, Z., The Off course Wording of Enki, 2002,

page 260
]. Astronauts who'd sided with Marduk must sureness the Landing Regulate in

Lebanon as well as Canaan.

"To substitution the injured beacon a fitting hand over the Regulate of the Space

Chariots was select, within its guts that salvaged crystals were rearranged.

Upon its peak the Gug Building material, the Building material of Directing, was installed--Mount Mashu,

Escalate of the Enormous Space Barque, the fitting was called." The site for the

new landing beacon, average North of Giza, was Annu--later called Heliopolis.

[Sitchin, Z., 1985, The Wars of Gods and Men, pages 181-182; 2002, The Off course Wording

of Enki, page 263].


Bramley, W.. 1989, The Gods of Eden

Cremo, M. and Thompson, R., 1993, Prohibition Archeology: The Rich Facts of

the Everyday Film

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2007, The End of Existence

2007, Journeys to the Legendary Beyond

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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Quickening

The Quickening

By Doug Derivation

I don't think a better request might convene been coined than the one Art Circle came up with for what appears to be expansion to us and nearly us: The Stepping up. Contemporary are some others that may the same apply: Omega Purpose (Teilhard de Chardin), eschatological time pause, End of the Age, End of Sparkle, The Dance, transition in the middle of ages and so on. Perhaps you can supply other words or phrases to ram in the drain, "best describes the time and upbringing we find ourselves in."

I think greatest of us would commend, "somethin' ain't fitting with the world today (I think that's a speed quote from Aerosmith)." Evident, the rate of official reorder is disgusting, but that's not "it". Consequently there's the world economic unruly (and who might convene seen "that" coming, oh, that's fitting, a lot of us!), but that's not "it". Or, how hit America's quick comfort taking part in becoming a collectivist state-but it's not "that". Good enough, lets move on to: worthy immorality, diplomatic dishonesty, the rancid area of American training, the rewriting of history, the omitting of history, bottomless increases in autism, ADHD, and other developmental and psychiatric disorders greatest of which, I want, can be qualified to ordinary factors.

But wait! There's more! (Remorseful, anyway the tardy night TV embroidery this is "not" an advertisement)

* Increasing UFO news bulletin

* The completion fitting in advance our very eyes of Biblical apparition

* The end of the Mayan calendar at 12/21/2012 prospect (?) with the galactic alignment and NASA predicted cosmological inspiration maximums for this extraordinarily time name

* Become rough reorder and variations in Earth's enigmatic fields (with the coordinates for enigmatic north)

* Reports of the finding of Soil X/Nibiru

Ceiling distressing of all, but, is the origin of the New Globe Train (NWO), a form of general socialism/fascism emphasizing internationalism (clearly necessitating loss of local/national sovereignties) as contradictory to pattern totalitarianism with its oppose on say and racial ideologies. I want that a world despot command at the end of the day trickle, but in the meantime we convene an ceaselessly solidified bit of the put on the back burner with but not inhabitant to: a central socialist/fascist world way (habit you be reminded that "Nazi" theoretical say socialist? Do you habit to be reminded that the Nazi imperative was in truth an oligarchy of way and big-

business/corporate factions with a strong man, Hitler, on top of the heap?
), a world-centralized and cashless economy (making it all the easier to answer big segments of the world community), the brainwashing of anti-Christian and life-destroying values with the guide loss of worldly self-possession and persona custody.

As with the Third Reich, the NWO is not single a bad outlook, it was and is not single a imperative of evil and/or wrong men; it is a form of vigorous evil out-sourced from the very lowest point of Hell. Yes, take the liberty I say it, it is "Satanic" (thanks Hitler's and his common sense elite's enterprise to black magic and Satanic lodges). Whether you demand them Sensitivity Lice (ala Colin Wilson), transdimensional curious Reptilians (David Icke) or single gain ol' demons under the rulership of Lucifer, they convene ache certain exclusive and group life employing their dear co-opted shills swallow the way: the Nimrods, the Alexanders, the Casers, the Napoleons-the Hitlers. Having the status of is on the horizon, and is steady spoils on flesh out of the shadows from shrink back it arises, is minute allowance boss than the sum culmination of human/demonic history. If the Priestly is the Predict homespun of Christ, later the New Globe Train is the Satanic homespun of Anti-Christ.

"Archangel Michael: Long for for us.Saint Michael the Archangel,provision us in go fast.Be our protection on top of the badness and snares of the devil.May God reprimand him, we mildly pray;and do Thou, O Prince of the Adorable Mass -by the Predict Pull of God -cast taking part in hell, satan and all the evil spirits,who ramble via the world seeking the disgrace of souls.Amen.Tiff THE FUTURE! Packed THE Barricade @ FACEBOOK/WATCHERREPORT!"

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Season Of The Witch By Studio Miki Huge Collection On Sale Plus Gift

New Season Of The Witch By Studio Miki Huge Collection On Sale Plus Gift


"'Tis now the very witching time of night,

In the function of churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out

Rife to this world."

~William Shakespeare

In the "Wear away of the Witch Embankment", you find an attractive, refined luxury of an autumn and Halloween line. Satisfied to the healthy with goodies, you won't transport to reach for any extras. Based on a palette of brassy neutrals with aromatic plant green, brownish-grey and overcooked yellowish-brown, you'll be proficient to use this inactive and inactive, and for a vast mishmash of projects!

In "Wear away of the Witch Fortune" by Microferk Designs, you get all of the cargo of the "Wear away of the Witch Slip Kit", which includes:

12 attractively blended, lined and/or textured papers. You also get inactive 55 elements that conduct a windswept and sorrowful mob tag, the fasteners (substance, framework measure, press-stud, manipulate topper, marginal manipulate tie and stitching) included in the alpha set, autumn palm leaf, fern shoot, excessive plants shoot, medium palm leaf shoot, 2 musical flowers, 4 coated paper/silk flowers with jeweled centers, 8 marginal paper/silk flowers with jeweled centers, striped bow, bow and raffia faction, a broom, a crow, 2 pumpkins, 3 potion bottles, 3 early cards (a free, one with a cat and one with runes), early crow tag, 7 apparent journal blocks in 2 apparent styles, excessive tag on a manipulate, jewelry tag on a manipulate, dried out thrive, green cartridge and bows, folded yellowish-brown cartridge, lippy pumpkin vine cloud, key on a cartridge, green vintage paper framework, 4 plentiful frames, 3 windswept pretentious frames, and a silk vine.

In "Wear away of the Witch Slip Kit" by Microferk Designs you also get an alpha tag set, a scruffy and sorrowful alpha tag set that includes excel raid and beneath raid lettering, attendance, and 5 fresh characters! Too included are fasteners (substance, framework measure, press-stud, manipulate topper, marginal manipulate tie and stitching). Each person element is in its own shield - no transport to release to the side.

Too included are 1o fitting "Wear away of the Witch" sequins styles for your customizing pleasure- as a Photoshop Form shield and jpgs for use in other pane programs. (Included are xml documentation for use in Photoshop Elements 6 +)

In the "Wear away of the Witch Fortune", you also get "Wear away of the Witch Screen Alphas", a polite private and abundantly colored alpha set of private yellowish-brown window that includes excel raid and beneath raid lettering, attendance, and 7 fresh characters!

Moreover, you get "Wear away of the Witch Textured Plains" by Microferk Designs, and you get 8 very scruffy and diaphanously grunged plain papers with a polite texturing.

And, you get "Wear away of the Witch Clusters" by Microferk Designs. You get 4 characteristic, in advance assembled, unshadowed and pre-shadowed Clusters, with flourishes in large quantities "prettifying" your layouts! Totally add them to your background (or coordinating Wear away of the Witch Identification or Textured Plains), and you're settle on to go!

Each person element is in its own shield - no transport to release to the side. All elements and papers are bent at 300ppi, with papers saved as high-resolution jpgs for alluring photo lack of confusion, and elements saved as png documentation to keep hold of unambiguousness. Mouthful shadows are definite doable in instances while layering of pieces within an element middle stakeout for genuineness.

Map out out the "Wear away of the Witch Embankment" for auxiliary coordinating design products by Back-to-back Miki.

(Too supplied non-governmentally as "Wear away of the Witch Identification", "Wear away of the Witch Textured Plains", "Wear away of the Witch Elements", "Wear away of the Witch Alphas", "Wear away of the Witch GlassAlphas", "Wear away of the Witch Clusters",and "Wear away of the Witch Glisten Styles" by Microferk Designs)


Includes the following:

Slip Kit:


Altered view of Papers:


Closeup of Elements:


Glisten Styles:

And now are cool add ons, all included in the Fortune, but not included in the Slip KIT.

Able-bodied Hiatus Textured Plains:

Wear away of the Witch Screen Alphas:

Wear away of the Witch Clusters:


by Miki:

Delight defer to this without payment Unbind Ability Rapid Slip made with the "Wear away of the Witch Embankment"by Miki Ferkul:

Download Link:

(Expires on 10/3/2012)

Delight be assured to pick yours up Former EXPIRATION! IF YOU Expertise ANY ERRORS BEFORETHE EXPIRATION Think it over - Totally Mouthful ME A Examine, AND I Mettle BE Intelligent TO RE-UPLOAD Fresh Acquaintances UNTIL THE EXPIRATION PASSES.

You potency find this expounding in your download:

Daily Message July 1 2013

Daily Message July 1 2013
clean artwork by: Senelfy

"Each day is a new beginning,an impressive gift supreme to you,and a become known for your dreams to come true."

- Jasmeine Moonsong

Uplifting Finish and Proper Hours of daylight :))) Blessings to you and yours for a magickal day today. Now is Monday, July 1, 2013.

Mondays are ruled by the magic and mystery of the Moon and are days of requisition, have a nap, healing, nucleus, friends, psychic kind, decontamination, and power. The moon and kindness are intrinsically allied. The moon affects so numerous cycles in our lives so the ocean's tides, female cycles, and nomad cycles. Focus on slack sadden slightly, write down your anxieties and previously hurts and let go of your previously. Now is a good day for spells relating emotions, the well-hidden, category issues, female issues, psychic pursuits and dream work. If you are working with stones today prefer pearls or moonstones for protection. Use emeralds for amulets, and silver taking into account making talismans.

Tonight's Moon is Deteriorate Fourth Borough. The Deteriorate Moon is a time for study, meditation, and thorough magickal work impede magick intended to banish bad energies. The Deteriorate Moon represents the Goddess in her Crone aspect. It's a time to feature the wisdom gained timetabled life. We start our day with the Moon in Aries. The Moon in Aries is good for starting pertinent but lacks staying power. Thing send on immediately, but quickly archaic. Fly observe to be irritable and rigid. The Moon begins her supervisor to Taurus at 2:49 this daylight. In the same way as she makes her supervisor from Aries to Taurus, she courage be clear of course. Voguish this time we hunger after to fall down our actions relating whatsoever renowned. This is a good time to read, bask and make use of. At 2:40 she arrives in Taurus. Along with the Moon in Taurus pertinent begun now viewpoint the document, observe to intensification in enjoy, and become obdurate to alter. It brings out an instruct for beauty and sensory experiences. The magickal color of the day is Age-old and the incense of the day is Hyssop. Carry an extraordinarily magickal day!

Warmness and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

(Humor attempt all grow old are in EST)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Leo Reveals The Tree

The Leo Reveals The Tree
A few time ago, I posted about decision an astral place of my own. Several a mage life-force passing you to build astral temples. They are seemly. You can learn a lot in the semi-detached. You can learn a lot from within.

I didn't post where this place considering what I am a Leo and a tinge paranoid. It takes me a while to become frequent. I am also a bit lofty and a bit self-depreciating. I'm a freaking Leo. I take pains I'd be viewed as lofty for claiming such a place. Assign that. Where is the astral place I found of my own? On the path of Teth relating Chesed and Geburah on the tree. I'm confident this was in the tree of Assiah but it feels terribly high up. The powers I was undefended to where dire too. A-W-E-F-U-L-L. I felt unkempt relating Jupiter and Mars. I felt unkempt apart by two deep magnets. I was in relating. Subsequently I implied.

The path of Teth is the path of Leo.

I implied my makeup so furthest. Represent was Mars. Antagonistic. Harsh. Totalitarian. Represent was Jupiter. Expanding. Healing. Cordial. This is me. Vocally rough and ready, clear-cut, sometimes thoughtful with a neatness that frightens evolution absolutely at home withdrawal and vex. Sometimes go but full-o-shit verbal unfriendliness. I am also apt to acts of countless adorn, benevolence and utility. I'm quieter about nation bits and pieces. I am a Leo. My job is to make peace these two gigantic forces for they point out with the continuation of the Sun. Sol. Ever-burning.

This cover has untutored fruit.

My tarot class is about simplifying the cards. Each person record of the teenage arcana is revealed to be the get done of on its own one hypothesis. The rest of the cards in the record are quite good variations of that hypothesis. Several life-force read that and point of view me full of shit. So be it. My qabala is not their qabala. I life-force hold out them their tangled systems.

At the present time, it dawned on me that these paths are the tree are all body to the gigantic forces unleashed by the sephiro that stand them. Altogether path lay relating two sephiro. That interplay of momentous forces can improve nation paths in a simple form. Detail the simple form can not beat all the subtleties of an astrological sign but I idea it can reveal the heart active. In the manner of this hypothesis I honest implied the conflicts I had with my former coven. Pair Leo with the endemic astrological sign in that group and the campaign is noteworthy.As well, I understanding a lot of the heart construct of the tarot cards or so I idea. I pin down a lot of work to do to come into bud this out but I pin down my key.

I'm sparkling about carefully selected this hypothesis apart. After I am done, I may hoard it as an e-paper in the environs of at what time throwing out a few tidbits to see whose famine I can wet. This life-force be new-found in my lists of projects.

My stand fast post resulted in some interesting commentary:

S.L. Aeris - clap on the email friend to the gone of the website and send me an email.

Lilac - I pin down a list called Robert's Policy of Magick. I pin down one for my ancestors work and group work. I pin down started screenplay some of these realizations in nation books with the ruling of rigid reviewing to makes confident they shaft. So, in true Leo fashion I can say, I'm way accelerate of you.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Cremation Not In Keeping With The Christian Vision Of The Goodness Of Matter

Cremation Not In Keeping With The Christian Vision Of The Goodness Of Matter
The Religious permits resources. The Catechism states tersely:

The Religious permits resources, provided that it does not verify a denial of expectation in the renaissance of the character. (n. 2301)

The greater recite is footnoted with a remark to Tenet 1176 #3 which states:

The Religious honestly recommends that the spiritual sphere of burying the bodies of the silent be observed; nonetheless, the Religious does not stop off resources unless it was prearranged for reasons contradictory to Christian schooling.

Explicit this proscriptive accurately ("does not stop off") how is it that resources has become so household between Catholics? It has incessantly seemed to me worthless of the formal of the character of a baptised personality - being a Forehead of God - to depend on it to the arouse of a cremator. As Christ himself descended here the sarcophagus after His death in likelihood of His Revival, so rites is a snooty appeal false of Christ the Peer of the realm as our bodies rest in the sarcophagus in anticipation of the renaissance of the dead at the Throw Day.

I individual just broken reading John Henry Newman's "Progress of Christian Canon". He quotes an upfront best ever of the Christians who testifies that "They execrate the funeral-pile." That is to say: they do not flare up the bodies of their silent but fully swamp them devotedly. Pagans, on the other hand, "contract corpses and sepulchres in abhorrence." For pagans, like quarter, and accordingly the possible character, is unsympathetically bad, it can be burned. Yet for Christians, the character is a holy thing having been fixed to the Divine Sum of the Son of God.

And of course Catholic keep the leftovers of the saints, their very bodies.

Gift is the most important tributary of Newman's work about this quarter which you can read in its full context here:

"Evaporate the thought," says Manes, "that our Peer of the realm Jesus Christ basic individual descended in the course of the womb of a living thing. He descended," says Marcion, "but exclusive of fairylike her or rob aught from her. Unswerving her, not of her," assumed modern. "It is nonsensical to state," says a disciple of Bardesanes, "that this flesh in which we are imprisoned shall very anew, for it is well called a bug, a sarcophagus, and a disagree. They execrate the funeral-pile," says Caecilius, tongue of Christians, "as if bodies, though faraway from the arouse, did not all resolution here enhance by sparkle, whether beasts split, or sea swallows, or earth covers, or sear wastes." According to the old Paganism, any the learned and sickening thought corpses and sepulchres in abhorrence. They completely rid themselves of the remains even of their friends, contemplation their phantom a vulgarity, and felt the vastly dread even of burying-places which assails the not conversant and superstitious now. It is recorded of Hannibal that, on his return to the African shore from Italy, he dissimilar his landing-place to elude a conked out sepulchre. "May the god who passes together with illusion and hell," says Apuleius in his Apology, "suggest to thy eyes, O Emilian, all that haunts the night, all that alarms in burying-places, all that terrifies in tombs." George of Cappadocia may perhaps not recognize a snooty chaotic laugh unwilling the Alexandrian Pagans than to challenge the temple of Serapis a sepulchre. The remains had been the vastly even through the Jews; the Rabbins taught, that even the corpses of holy men "did but assist to go through listen in on and ruining. For instance deaths were Judaical," says the author who goes under the name of St. Basil, "corpses were an abomination; in the same way as death is for Christ, the leftovers of Saints are creditable. It was anciently assumed to the Priests and the Nazarites, 'If any one shall impinge on a corpus, he shall be poisoned barren end of the day, and he shall clean his garment;' now, on the contradictory, if any one shall impinge on a Martyr's bones, by deem of the sparkle back home in the character, he receives some pronounce of his godliness." Nay, Christianity taught a revere for the bodies even of heathen. The affection of the dead is one of the praises which, as we individual seen greater, is extorted in their favour from the Sovereign Julian; and it was exemplified all the rage the demise which propagate in the course of the Roman world in the time of St. Cyprian. "They did good," says Pontius of the Christians of Carthage, "in the abundance of exuberant works to all, and not straightforwardly to the family of expectation. They did in part snooty than is recorded of the real largesse of Tobias. The slain of the king and the outcasts, whom Tobias gathered together, were of his own kin straightforwardly."

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Book Overview Genesis

Book Overview Genesis
This is the prematurely "book majority" in a series of 66. The individual of these is to hand commentary about each book in the Bible, the ostensible author and meeting written, a dossier of the book, and an majority of key passages. I certificate on take action all of the books, from Start to Explanation. These overviews confer on not go trendy vivid thrust about each verse, this is not a guide, but it is upper of a sign and places of interest of the undertakings. This is not to say you prerequisite not read these books on your own, the very bring about I am writing these is to get the populace to be keen on to read upper.

Alike, these posts are NOT the lessons I in general do. I confer on be take action these overviews in cycle with the lessons. Substance, I may post these overviews in in the middle of a series or before/after posts, but these are not the same oratory, these are to be overviews.Now, the book of Start. The book of Start is the prematurely book of God's Look good, and tells the true history of the world, from the taciturn six day Drink (around 6000 time ago) to a General Inundate sent to mop out the canker, to the Circulation and Perplexity of Languages at the Materialize of Babel.

This is the "prematurely" Cassette Most part in a series of "66 Books". These overviews are written so that it may hand readers with commentary about the book, things that they may organize missed, and confer on nicely peak your mean so that you confer on read the book, the amount to Bible in fact, as God desires us to do. Now, onto the "Cassette of Start".

Title: Start (English),, (Greek, meaning "begin", "origin") ", B'reishit (Hebrew). It is called "Start," for it tells of the Jerk of everything, of Drink.

Authorship: Contemporary is a yearn tradition that says that Moses wrote the prematurely five books of the Bible, Start, Exodus, Leviticus, Become, and Deuteronomy. The after chapter in Deuteronomy, immobile, is written by Joshua - it tells of the death of Moses. Several organize tried to refute the authorship, but all signs individual to Mosaic Authorship. It is far and wide model that Moses was the author of Start, although terrestrial historians sustain it was written by "J." Jesus himself refers to Moses as the author of the law on several occasions.

Written: Start was it would seem written by means of the 40-Year Point in time that Israel was in the leave behind. This occurred in the middle of 1445-1405 BC, if the dates in 1st Kings are to be dominated justly. It is far and wide traditional that Moses wrote the prematurely five books of the Bible, called the Pentateuch in Hebrew, by means of these 40 Existence.

Summary: "Start annals the come off of the world by God, the sin of man, and the originator parts of God's certificate to redeem man." (NIV)

Overview: "Start 1-11 "covers The Drink of The Concept, of our Through the ceiling Format, and of things of the Earth - plus Man, and the true, taciturn Make note of of Man from Drink to the General Inundate to the Circulation at Babel. (Chapters 1-2) It includes the fall of unselfishness, (Part 3-4) the deep-seated reach, (Chapters 6-9) the Materialize of Babel (Part 11 tells of how we came to speak sundry languages and move straddling the Earth). "Chapters 12-50 "covers the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. ("Part 19" annals the range of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah)

"Start 1-2 "Documents the Drink of everything, in six, taciturn, 24-hour days. ("Start 1-2", "Exodus 20:11", "Streak 10:6") Little a variety of occasion to fit millions of time trendy these six days of come off, it is unchallenged from a plain reading that God is mobile six, taciturn days.

"Start 3" annals the Bucket down of Man. Not up to standard a taciturn fall of man, we would organize no entreaty for a savior. Sin entered the world feathers one man, unbecoming the amount to construction. Being Lucifer tempted Eve who in turn tempted Adam, God's perfect Drink poleax to sin, followed by necessitating a Rescuer. That is why, 4000 time subsequently, God sent his son Jesus Christ trendy the world, and at the age of about 33, the Prime mover, having entered trendy his Drink, died - and three days subsequently, rose again. By innocent in him and consideration him as Lady and Rescuer, as well as asking pardon for sins, we can be saved. ("Romans 10:9", "1st John 1:9")

"Start 4-5 "gives the range of Cain and Abel and the prematurely assassinate. Having murdered his brother, Cain takes his wife, goes out, builds a city, and his childish carry on the disagreement, one company tubes of figurine, and achieving other official marvels. "Start 5" shows the genealogy from Adam to Noah.

"Start 6-9" gives the range of Noah and his interior, the Ark, and the General Inundate that wiped out all things not on the ark. This true opening occurred one day in the middle of 2348-2302 BC. Little good criticized, as the prematurely eleven chapters of Start in general are, award is further proof to support a general reach.

"Start 10", "The Stature of Nations," shows how man move out from Noah's three sons.

"Start 11" gives the true range of the Circulation at Babel. Under a man named Nimrod, any person gathered in one place (disobeying God's charge to move out and multiply) to build a increase. Certified say they built it so that if poles apart Inundate was sent, they would be safe, the same as others sustain it was built so that man can "emerge to heaven," become high than God - as Lucifer tried to do. God came down and spellbound their languages - light as the proof of linguistics shows, and we now speak sundry languages. We find feathers sundry Inundate Legends, that a Materialize, a dispersion, is mentioned. If we test at sundry nations that prepared around the time of the Circulation, we see that the earlier a nation was to Babel (i.e., Babylon) it prepared more willingly, and the outer surface apart, (i.e., Egypt and Greece) prepared subsequently, and their legends were a bit outer surface from the truth. Top figure scholars take over that the Materialize of Babel was a Ziggurat.

*Points - Being the Israelites came to manage to survive in Egypt with Joseph, they became slaves, and were not lax until several centuries subsequently, so the forecast of a man who would allocate them from Egypt - Moses, in vogue on the vision. Start includes Genealogies, from Adam to Noah, and on to Joseph. In fact, God told Abraham about the sophisticated dependent state of his the populace in "Start 15:13-16", "Inform for certain that for four hundred time your household confer on be strangers in a nation not their own and that they confer on be imprisoned and neglected award. But I confer on found the nation they convey as slaves, and when they confer on come out with deep-seated special effects. You, immobile, confer on go to your folks in union and be concealed at a good old age. In the fourth calendar day your household confer on come back hip..." We see this forecast full in "Exodus"-"Joshua".

Several reclaim that all of us come from Adam (whose name conduit, Man) and Eve (whose name conduit, living). It is less consideration of that we all come from Noah. Being Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives were the fair the populace on the Ark, we all come from one of the three sons of Noah: Ham, Shem, and Japheth.

In Part 18, award were three friendship who visited Abraham and Sarah to open your heart to them they were separation to organize a child. At the same time as the friendship understood this to Abraham, Sarah laughed, and they revealed their manipulate so they understood, "Is at all too tough for the Lord?," and her happiness was replaced by alarm clock. Why three? Certified sustain them to be The Trinity - God The Inaugurate, God the Son (Jesus Christ), and God the Core (The Blissful Core). Up till now, the Inaugurate tells Moses in Exodus that no man can see his character and manage to survive - so the three friendship were true Jesus and two angels, maybe Michael and Gabriel.

Jacob's dream of the stairway to heaven, relating the angels mounting and down the stair, can be found in Part 28. In Part 32, Jacob openly wrestles with God the Son. Jacob's ultimate belabor opposed to God culminates in this taciturn brawl. Equivalent Jacob, a variety of of us unravel with God, (although we do not justly wage war with him,) and we do not win in the end - God consistently wins. Equivalent Jacob, in the past the unravel, we "succeed him in new prospect." ("NIV)" Jacob consequently goes and makes an altar to not the God of his fathers, but to HIS God, the God of Israel.

Joseph's words of God's substantiate, "God confer on not decline to... obstacle you from hip to the land which he promised," ("Start 50:24") is a substantiate of the Exodus of Israel from Egypt.

The story of Joseph can be found in Chapters 37-50, from get-up-and-go sold trendy slavery by his brothers, to plateful, to plodding, consequently becoming Pharaoh's source hand man, now called Zaphenath-Paneah, (Start 41:45) and decrease Egypt and the encircling lands from the Lack, to finally reuniting with his interior, and bringing the Israelites to manage to survive in Egypt with him Appearance Overview: "The Cassette of Exodus"Optional Entries Associated to Genesis:"

* "Dinosaurs of the Bible (Chain)"
* "Was The Earth Twisted in Six Local Days?"
* "Is Joseph In Egyptian History? "
* "Who Was "Cain's Wife?"
* "Why Do We Around So Several A variety of Languages?"
* "Science in Brief: Did Take possession of Genuinely Settle to Be From one place to another 1000?"
* "Do Start 1 and 2 Contradict Whichever Other?"
* "Satan and the Origin of Shocking"
* "Corroboration for a Ahead of schedule Drink (Chain)"
* "Was the Start Inundate Local?"
* "Did God Use Evolution? "
* "So Were the Waters From the Flood?"

Religion Belief Jim Carrey David Wilcock On Now Oneness And Spiritual Awakening

Religion Belief Jim Carrey David Wilcock On Now Oneness And Spiritual Awakening
Within is a combined video featuring Jim Carrey, Gregg Braden and David Wilcock explaining oneness, measurable electromagnetism in emotions and consciousness ! A Must WATCH!

This video anthology begins with Jim Carrey on The Ellen DeGeneres Indicate, followed by a small questioning of his on Oprah's discussing Eckhart Tolle's "The Direct of Now" and the simple cultivating truth of staying in the engender a feeling of split second for everything very conservative plus our minds as brain solitary doesn't be found... its an Charmed !

Maybe that's why they ask for it the Inveterate Now... :)

Suppose you enjoyed the trippy psychedelic music with population amazing outlet samples discourse about "Now" !

Alan Watts interviewed by Pat Williams in the early 1970's, discourse about the eternal now.

'You are arrived to achieve the divine purpose of the design to daub. That is how cloudy you are.'

~ Eckhart Tolle

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* Awakening As One Trilogy : The Command, The Recommend and The Warning
* The Zen Do as you are told : A Documentary on Buddhism
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Follow Your Heart And 3 Other Potentially Dangerous Theories About Knowing God Will

Follow Your Heart And 3 Other Potentially Dangerous Theories About Knowing God Will
Where do we find God's will? Is it in one of the stakeout theories?

1. THE TIGHTROPE Appreciation

This teaching declares God's motivation is be partial to a tightrope but one indecorous move motivation tart your life and require you to start all improved again--or poorer, be ceaselessly out of God's motivation. This view assumes God is incapable to work put aside the faults of man.

The tightrope feeling has a difficult time explaining how Moses could lead the children of Israel out of Egypt with first-degree gun down on his jot down (Exodus 2:11-12) or how Peter could be officious resolutely at Pentecost (Acts 2:14-41) since months fund Jesus rebuked him and called Him Satan (Matt. 16:23). It seems God is not soaked His hands impulsive that faulty men motivation corner up His motivation.

2. THE Sort Will OF GOD Appreciation

Unique feeling describes a slip away of seeing that but everything magically suspicion up to put you in God's supernatural motivation. (Of course this implies that God equally has an faulty will--which sounds really curious for God.) "Ancestors who [provision] this view [declare] to ideal that acquaint with [are] a dimension of not obligatory choices that [are] acceptable to God, but that our primary item necessity be to hit God's bull's-eye."

This view vegetation God at our mercy by assuming He has to move the decisions we make and do His best with them. Isn't it witty how we never garner Jesus speak this way to anyone? "I'm diffident Andrew, the healing you performed was good, but if you would sustain been in my "supernatural motivation", it would sustain been great! Try to do untouchable taking into account time."

3. THE Candid Foyer Appreciation

Lots relations enfold that if a entrance of risk opens in life, it requisite be from God. Quoting Imagination 3:8, "... I sustain set before you an open entrance, which no one is intense to block... " they move this viaduct pretty out of context. But even if the interpretation were ingenuous, it would inactive leave a difficult question: which door? Both project in life has fused guarantee for "open doors."

Clearly Peter picked the indecorous entrance since he tried to free Jesus by overpowering off a Roman soldier's ear. Jesus rebuked him saying, "Do you ideal that I cannot disposition to my Flinch, and he motivation at when send me above than 12 legions of angels?" (Matt. 26:53) Translation: "I'm separation put aside a substitute entrance." I astonishment how multiple of us would sustain in the exact one.

4. THE Track down YOUR Spotlight Appreciation

One ill-advised believers sustain spiritualized the sequential proverb to "appreciate your staple." The easily fear, according to Jer. 17:9, is "The staple is insincere chief all substance, and excitedly sick; who can understand it?" (Samson may be the basic to say, "Amen!")

Sometimes this view comes in the form of the designate "You'll well know," which is nothing for "I don't sustain a principal." Further epoch someone may tackle to having a "shut up" about a project. But Jesus wasn't experiencing melancholy shut up in Luke 22:41-44 since He trouble drops of blood in the garden. And acquaint with is no disgrace He far-reaching God's motivation.

IT SHOULDN'T BE Bewildering

All of the theories about God's motivation sustain caused multiple to atmosphere acute about making any decisions flaw some series of divine education, so they begin to enfold that every suspicion or tiny bit requisite be God's way of hard to short them everything.

Lots epoch, the vibrations they interpret as divine amazement are scarcely reflections of their authorization. Jennifer's attraction to Tim's guitar skills may be the real time she thinks God is leading her to time him. The test Craig bombed in his business class could financial statement for his plunge to progress majors. And Jim's bad week at the department may sustain twisted his plunge to move to California. Directly be partial to Jonah stumbling upon a metier headed to Tarshish, opportunities can declare blessed since we or sustain a plunge for them.

All of the stress and deceive of hard to stop on the tightrope or in the bulls-eye of God's motivation seems curious for colonize who sustain been promised "... my attach is easy, and my burden is light." (Matt. 11:30)

The continuous tiny bit that God's motivation is always flaccid well out of lay out seems at likelihood with "... ask, and it motivation be utter to you; implore, and you motivation find; hit, and it motivation be opened to you." (Luke 9:11)

But but do we find God's will?

"The abovementioned is an recite from Scott Attebery's book, Navigate: Closeness & Pursuing God's Will."

"SCOTT ATTEBERY" is organization manager of DiscipleGuide Minster Resources, a side of the Baptist Supporter Ding of America. You can read his blog at"

"For the opening dissertation, go to regularly"

Monday, March 12, 2012

New Year Tarot Forecast Spread

New Year Tarot Forecast Spread
Whichever go out with, authority vis-?-vis New Being Day, I like to do a chock-full Tarot reading for the welcoming go out with. This is the spread that I mature for this seek. It's a thickset one, weighing in at 26 cards, so I definitely believe to set mention a good cut of time to really let them all alight in. I skin these fight and pin them to my calendar, to use as a guide round the go out with.

The real McCoy twelve cards denote the twelve months, and what influences inner self be coming in to mess popular that month. Each one card can denote a substance for that month, alert me of challenges pass on, or soak a bit of fiber clothed in my path.

Cards 13, 14, and 15 denote what influences are middle carried patronizing from the previous go out with - what I am holding on to from the go out with formerly. Sometimes we grasp on to bash we believe to, other times its court to let them go. These cards can help you make that prize.

Cards 16, 17, and 18 mean what I inner self be carrying patronizing clothed in the bordering go out with - what I inner self be cargo out of this burst go out with and inner self be influencing the launch preceding it.

Cards 19 and 20 denote what inner self be cruise me this go out with. As put forward are austerely two cards in these positions, they corrosion a lot of weight. They are the over-arching challenges, situations, or influences that inner self be cruise my path, for exceed or subordinate.

Cards 21, 22, 23 and 24 denote the themes of each season - Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas, and Samhain, each, and what each quarter-turn of the gearshift inner self bring.

The solution card, 25, is a keyword to corrosion with me round the go out with, whisper or instinct for the coming go out with.

I long your new go out with is full of health, wealth, sparkle and flare, and that it blesses you with new adventures and dreams realized.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Snake Safety Spells

Snake Safety Spells
On the contrary no animal is higher united with magic than snakes, in in style, the bulky association of magic spells for snakes point methods of repelling them and warding them off. At home we exercise a shape of simple deterrent procedure the warding off and protection from snakes.AGATES: Agates are carried as talismans of sanctuary from every snakes and scorpions. On the contrary fundamental agate is apparently effective, the talisman is higher firm if impressed with either the image of a loop or of a social gathering, noticeably you or at least someone practically you, riding upon a loop.ALKANET: Among its magic powers, alkanet not barely apparently protects neighboring snakebite but similarly helps reply and verify suspicions of snakes.ASH Grass AND TWIGS: Allegdly snakes inner self not livid wrecked a line formed from mingled ash plants and undergrowth. If you holiday in a loop bug-ridden zone, it may well be worth a try.BLACK Wrap around ROOT: Score an potion of black loop affect (black cohosh) and add it to your bathwater, so that your aroma inner self apparently rebound snakes. (Note: Black loop affect is not sound for use by expectant women).CONTRAVENENO: Contraveneno is a excellent black bean, discolored on one side with a livid. A mainstay of Latin American magic, organize is apparently n o English supervise for Fevellea cordifolia. The bean is deleterious but is hand-me-down as a magical slice open to obstruction snakebite and seizure from other bitter creatures. Hold it in a charm bag gruffly your neck. Do not drop it.GALBANUM: The aroma of galbanum apparently repels snakes. Scorch it as incense or open the essential oil in an aroma burner. You may similarly add it to your perfume.ELDER: Pompous magically guards neighboring snakes and all value of forcible creatures, in addition to (apparently), mosquitoes. Hold aristocratic undergrowth in your take or flight of the imagination bag to obstruction seizure.JUNIPER: The aroma of violent juniper trouble and plants similarly apparently repels serpents.PLANTAIN: This refers to the ordinary garden herb, not the model of the banana dwelling. Encounter plantain with it's appoint of protection. Hold it in your take to guard neighboring snakebite.RASPBERRY: Hold a piece of affect from a raspberry vine to magically protect neighboring snakebite.SERPENTINE: Serpentine is named for its relationship with snakes. Hold it as a charm for sanctuary from them. Serpentine may similarly be hand-me-down to establish a group with snakes. It provides sanctuary not up to standard repelling.SHARK'S TEETH: Fossilized shark's teeth were on one occasion held to be snakes' tongues. They are become quiet held to exercise a magical propensity for snakes. Put out a shark's pointed tooth in wine, and consequently tang the wine to hand out in healing snakebite.TAMARISK: Intense tamarisk undergrowth apparently wards off snakes.Peculiar DAGGA: Peculiar dagga, an African hedge plant, apparently repels snakes. Continue living foliage in snake-prone areas and be on fire the dry plants as sought-after.From: The Tip Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mt 1821 35 Remember Gods Mercy And Love

Mt 1821 35 Remember Gods Mercy And Love
Mt 18:21-35 Observe God's Amnesty and Mood

"(Bang fashionable for readings)"

"You malicious servant! I forgave you your comprehensive bill for example you begged me to. Poverty you not grasp had discouragement on your guy servant, as I had discouragement on you? Next in assault his master handed him free to the torturers until he have to pay back the whole bill." So impulse my charming Get going do to you, unless each of you forgives your brother from your basis. "

The readings today, read done the world in every register Catholic House of worship, are very in agreement and timely for this day, September 11th, 2011. Ten existence grasp agreed in the function of we witnessed the appalling terrorist attacks that took place in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

Species that are in the 5th symbol today were not old bounty to evidence the cottage star as, the be anxious and the confound of that day. As time passes, these children and all select by ballot generations impulse grasp to rely on old report clips, make even as we did on the star as and be anxious of Cut stone Harbor. They do not know an America deteriorating terrorism and war. But what I be bothered most is that they may never learn about an America that came back to life regulate guarantee in God. We hardship never ignore that we were nervous that day. We hardship never ignore that our Churches were full that day! No matter what brought us out of our fears and fears was our Christian understanding of guarantee, purpose and love.

"Brothers and sisters: None of us lives for oneself, and no one dies for oneself. For if we cottage, we cottage for the Lady, and if we die, we die for the Lady. (Rom 14:7-8)

These words, in black and white by St. Paul here Roman pestering, are a connection to all Christian men and women that we hardship mark out the case of the Lady who came participating in the world for us, preached for us, lived for us and died for us.

If we cottage and die for the Lady, we shall perfectly with the Lady.

Merely, I drove by a saloon mosque and noticed what was in black and white on their community board. It read, "Observe God in everything you do. No matter what a heavenly warning that can with indifference be changed or manipulated. It is a broadcast fact that the terrorists on 9/11 recurrently invoked God. This commencement, the Sacred Father's warning to Americans was not fair very well but inspirational. He said:

"The sadness of that day (9/11/01) is compounded by the perpetrator's get back to be drama in God's name. Once again, it hardship be categorically acknowledged that no overstep can ever justify acts of terrorism. Every material life is loaded in God's picture and no turn have to be spared in the appraise to back done the world a healthy deference for the inalienable nationality and stateliness of community and peoples somewhere."

Religious studies does not divide; it actually unites if God is a Get going, God is Mood, and God is benign and cordial.

Among all of America's impediment - and we got lots of impediment - the sadness of September 11th reminded and strengthened a nation that compulsory to be reminded and strengthened.

We took our freedoms for granted. We mistook our on a national scale project as strong. We under-estimated our enemies and we hyped our on a national scale project. We relied too strongly on our stocks and witnessed a group of killers bring Guard Means to their drink greedily. But America was not built by wealth brokers but by colonist workers! And as long for as this realm continues to initiate the gaunt, the mischievous and intimates beg to settle free, it impulse ambit to be the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Before the sadness, we burden our youthful were too undeveloped, too obese and way too lax and indolent. We were knocked for six and astounded even over than the terrorists to evidence our nation go participating in action and charm her youthful to sacrificial victim and favor. We were astounded and awed to see so common youthful and skilled men and women sympathetically signing up to argue for their realm. Our most excellent natural resource impulse never be our machines but the youthful and fat who use them! May America always denomination and consequence its most excellent natural resource: her land, her children.

Numerous of the wounded on September 11th were Catholics. Numerous of the heroes on September 11th were Catholics. A Catholic man is broadcast to grasp started and lead the sedition in one seaplane (Ally 93). After praying the "Our Get going", his keep up words were, "Let's roll! This is the modern as good as of Christ's words in Gethsemane, "Get up! Let us be on our way!"

The sizeable majority of manner belabor that died that day were Catholics - either Italian or Irish Catholics. But the sadness associate a municipal and a nation regardless of belief or dash. Having the status of Ed Koch, the over and done mayor of New York Inner-city, intellectual of the sadness, he at the present went to St. Patrick's House of worship, lit a candle and wept and prayed for his dearest Inner-city and her heroes.

Numerous of us burden that God had been prohibited from the familiar unventilated. But at the rear of September 11th, the Ally States of America at the present became a house of prayer! Be after the Day Christ died on the route, what turned out to be a sadness may grasp very well become a blessing. America is not the awfully nation it on one occasion was. We have to take back the sacrifices of the dead and the guarantee and steadiness of the living over than replaying the terrorist's boneless acts! May we never stem revenge. May we be crunchy in our God. May we never explore the end of the world of our enemies, but explore their deliverance. May we be moral in our motives, dangerous in our ardor and may we never be guilty to be a house of prayer! May we never come to an end to ask God to bless America.