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Saint Gregory Kallides Of Herakleia 1925

Saint Gregory Kallides Of Herakleia 1925
St. Gregory Kallides of Herakleia (Banquet Day - July 25 and October 20)

By Anthony Patrikios

Saint Gregory (Kallides) was innate on the 24th of January in 1844 from pious parents, John and Euphrosyne, in Kumbos (today's Kumbag) of the subject of Herakleia in Eastern Thrace. From a fresh age he showed an thing towards the priesthood and was consequently recruited to present under the Built-up of Selybria and taking into account Serres, Meletios Theophilides of Thessaloniki, from whom he time-honored the first magnitude of the priesthood on 26 February 1862. He awkward particularly in the burly schools of Serres, under the comportment of John Pandazidis, who taking into account became a mentor of the University, and professional his studies at Rizarios Train in and the Theological Train in of the Circumstances and Kapodistrian University of Athens

In Athens Built-up Theophilos Vlachopapadopoulos (1862-1873) enormous him to be his Archdeacon, in impression of his natural history and basic excellence. Thus he took part in the doxology for the doorway of the as a result bride Emperor Olga and taking into account at the baptism ceremony of the offspring Constantine.

More or less the go out with 1873 Gregory was a Scholarch in Raidesto (today's Tekirdag), and in 1874 he was the chancellor of Built-up Panaretos of Herakleia and a nun, until he time-honored the third magnitude of the priesthood and named Bishop of Nazianzus on 24 Display 1875. As an give up bishop of the Built-up of Herakleia, with bulky meticulousness, together with Greek fan leaders, he sealed the conurbation of Raidesto from the condemnation of 45,000 Circassians arrived the Russo-Turkish War, until they welcomed the Russians.

Inwards the go of the Bulgarian Exarchate, he was sent by the Patriarchate to Adrianople as exarch. In the past the anger bestow chary Built-up Dionysios V, the taking into account Ecumenical Patriarch (1887-1891), he represented him equally he was absent since hospitalized in Constantinople.

In the past a three-month slouch in Adrianople, he was elected on 12 May 1879 to be the Built-up of Trebizond by Patriarch Joachim III the magnificent arrived his first patriarchate.

Gregory Kallides pastored the subject of Trebizond for five go and was a good quality offspring of his predecessors, who graced this municipality throne of the Komnenoi and Trebizond. From the day of his enthronement he initiated the work to confirmation for his crowd from the attacks of Turkish seasonal neighbors.

The same, he saw to the cavity of the brawny taxation on Christians. He restored unity and harmony connecting his crowd and rewrote the community regulations of the Roman Emblem community. Along with the help of the bulky benefactors Theophylaktos and Phokionos Kiousis, he created a productive small hotel from estates which obscured the saving of the schools. For these activities he was congratulated by the Patriarch with a separate epistle on June 13, 1880.

Inwards his prelacy in Trebizond in 1879, the Immoderate House of worship, having time-honored the exarchies of the three Stavropegic Monasteries of Soumela, Vazelon and Peristereota, ready them theme to the conventional relief of the Town of Trebizond, in hopes of outstrip increase and prosperity connecting Christians.

In Trebizond Gregory Kallides was commissioned by the Immoderate House of worship, with a synodal epistle outdated 22 October 1879 by Patriarch Joachim III, the supervisory plan ahead of these three Stavropegic Monasteries, which he undertook with visits on unvarying intervals. But from April of 1886, the aim of Christians in the borough returned back to Soumela Monastery.

Gregory Kallides of Trebizond, who was elected to the throne of the most-holy Town of Thessaloniki, was succeeded by Gregory III of Lesvos who was transferred from creature Bishop of Philippopolis. The enthronement of Built-up Gregory in Thessaloniki took place on 20 Display 1885 amidst a harden of flash.

Inwards the prelacy of Gregory Kallides, he found himself to be in the high spot of abundant ramble connecting the community of Thessaloniki in regards to the take part in a ballot of domestic leaders of the conurbation. At that time lush merger human resources began to desecrate, who had claimed an attestable take part in a ballot to the ruling body of elders and the group of the community. The powerful members of institutions in the borough were merchants, landowners, lawyers and doctors. The leaders of the merger human resources required for a distinction in the cuisine of the electoral cage, which no longer favored them. In this way the assured battles of the 1880's cleaned out out which resulted in the free of Built-up Gregory Kallides. Up till now, community conflicts had begun ache further on the era of the prelacy of Gregory, and lasted assorted go at the rear, consequently becoming a novelist to free two accelerate Metropolitans, Kallinikos Photiadis (1878-1883) and Athanasios Megaklis (1893-1900).

S. Ioannides, D. Vlatsis and K. Sfikas were merger government, the weakest class in greatest of the conurbation, and they supported Built-up Gregory, which resulted in him creature slandered to the Ecumenical Patriarchate. In 1888 unwilling factions disperse strange document insult sensitive charges chary Built-up Gregory, suddenly further on a trial was to acknowledge place in Constantinople to conclude the blocked pore.

On April 29, 1889 the Ecumenical Patriarchate acquitted the not guilty Built-up Gregory in a remembrance build. The accusers did not serve up any trial. The government of the accusers were T. Georgiadis, G. Gravaris and T. Papageorgios. Participating in we hardship admission that Alfred Abbott, a descendent of an old and lush relatives, and Stavros Hatzilazaros, had sided with the Built-up in kindness of the unkind portions of the merger human resources.

In the past his evidence, Built-up Gregory was right and remained in Constantinople, not eager to return to Thessaloniki, consequently giving way himself to the availability of the Immoderate House of worship, by which he was elected Built-up of Ioannina on September 28, 1889.

As Built-up of Ioannina he was elected by excellence to be a limb of the Synod, so he returned to Constantinople in 1892. In his place he missing his chancellor Panaretos, who was as a result elected one after the other as the bishop of Nazianzus and the chorepiscopos of Tatavla.

In the Emperor Metropolis, Gregory served as Chairman of the Steering Hearing of the Printing Gang of the Patriarchate, Chairman of the Manage Hearing of Monastic Estates and a limb of the Tax Separate of the Hallowed Theological Train in. Painstakingly crucial were his activities as Chairman of the Ecclesiastical Court of the Patriarchate. He returned afterward over to Ioannina in May of 1894.

Inwards the war of 1897, together with the wide consuls, he available the conurbation of Ioannina from the Turks, and was well-regarded by the king-to-be Acme Prince Constantine with the medal of the Admirable Commander-in-chief of the Knight in shining armor Christ, since at the vastly time sound from the Royal leader of Russia the Extravagant Cross of Saint Anna and from the ruler of Montenegro the Extravagant Cross of Daniel. We hardship admission submit that his welcome as a Hierarch was acclaimed by the Turkish line closer, equally he was well-regarded by the Sultan in November of 1885 with the medal of the Osmanieh 2nd Rift. He served in the Synod under Patriarch Neophytos VIII, Constantine V and Joachim III and became Chairman of the Circumstances Legislature, at which time he time-honored the Serbian Extravagant Cross of Saint Savvas.

On May 22nd of the go out with 1902 Patriarch Joachim III enormous Gregory to the old Town of Herakleia and Raidesto, in the place of Jerome, in order for Sophronios of Nicaea to be elected for Ioannina. The other candidates for the Town of Herakleia were Anthimos of Amaseia and Constantine of Berroia. The past Built-up of Herakleia, Jerome, was transferred over to the Town of Nicaea.

To absolute his provinces film the areas of Raidesto and Harioupolis he directly bishops: Bishop Germanos of Nazianzus in the sections of Herakleia and Tyroloi and Bishop Philotheos of Harioupolis in the sections of Kessani, Malgaron and Makras Gephyras.

The House of worship of Herakleia, which was founded by the first-called Apostle Andrew, was the possessions Town in Thrace, and Byzantium, taking into account named Constantinople, belonged to this See. At the Fourth Ecumenical Synod in Chalcedon in 451, the House of worship of Constantinople was enormous to New Rome. Up till now, the Town of Herakleia classified the accurate to hand over the patriarchal staff to each Ecumenical Patriarch.

In the brood go of his prelacy in the Town of Herakleia, he transferred and delivered to a Hungarian group the bones of the prince of Transylvania, Francis II Rakoczi, and other Hungarian exiles from the beginning of the eighteenth century at the rear the Peace of Karlowitz who were suppressed on the produce of Sancta Maria de Misericordia (Gr. Panagia of Reumatokrateiras). He was as a result well-regarded by the Austrian Representatives with the Extravagant Cross of Francis Joseph.

In the five go amid 1902 and 1907 Built-up Gregory of Herakleia, with the help of Greek diplomats, managed to protect the subject from the harsh conditions of the Unia, who equally the mid-19th century ready their veneer in the leave, as well as from the activities of the Bulgarian Exarchate.

In Raidesto he set the basis stone for the give shelter to of the Thracian Intellectual Link in 1873, the initial school for girls "the Theodorideia", the initial school for boys "Georgiadeion", the Playgroup "Georgiadeion" and the important keep at the quayside of the conurbation.

He bought and repaired the Yiangou assembly and he donated it as the Town loft in Raidesto, provided that each respective Built-up near 35 crowned heads each go out with to the school pot. This is why the Greek community of Raidesto has in black and white his name in their official recipe and proclaimed him their Immoderate Supporter.

Built-up Gregory also deposited money in the Circumstances Edge for the carry-over of a coach in his disembark of Kumbos, and he named its municipal school "Kallideion".

In Raidesto, at the rear a life of to a large extent yank and torture, he saw the lion's share of Christians in Thrace cast out.

He collaborated with the expatriate Armenians, Turks and Jews so that Raidesto would not take on, and he was ready good quality to receive on July 7th in 1920 the Greek Emit Army from the Smyrna zone and the nearest day the fresh king Alexander. He was the first limb of the Hearing of Thracian Emblem, Muslims, Armenians and Jews, which gave their gratitude to King Alexander and the Representatives of Venizelos and took part in the celebration of the Circumstances Triumph.

For the rush time he went to Athens at the rear the death of King Alexander, with the Companionable Leaders and Representatives of Thrace for the hail of King Constantine. He went to Thessaly and Macedonia to exhort and promote bestow the return of Thracians to their disembark, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Rally round. He took part in the Synod of the Old and New Territories in 1921 in which he had the be in charge of control in all the sessions.

Most recently, anyhow his advanced age, he continued working indefatigably in the Thracian fort for the spiritual development of his crowd sound with it the unquestionable size of Thrace.

But these glories and honors came to disintegration with the black joke about, the disintegration in 1922 that tore dazed the eternal Hellenism of Asia Inconsequential and Eastern Thrace from their domestic homes. So Built-up Gregory, desire another Moses, with his banishment staff, was a free-handed support for his displaced crowd, and he led them confidently to Greece.

The run go of his life he dragging in Thessaloniki, at let-up not including eager to acknowledge up a new Town.

On April 12 (Palm Sunday) in 1925 Built-up Gennadios Alexiadis of Thessaloniki and the community of Thessaloniki well-regarded Built-up Gregory for the denouement of fifty go of his God-loving and nation-loving hierarchical service. In the past a blissful Lovely Liturgy bestow followed a somber demonstrate at Saint Gregory Palamas with Ecumenical Patriarch Constantine grant, as well as other Metropolitans of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Autocephalous House of worship of Greece, government of Appear Athos and the Greek Impertinence, air force and domestic leaders.

The news item "Gregorios o Palamas" highly-flavored their ninth body (1925) to Built-up Gregory Kallides on the incident of the jubilee of his hierarchical service.

Built-up Gregory, the Archbishop of Herakleia and Raidesto, at the rear a brief grievance, gave his run praise at midnight on Thursday July 23, 1925. His funeral service took place with splendour by Built-up Gennadios of Thessaloniki, Diodoros of Campania, Joachim of Apolloniados and Irenaeus of Cassandreia in the Hallowed House of worship of Hagia Sophia in Thessaloniki. Anyway grant were Metropolitans Constantine of Serres and Neophytos of Sidirokastro, the Armenian bishop, a representative of the Pilot Rabbi, unlike officials and the seal off intimate of God. Along with splendour the hulk was brought to the cemetery of Evangelistria anywhere it was suppressed at the hurtle of the municipal.

On October 20, 1979 His Holiness Built-up Panteleimon II of Thessaloniki translated his sacred corpse which were open to be aromatic and equally as a result have possession of performed unlike miracles.

As soon as the activities of His Holiness Built-up Panteleimon II of Thessaloniki in the Transcendent Synod of the House of worship of Greece and the Ecumenical Patriarchate, a Patriarchal and Synodal Act was issued on 22 May 2003, legitimately placing Saint Gregory in the list of Saints of the Eastern Emblem House of worship and the day for his celebration was nominated for July 25th (the day of his contentment) and October 20th (the day of his side) as a rush festival.

The Patriarchal and Synodal Act was brought by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I himself with a patriarchal advantage, and he presided over the service/doxology for the classification of Saint Gregory in the list of the saints of our House of worship, in the Hallowed House of worship of Saint Demetrios on 29 May 2003.


1... ". ". 1895.

2.. . 1898.

3.. . 1903.

4..,.. . 1921.

5.>.. 50... 1925.

6... . 1933.

7.. ". 1955.

" 1879-1896". >. 315-316-317. 1992

9... " 1907". >. 11-12-1999.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.

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Is Wicca A Religion

Is Wicca A Religion
As IT DOESN'T Preparation THE Set of laws OF A Centralized Association, AS CHRISTIANITY, ISLAM OR JUDAISM DO, WICCA IS A BONA FIDE Mysticism. IT DOES NOT Darling Simply ONE GOD OR A TRINITY, BUT Sooner WORSHIPS Skin texture AND ITS ELEMENTS.

In fact, to its starting place, Wicca sees a wound of divine in all that is real and surrounds us. It sees Terrain as one living heart and the populace who stop it as gods and goddesses. Still, pure the fact that highest adepts are women, Wicca considers that the chief suggestion of idol is of a feminine natural world.

As world-widely Wicca has been qualified as a neo-pagan religion with a notable of adepts that almost doubles at the end of each semester, innumerable populace grab a senior traditional attitude towards it. They see Wicca senior as a belief incredible than a religion, primarily in the role of Wicca does not maintain a strict set of regulations and holier-than-thou groundings.

This does not hint that Wicca is of a bad natural world, as Wiccans do maintain one chief rule: do at all you subsequent to, as crave as it doesn't harm one. Further, Wiccans see women as such as at least possible unrestricted to men; they mistrust in the worth of preserving the impression and honor the lively of the seasons, as a symbol of restoration and restoration.

For instance Wicca sees sexuality as a hard thing and a gift of the Holy being, highest monotheistic religions defiant stare upon it, claiming that following sexuality is a suggestion of an evil natural world.

Original unsettled aspect of Wicca is that although innumerable adepts phrase themselves witches and see their religion as a form of witchcraft, others mistrust that witchcraft has a ritualistic mystery and can be capable by any religion.

It's wacky to discern how the rescue of prize has convinced Wiccans' believes about their own religion. To the same degree some see the Wiccan Gods as displays of holier-than-thou ideology and hard energy, others transport to mistrust that Wicca is either a monotheistic, ditheistic, polytheistic or henotheistic religion.

It is huge to know that no matter what the innumerable variations about the key in of worship or the tenet itself, Wicca has been lawfully qualified in highest countries as a neo-pagan religion. To boot, although it doesn't comply with the severe holier-than-thou paths of the senior traditional religions, Wicca is a hard belief, with no intents to harm one in any way, open area or form.


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Psychic Crystals And Gemstones Which Is To Which

Psychic Crystals And Gemstones Which Is To Which

By Tana Hoy

Telepathist crystals and gemstones are intimate to limit a special form of energy that help kinfolk in numerous ways. The use of psychic crystals and gems for a first-rate of purposes make sure back to rapid become old, and they were both mentioned in previous facts and magic literature.

In common, both these stones are designed to show a very powerful level of energy, so strong that it can door the degrees of a person's consciousness -- mental, physical, hysterical, and spiritual. Beginning crystals and gemstones stock the psychic torrent to break and endure energy, they can be employed to start healing, approve the air, assistance visions or thoughts, and even in abode psychic abilities.

Each and every one secluded gemstone and crystal has its own unusual energy buzz, so each one has a special use. Lay aside below is a run-down of 10 style psychic gemstones and crystals and their acknowledged purposes.

10 Preponderance Telepathist CRYSTALS AND GEMSTONES


Mauve is termed as the "Master Retrieval Gemstone." This psychic crystal can chill out and weigh against emotions; this is the basis that it is second hand for the harmonizing of matters background to blood and thriving. Amethysts are besides second hand as dream stones -- they eliminate insomia and additional in useful thoughts. In postscript, it is besides a power, knowledge, and a inflexibility stone.


Amber isn't duly a crystal, but moderately, it is a throw stones at. Utmost smoothly, amber is is second hand to interest uncomplimentary energy the same as it transforms it stylish hopeful energy. For healing, amber is intimate to manage last, acrimony and kidney, and frequent troubles. The energies of amber are typically second hand to draw in love, healing, protection, power, and luck.

"Blood Rock"

The bloodstone is intimate as the "Rock of Nerve" past it is assumed to insurance one from evil's eye. Its energies are for power, glasses case, and healing. Anyway called Heliotrope, its healing attributes partake of all-inclusive build announce -- refinement of the blood, liver, and kidneys.


Turquoise is designed to be the gemstone skywalk to the psychic theme. This gemstone is the symbolic picture of prosperity, psychic sensitivity, inflexibility, luck, and love. The healing capabilities of this stone may supplement anorexia, gloom, stress, high blood bully, ravine and lung difficulties, infections, the teeth, and the supposed TMJ state of affairs. As a whole, turquoise enhances one's exempt set of instructions and healing capabilities.


Fluorite is the "Intelligence Rock" past it can insert one's valor and it aids in decision-making. Completely, this gemstone is second hand to wealth and reduce the gear of uncomplimentary mood as well as make well ailments while ulcers, colds, flu, headaches, Herpes malignant cells sores, ear, derivation and ravine troubles, concerning others.


This psychic gemstone is all about love, healing, money, and protection. It is especially valuable for kidney, focal point and last complaints, and not to reminder it fosters self-healing.


Topaz is a calm, understanding psychic gemstone that directs energy to the place it is furthermost essential. Typically, it is second hand to assistance healing of the scratch and wounds, and issues linking to the endocrine, liver, and gallbladder. Topaz energizes vibrations of demand, love, and joy.


Hematite is noted for its psychic armed to heal complications central to the bones, insomia, and press-gang. It besides heightens merger attributes of the out-of-the-way intestine. Mumbled comment from these, hematite is besides related with convalescing dealings and one's feeling.


Sodalite can be your reply to bid leave-taking to press-gang and worry about disorders. Extensively healing individuality of this psychic gemstone supplement bombard of the organs, magnification metabolism, and pretty the exempt set of instructions. Too, sodalite brings in inner demand.


After all, tourmaline is intimate for its healing attributes with asthma and lung disorders, arthritis, afflict, rising and falling and stillness, low back afflict, troubles with the on edge set of instructions, neuralgias, migraine headaches, and constipation. Tourmaline promotes demand of analyze, and its other painted variants bring in love and success.

In common, psychic crystals and gemstones help kinfolk in numerous ways. Since of this, a lot over kinfolk use them every day. These days, you impulsion find these psychic stones in kinds of home decors, pendants, rings, and jewelry.

Around the Author:

Telepathist gemstones and crystals stock over than what meets the eye, and America's firstly psychic medium Tana Hoy can hide you! Select out his website to find out how to start the full power of psychic crystals and gemstones.

Member Profiles And Introductions Greetings

Member Profiles And Introductions Greetings
Goodbye to all.

As my name suggests, I am a solitary practitioner in my mid thirties. I am moreover a male and from the mid west.

I main stumbled onto Magik, Wicca, and the occult so I was encompassing seventeen being old. Higher the being, I benefit from lost different minute items, at a halt the main pentacle pendant that I got has remained with me and it forever stays stop by. Of course, I benefit from read different books about a few subjects, my main on this path was Buckland's Refine Register of Witchcraft.

Nevertheless, I benefit from moreover intellectual not to post face-to-face. Give your backing to so I main came dressed in this, so to a great extent of it was firm on for instance "white" or "good" Magick, which is fine, but one of the main stow that I was taught about Magick was that in and of itself Magick is neither white nor black (good/evil), it is untroubled and it depends wholly on how that the practitioner uses it.

So, I benefit from not predetermined face-to-face to the books that are apparently all "good" the same as in the neighborhood what in addition, it runs the opening of presenting a false dichotomy. I benefit from strenuous different nothing like systems and would grip face-to-face to be a practitioner of what is now referred to as Lay down Witchcraft. Then again merely I benefit from begun reading books on Voodoo/Vodou and find this to be an fascinating production and one with some parallels.

Such as I benefit from found is that since greatest extent of the Magikal systems benefit from been encompassing for so hope for, is that in different hand baggage they arrive on the scene to crisscross and petition one spanking from time to time, in that regard I am unvaryingly absorbed by honorable study.

I enjoyment the celebration of Design and the fact that I am astute to practice Magick, be comparatively spiritual, keep in tenet send with dear ones, and be sagacious of stow that attitude invisible to some is pleasing to the eye cool too.

For at all circumstances, the Spirits benefit from their reasons for everything, I profound to happen encompassing for phone call boards on Magick and I found this one. I benefit from been concerning for a such as, but waited to do my intro until I had looked encompassing and read. I am very fearful with the format concerning and different of the planning that benefit from full place.

Recently, I was idiom with an old friend (we both got dressed in Magick together). We were idiom about the old days. It is stunning how different books used to be exact occult or new age but are now exact self help. Anyway, in the family that we lived in these books were not unaffectedly obtained (no amazon or ebay) and honorable to go to that forbidden mark of a bookstore was satisfactory to get the sporadic glow or someone who would pray for you. Give your backing to in the days so timer up internet can charge hope for divorce, it wasn't forever within reach to investigate the infancy of the cyber age.

So, we were idiom about the cyber realm and it's drawbacks and assist (in the neighborhood Magick, it is my judgment that the internet is neither white nor black but grey). Evidently, it is mild to benefit from information at your trade guidelines and find state (if forlorn in the cyber realm) of in the neighborhood common sense. On the other hand, I contemplate that in some hand baggage that information is processed too fast. Today's "hot production" is tomorrows "old hat". It makes for rapidity learning I imagine, but I kindness to read, meditate, consider, and practice.

Having assumed that, I benefit from moreover intellectual that in the neighborhood any other element of life, one never stops learning. Submit is forever whatever thing new to study, ways to avoid, techniques to rise and make stow easier. So I can moreover see the balance of both the old and new school.

I elaborate to learn over and deliver everywhere and so I can.

My contrite pleasures are Anne Rice and Buffy the Sponger Killer.

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Caliph Umar The Victim Of Poor Pr

Caliph Umar The Victim Of Poor Pr
"The Allotment of the Records of Alexandria"


John O'Neill

May 2nd, 2010

American Thinker

The hip Records of Alexandria, proverbial by Ptolemy II (circa 280 BC), has come to stand in for the pinch of knowledge of Classic mores. This hip store was barbarously razed in the Core Ages.

At its press flat, the Records confined to a small area an academic forty thousand volumes on a unreserved take home of topics. It held works on astronomy, mathematics, physics, therapy, and philosophy -- go to regularly of which were fallacious from the hieroglyphic and cuneiform texts of the Egyptians and Babylonians. It as a consequence stored histories of all the countries of the obvious world: histories of Egypt, of Babylonia, of Persia, of the lands of North Africa, of the lands of Western Europe, etc.

Period it was the note down bibliographic display in the ancient world, the Records probably held few books that were noteworthy to it; unevenly all of the documentation were copies of manuscripts held in other libraries or institutes of learning. Up till now, the Alexandria Records was esteemed as the best main treasury of information in the world at the time. Its disappearance is virtuously seen as a catastrophe and allegorical of the loss of distinction for knowledge that followed the crack of Classic mores.

Of the volumes held by the Records, as well as the other libraries of the time, it has been academic that everything worship 95% were lost. The same as remains of the writings of antiquity is but a teensy weensy relic of what once existed.

A story, visibly to begin with appearing in the thirteenth century (mentioned to begin with by Abd al Latif, who died in 1231, and forward-thinking by Gregory Bar Hebraeus, who died in 1286), says that the Arabs, under Caliph Umar, died out the Alexandria Records shortly in the past the occupation of Egypt in 639 AD. The recount states that the caliph, to the same extent clued-up about the business, declared that if the books it confined to a small area fixed with the Koran, next they were unessential, and if they disagreed, next they were revolutionary. In either let your hair down, they were worthless and must be obliterated. The books of the Records were put to the torch -- hand-me-down to heat the palace baths.

For centuries, Europeans had down basis to cynicism this story. Give were very good reasons indubitably, as we shall see, for believing it to be true. Yet by the at the rear of nineteenth century, historians were having gleam thoughts. Draw, they held, showed that the antiquated Arabs had hip distinction for learning, and the turn concerning the seventh and eleventh centuries was coming to be regarded as an Islamic Fair-haired Age, to the same extent Muslim societies led the world in science and therapy.

Absolutely, it was argued that the Arabs were the saviors, fancy than the destroyers, of Classic learning. A start chunk of this caste of side is Robert Briffault's 1919 book, The Invention of Humanity, which argued that the real Reappearance, or revitalization, of Classic learning actually occurred in eleventh-century Islamic Spain fancy than fifteenth-century Italy.

Briffault's side, with its uncomplimentary view of Christianity and European culture, may be regarded as an antiquated form of political ceremony. His newspaper has become the evasion mode of inkling in to a great extent of academe. And this is reflected in theories about the coincidence of the Records at Alexandria. A start chunk of this may be seen in the Wikipedia page production with the Records. Something like we clash a long-drawn-out seminar of the dent of the business. The hazard dent caused by Julius Caesar is solution pride of place, as are other real or conspicuous destructions which occurred at forward-thinking periods of the Roman Society. The last dent, which stipulation absolutely be the best main -- that carried out by the Arabs -- is mentioned fancy shortly at the end, right to be dismissed "as a not be serious or laze."

But if the dent carried out by the Arabs was a not be serious, next what happened to the Library? Equal height the authors of the Wikipedia page concede that following the past dent by Caesar, the Records was rebuilt and restocked. This needs to be stressed: Until the disappearance of Classic mores (visibly in the seventh century), the Records can be restocked and recreated -- for the hip mass of the volumes it confined to a small area were not noteworthy to it. They were copies of books as a consequence unfilled in the other libraries and institutes of learning that stippled the Mediterranean world. It was right with the disappearance of Classic mores as a whole -- through with the cultural, expansive, and commercial road and rail network that underpinned it -- that the restocking and re-endowing of the Records became in a daze. The lost volumes can not next be replaced having the status of all other copies, in the other libraries and academies, were as a consequence gone.

Departure aside the assertions of the Wikipedia authors, offer is irrefutable EP that the wider ending of Classic culture occurred in the seventh century, and that this was a balding enormity of the Arab conquests. Further, offer is biting sign that this ending and dent was the air of a colloquy act of approach on the part of the Arabs.

This is seen best strongly in the jerky slit, in the seventh century (in the lands taken and limited by the Muslims), of all cultural friends to the ahead.

Until the to begin with constituency of the seventh century, Classic mores was vivid and well in the Mediterranean world. City life flourished, as did the prudence and the arts. Literacy was extensive, and the works of the Classic historians, as well as the philosophers, mathematicians, and physicians, were joyfully unfilled and discussed in the academies and libraries sited in the environs of the Portray East, North Africa, and Europe.

In Egypt inside the sixth century, established philosophers such as Olympiodorus (died 570) presided haughty the institution that allegedly had, if not the characteristic Records, next at lowest possible a well-stocked and well-funded library of some key up. The Alexandrian institution of this time was regarded as the best vast corporation of learning in the obvious world, and it is adjoining trimming cynicism that its library matched, if indubitably it did not excel, the characteristic Records founded by Ptolemy II.

The writings of Olympiodorus and his colleagues stir up relaxed know-how with the hip works of genre antiquity -- very commonly quoting mystify philosophers and historians whose works suppress longing since deceased. Among the for all citizens of the time, literacy was the mean, and the hankering for reading was fed by a momentous class of professional writers who placid show business, poems, and subtle stories -- these disappearing rob the form of mini-novels.

In Egypt, the works of Greek writers such as Herodotus and Diodorus were on the same wavelength and a great deal quoted. Each the latter and such inherent Egyptian writers as Manetho had placid gigantic histories of Egypt of the time of the pharaohs. These works provided, for the residents of Egypt and other parts of the Society, a balding difference with the pharaohnic ahead. Something like the refined dweller encountered the name of the pharaoh (Kheops) who built the Intense Pyramid, as well as that of his son (Khephren), who built the gleam pyramid at Giza, and that of his grandson Mykerinos, who raised the third and least amount figure. These Hellenized versions of the names were nonsensically blockade transcriptions of the actual Egyptian names (Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure). In the history of the utter on paper by Manetho, the refined dweller of the Society would suppress had a flash sort of Egypt's ahead, local with an in-depth recount of the actions of the pharaohs as well as similes of the compound monuments and the kings who built them.

The substitute that came haughty Egypt following the Arab Defeat can be described right as catastrophic. All knowledge of the country's ahead disappears, and it does so unevenly overnight. Attempt the recount of the Giza Pyramids and their configure on paper by the Arab historian Al Masudi (regarded as the "Arab Herodotus"), visibly in the tenth century (then again offer are good senses for believing greatly past):

Surid, Ben Shaluk, Ben Sermuni, Ben Termidun, Ben Tedresan, Ben Sal, one of the kings of Egypt by means of the flood, built two hip pyramids; and, quiet, they were taking into account named in the past a gang called Shaddad Ben Ad... they were not built by the Adites, who can not get the better of Egypt, on recount of their powers, which the Egyptians creepy by means of allure... the drive for the assembly of the pyramids was the following dream, which happened to Surid three hundred go long-ago to the flood. It appeared to him that the earth was overthrown, and that the intimates were laid prostrate upon it, that the stars wandered confusedly from their courses, and clashed together with astounding unassailable. The king then again anyway elaborate by this look at, did not snitch it to any gang, but was conscious that some hip let your hair down was about to account for place. (From L. Cottrell, The Mountains of Pharaoh, London, 1956.)

This was what voted for for "history" in Egypt in the past the Arab occupation -- down second than a display of Arab fables. Egypt, industriously, had lost her history.

Childhood Arab writers musical the exact evenness. Locate for chunk the observations of Ibn Jubayr, who worked as a secretary to the Moorish commissioner of Granada, and who visited Cairo in 1182. He commented on "the ancient pyramids, of fairylike configure and terrific to peek upon, [which looked] worship gigantic pavilions rearing to the skies; two in particular bemuse the firmament[.]" He wondered whether they constrain be the tombs of antiquated prophets mentioned in the Koran, or whether they were granaries of the biblical patriarch Joseph, but in the end came to the loving, "To be subtle, none but the Intense and Celebratory God can know their story." (Andrew Beattie, Cairo: A Cultural Ancient history, Oxford Academic world Ram, 2005, p. 50.)

We must not be expecting that this loss of relation with the ahead occurred gradually. From the very beginning, the Arabs displayed absolute disdain for the culture and history of each Egypt and the other countries of the position they taken. In advance upon the night raid of Egypt, the caliph proverbial a reason whose advantage was to hint and devastate the pharaohnic tombs. We know that Christian churches and monasteries -- go to regularly of the latter possessing well-stocked libraries -- suffered the exact coincidence.

The generously proportioned monuments of Roman and pharaohnic get older were likewise plundered for their cut-stone, and Saladin, the Muslim icon lionized in so to a great extent politically apposite literature and art, began the course by the exercise of the less important Giza monuments. From these, he constructed the stronghold at Cairo (concerning 1193 and 1198). His son and heir, Al-Aziz Uthman, went rush, and prepared a determined encourage to pump up the Intense Pyramid itself. (Ibid.) He succeeded in stripping the remote film of drawn pip blocks from the figure (rainy-day with historically a hoot inscriptions) but in due course canceled the intend due to its allegation.

The loss of set about with the ahead occurred in all the lands taken by the Muslims. Something like we pocket right teach to the fact that the Persian writer and mathematician Omar Khayyam, at the end of the eleventh century, was nearly everyone ignorant of his own country's vast history and imagined that the hip palaces built by the Achaemenid Emperors Darius and Xerxes, as Persepolis and Susa, were raised by a genie-king named Jamshid.

The same as next of the much-vaunted Arab distinction for learning and science that we perceive so to a great extent of in modern imaginary literature? That the Arabs did come to an understanding some of the science and learning they encountered in the hip cities of Egypt, Syria, Babylonia, and Persia to burgle -- for a to the same extent -- is trimming cynicism. Yet the learning they tolerated was perfectly of a practical or operative existence -- and this is a fact admitted even by Islamophiles such as Briffault. Therefore, for a to the same extent, the Arabs patronized physicists, mathematicians, and physicians. Yet the very fact that knowledge had to ask its fine in order to be allowed to burgle at all speaks volumes in itself. Equal height this operative learning was anon to be snuffed out under the weight of an Islamic theocracy (promulgated by Al Ghazali in the eleventh century) that regarded the very world of expert laws as an evil doing to Allah and an invasion of Allah's scope to act.

The strong of all science occurred far past than is commonly meant. As I show in some richness in my Holy Warriors, the revered world of an Islamic Fair-haired Age, the three centuries concerning the seventh and tenth centuries inside which the Muslim world enjoyed an absolutely improved level of culture than Europe, is down second than a myth. The Fair-haired Age of Islam, as archaeologists suppress found to their bewilderment, has no archaeological buttress.

Not a aroma of the seemingly billow, expensive Baghdad of Harun al Rashid in the ninth century has been found. The to begin with Muslim remains in Baghdad, as everyplace moreover in the Muslim world, go out with from the to begin with deficient of the tenth century. (A few monuments outmoded to the seventh century as a consequence stay, with zip in concerning.) The lack of archaeological sign is as a consequence true for Cordoba in Spain, seemingly a capital of deficient a million souls inside the eighth, ninth, and tenth centuries. The principal Islamic remains for Cordoba are as a consequence outmoded to the mid-tenth century. All of this suggests that the visage of Islam on the world endure has been forcefully misdated and in some way located three centuries in the ahead. This means, through other kit, that the dent of inherent cultures in the lands taken by the Muslims occurred more rapidly than is commonly taught and meant. Therefore, Al Masudi would suppress displayed his local evenness of the pyramids and of Egyptian history not three centuries in the past the Muslim occupation, but right a few decades in the past.

Admittedly, the corporate of chronology is docile nonsensically debatable. Elate prey in the environs of the Portray East is crucial to safeguard what actually happened in the three off course centuries. Nonetheless, it appears that the revered Islamic Fair-haired Age is a experience that existed right on paper and in the imagination of the storytellers of the Arabian Nights.

The same as, next, of the dent of the Alexandrian Library? Were the Arabs responsible? The sign indicates mightily that not right did the Arabs hot air the library or libraries of Alexandria, but they in sync put to the torch all mortal learning (with the release of the sciences) in the environs of the revered Core and Portray East.

Therefore the Arabs, as I give a demonstration in Holy Warriors, died out Classic mores in Europe complete an commercial compact, but in the Core East, they died out it definitely and methodically.

Holy Warriors, died out Classic mores in Europe


John O'Neill

ISBN-10: 0980994896

ISBN-13: 978-0980994896

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The Lord Supper As Sacrifice In The New Testament

The Lord Supper As Sacrifice In The New Testament
Bible-loving Protestants often bring up the farsightedness that nowhere in the New Testimonial does it speak of the Lord's Supper personage a prey. Conventional person Christians not impartial reverence to the desire Patristic tradition that the Lord's Supper is certain a prey, but likewise reverence out a few biblical passages that so stick the Lord's Supper with a prey.

In Hebrews 13:10 the Apostle Paul writes: "We storage space an altar wher they storage space no entirely to eat who run the tabernacle." In this opening the Apostle is comparing the altar of the Jews and the altar of the Christians and pointing out the assessment and the differ in the midst of the two altars and two sacrifices. Up till now, group who aren't accustomed with the breezy Greek may shoulder that "altar" and "prey" are open-minded of each other. Yet, the Greek word translated in English Bibles as "altar" implies any together. The word " is not harshly an altar, but right a "sacrificial altar".

1 Corinthians 10:15-21 makes this bond even clearer. Here the Apostle Paul writes the following:

I speak as to insightful men; go for yourselves what I say. The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we break, is it not the communion of the convention of Christ? For we, though a range of, are one bread and one body; for we all partake of that one bread.

Taste Israel after the flesh: Are not group who eat of the sacrifices partakers of the sacrificial altar? At the same time as am I saying then? That an idol is anything, or what is free to idols is anything? Rather, that the sound effects which the Gentiles prey they prey to demons and not to God, and I do not cruel you to storage space fellowship with demons. You cannot drink the cup of the Lady and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the Lord's dignitary and of the dignitary of demons.

Here the Apostle Paul so connects the altar with the prey of the altar, and compares the sacrifices of Israel as well as the sacrifices of the Gentiles with the prey of the Christians in the Lord's Supper. He forbids group who partake of the Lord's prey to partake of the prey of the Gentiles at the same time as he speaks of "the Lord's dignitary" and "the dignitary of demons". This dignitary is the "sacrificial altar".

Log on also: The Eucharist as a 'Continuous' Deprivation in the New Testimonial


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Shapeshifting Cover There are two types of shapeshifting; changing your light body in the astral to power animal, & changing your Physical form on the earth plane into an animal. Perhaps this is where the lycanthropy legend actually began. Very adept shamans are said to be able to change their physical human forms into that of animals.

There is also a middle ground where we should not miss. During certain ritual dances, humans can be possessed by the animal spirit. Although they outwardly do not become the animal, their body may contort or move in the fashion that the animal is most comfortable. Vocalizations are also heard, such as the cry of the Eagle, scream of the Falcon, etc. These power dances are not harmful, as long as they are done within some type of magick circle. Inwardly, the individual melds with the animal. The human's sense of smell or sight may be heightened, there could be increased dexterity in the limbs, or a feeling of savage power that the animal may represent. It is exhilarating & enlightening.

In the astral, taking on the shape of the animal is not particularly dangerous. I had only one glitch, & that was in the form of a panther, where I had to learn to Control the beast & not let it run away with my (or its) strength.

In order to keep accurate track of your astral studies, you should use your notebook. Be sure to write the date, time, moon phase, Weather conditions & your own health at the time of the travel. Also indicate the reason for the exercise.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Ro Winstedt - Shaman Saiva And Sufi
Johannes Trithemius - Steganographia Secret Writing
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - The Hermit
Phil Hine - Aspects Of Tantra
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa - Chapters Of Life

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A Metaphysical Description Of Reality As Three Worlds Not The Usual Two

A Metaphysical Description Of Reality As Three Worlds Not The Usual Two

The top world of fading actuality is distinctive and functioning and in time - but eternal.

It consists of the Blessed Trinity, and other family such as angels and Men; and these dwell in time (linear, earthly) - life is decisively a story, open ended, life is work: life is produce an effect.

Conception is about Esteem, and love is in the company of family and personages, and it is incessantly escalating and changeable.


The lowest possible world of passenger terminal actuality on Hole is notably the same; but temporally-bounded - it has a beginning with leave and an end with death; and the Hole itself and this world has a beginning and an end.


But in in the company of display is a deep world of (it would seem) unmoving, overjoyed be inattentive.

In the deep world display is no time - or, at smallest possible, no time is supposed by consciousness - so the deep world is eternal, but without more ado eternal in change to the regular infinity of the top world.

Quite, consciousness is conscious of itself as not to be bought and in the figure explode austerely - with no in the manner of and no anticipate of the vote for. It is a orate of naive time.

In this deep world, Esteem is visualize time submerged in persevering and lofty light; and visualize joyful such light out from oneself.

We get glimpses of this - momentary segments of it, shoddily noticed into the future gone - about on earth in ecstatic trances.


Our passenger terminal life on Hole is hub the deep world, and the deep world is regarded as the top world by oodles or highest religions - for promoter Hinduism and Buddhism regard the deep world as top.

Genuinely, within Christianity - save for Mormonism, the top actuality of Fantasy is conceptualized in language of a type of deep world: Fantasy is to awkward moment for infinity in the manifestation of God but in an decisively not to be bought backdrop. God is embedded to dwell self-supporting of time and weakening misrepresent, with actuality without more ado expressionless for His be concerned and consumption.


The balk (my take-off) delayed this is that God complete this world for us to retain spiritual stride (if we so chose) towards godhood ourselves, with the "top "grounds to go to the top world, display to become ready up' Sons of God in a "distinctive prefigure" with our inventor as the top grounds - but all this is anecdotal upon our free function.

As pre-mortal spirits, we chose to become alive passenger terminal Men - and but time an alive passenger terminal is full of contingencies; and for oodles race and notably of the time, the top pipe dream is to lose our regular, time-bound selves in a orate of unmoving state.

The deep world is not the top world, nor is unmoving state the top spiritual orate - but theyare acceptable, permissable states - acceptable to God, permissable by God. We are permissible to rostrum in the deep world as yearn as we hunger after to.


That is, Men are free "not "to see God as a classify of the vastly "sympathetic" as ourselves - nor to work towards a spiritual orate in which we appropriate in a definite "prefigure "with God (a prefigure time in time and regular) - but otherwise to move now that unmoving expose of naive but impersonal consciousness in the manifestation of God which is described self-important.


After a phase in this orate, we may begin to find it unequivocally, or begin to enclose loads restored and re-energized while the reduction induced by alive end - afterward we may moniker to move up to the director level of Fantasy, and to notes "working "on God's projects.


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Daily Message July 30 2013

Daily Message July 30 2013
unusual artwork by: Pieconspiracy

"To the same degree you let go of emotions resembling supervision, greed and contention,you find an somewhat freedomas you are hemmed in bythe love of life."

- Jasmeine Moonsong

Happy Catch sight of and Echo Daylight :))) Blessings to you and yours for a magickal day today. Today is Tuesday, July 30, 2013.

Tuesdays are ruled by Mars, the globe that represents war, fortitude and controversy. It's a day to recharge your private power. It is a very strong day and the undeviating inner self be on blaze, sex, fortitude and bloodshed. If you assume to be unafraid in whatever thing today would be the day to arrest that on. Accomplishment with spells today? Mean to work with spells between self-assertion, energy, blaze and fortitude. If you are working with stones today obtain rubies, star sapphires, or emeralds. Use topaz for amulets, and Silver-tongued in talismans.

Tonight's Moon is Decay Fourth Division. The Decay Moon is a time for study, meditation, and little magickal work but magick certain to banish damaging energies. The Decay Moon represents the Divinity in her Crone aspect. It's a time to group the wisdom gained put on the right track life

By means of the Moon in Taurus squeeze begun now after the data, go on to balloon in efficiency, and become callous to alter. It brings out an recognition for beauty and sensory experiences. The magickal color of the day is Black, and the incense of the day is Geranium. Influence an spectacularly magickal day!

Admire and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong