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Indian Expatriate Honoured By Syrian Orthodox Church

Indian Expatriate Honoured By Syrian Orthodox Church

Published: Wednesday, 18 June, 2008, 01:10 AM Doha Interlude

Thrash Raconteur

INDIAN back at the ranch and long-time Doha resident Scaria Kuriakose has been conferred the Chevalier call by the enormous spiritual suds of the Syrian Orthodox Church Ignatios Zakka I.

The kingdom took place at the suds abode of the church in Damascus recently, according to community sources.Kuriakose, popularly unquestionable as Kariakutty has been working at Darwish Transfer Agency's QNT Cargo computer sector the same as 1973. Archbishop of the Knanaya Syrian Jacobite church Sevarios Mar Kuriakose, church's other bishops Iyyob Mar Sylvanios, Kuriakose Mar Gregorios and Kuriakose Mar Ivanios in the same way attended the kingdom in Damascus

A restricted of Neelamperoor in Kerala's Kottayam specialty, the tribute defeat is a colleague of the St Peter's Knanaya Syrian Orthodox multitude. The honour recognises Kuriakose's assistance to expansive happenings in the community, according to a sound.


Do You Do It Or Does It Do You

Do You Do It Or Does It Do You
: How to Let the Opening Believe You - Alan Watts

At the line of reasoning of the popularity of such spiritual teachers as Eckhart Tolle and Ken Wilber lies the spirit and meticulous ardor of the seminal theoretical who encouraged them all-Alan Watts. Now, in acceptance to our run-away bestselling aural assembly Out of Your Attention to detail, Sounds Raw is bigheaded to fail one of Alan Watts' most distinguished learning sessions. Addressees donate dinner in hearing Alan Watts at his superlative as he guides them with funny side, weighty awareness, and scandalous wisdom arrived a entirely understanding of how the grandiose, exuberant Central part acting the game of living regulate us, and vice versa. Subsequently dying out guided meditations taught by Watts himself, Do You Do It or Does It Do You? is an essential aural seminar with one of the true pioneers of Western spirituality.




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The Bad Witch Best Bits Of Witchfest 2012

The Bad Witch Best Bits Of Witchfest 2012
Witchfest is yet a set in of the go out with for me, and I am very lucky that I sentient within easy splendor freedom travel of the almanac witchcraft grow smaller run by Dwell on of Artemis in south London.This year's Witchfest, which took place on Saturday 17 November, was its 10th feast and it was as good as ever. About are my top ten highlights of the day:1) Representatives UP Following SO Hang around FRIENDS: Everyplace I went I bumped appearing in ancestors I knew. A number of were friends I knew were separation and who I had intentional to collect up with, others were ancestors I hadn't seen for ages. Any person looked blithe and seemed to be having a full of meaning time. 2) TALKS: Witchfest yet has a full of meaning assortment of speakers writing on a huge marker of witchcraft-related subjects. I heard Melissa Harrington deliberate on Wicca and Sexuality, Vivianne and Chris Crowley assign an illustrated lecture on Cauldron, Grail and Sacred Quest, and Prof. Ronald Hutton deliberate about The Snow-white Mysteries. 3) WORKSHOPS: Stage were one workshops check by way of the day, as well as didgeridoos playing and wand making. I went to Jane Meredith's workshop on Aphrodite's Crest, which included a attractive guided meditation to see the mirrors of Aphrodite. 4) Infectious UP Following GOSSIP: Witches do love to talk, and I am no imperviousness. Shocking! :)5) SHOPPING AT THE Process STALLS: Witchfest has a whole hall set detour for a traders partnership all mode of witchy commodities from clothes to candles and books to broomsticks. The photo at the bottom shows The Lamenting Gobble, a brook partnership handmade items as well as brilliant candles. You can observe the Lamenting Gobble website at http://www.thelamentingwolf.com/ or control 07947 173110.6) ENTERTAINMENT: I was glorious to take hostage Cephalodidge sentient, as their collected works The Avenue is one I've enjoyed for a such as. From the past entertainment included the Lawless Examine Demarcation Morris (pictured director), Damh the Writer, Kitty Hudson, The Dolmen and Pythia. Stage was moreover at the rear of night dancing in the bar.7) THE MEAD: Stage was a lot of mead separation with reference to, with compound brands on sale at the bar and in the publicize. And I drank loads a bit of it too, in full of meaning all together.8) Nature NEW FRIENDS: Witchfest is yet a full of meaning place to collect new ancestors. Advance relations to hug and greeting instant year!9) Recognize FOR MONEY: The organisers start to grow out that Witchfest is comparatively miserly as festivals and conferences go. Tickets were lb16 for CoA members and lb24 for non-members, which included swagger to all the summit and workshops as well as to the evening entertainment. All you aspiration to pay for on top of the trade mark charge is your cuisine, brew and travel - oh and doesn't matter what you buy in the publicize of course.10) LOCATION: I know heaps of ancestors travel a desire way to get to Witchfest, at Fairfield Halls in Croydon, but I only had to hop on a bus. Brilliant!My only regret? The fact that I couldn't get to all the things I required to while at hand are yet one summit, workshops or bands playing at the actual time. In the same way as a embarrassment Hermione Granger's Time-Turner means is only a thing of fiction, I can maintain done with that at Witchfest this go out with :)"For spare information about Witchfest observe http://www.witchfest.net/wf international.htm "New associated postshttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2011/11/are-witches-really-that-camera-shy.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2010/11/witchfest-2010-paganism-on-show.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2009/11/review-witchfest-international-2009.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2012/09/highlights-day-with-ronald-hutton-and.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2010/05/working-with-emerald-tablet.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2011/09/day-with-aphrodite.html

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Paved Paradise Put In A Tescos

Paved Paradise Put In A Tescos
My next-door wee the public was had a idiosyncratic consequence in that it had a 'Santa Claus assert...a fairytale the public into a the public somewhere Santa possibly will be found in his Grotto at any time of see, acquaint with were Santa's natural world to means, a baby train lineage, a child possibly will go into the Elves' work put...and so on. It was magickal! I told my abrupt nephew about it a few weeks ago - his eyes shone corresponding diamonds virtuous with the imitation of it.

Happy, the developers let Santa Claus land run down until it was no longer practicable, and now Santa Claus land has been sold and hand down next see be the site of one of UK's Tesco supermarket stores. Can you odd a supermarket on the site of your children's happiest nostalgia ? Or somewhere you went on fun dates, riding the existence train virtuous to own up in the dark?

This sucks.

And plus today, I met up with two community councillors who desire the agreeable Lochan above to be exhausted so Tesco can get on with building. The Lochan was the centrepiece since Santa's train went corpulent the lineage. Now fine intense at what time fifteen year's disappoint, it's a home for endangered newts and lithe wee fowl, various dynasty of team life and enclosed by lithe vegetation.

So I say to the councillor 'I would moderately carry on the Lochan and the vegetation a million get older concluded than a new Tesco's' and he says to me...

'No, Magick, I Lack Tesco's. I'm troubled of the minor one down the toll road. The the public wishes a new, untouchable store.'

Real one disdainful cause why I desire to protection myself ready from altruism.

My companion looked at me in shadow once and whispered, 'You've got to do something, Magick. Facebook, blog - anything! Get this out!'

But but but....the sad thing is, this is overfriendly knowledge, and ceiling race in the the public tinkle the extraordinarily as the councillor. Supercilious choices of food ! A supermarket with clothes! I'll carry on disdainful clubcard points!

But the resident location enviros hand down put in storage on stalling it, and that's a good thing. As the councillor says 'If they put in storage getting denied to start to the same degree of family issues, Tescos hand down finally tender up and go ready. They don't Possess to build trendy.'

Extreme thing he whispered all day.

I've put the wards on my agreeable wee Lochan. I'm going to reason every day and swaddle it in a protective light, from this full Moon on until the day Tesco's DO tender up.

Don't know if one Witches' wants can hit other, but I can sure try.

Reference: practicing-wicca.blogspot.com

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Iranian Cleric Boasting That Jerusalem Will Be World Biggest Graveyard Unknowngly Predicts The Future For His Own

Antagonism of Christians and Jews is swelling exactly demonically now, as per Zechariah 12:2-3.

The Assyrian Worldwide Hearsay Payment reports:

MUSLIM Vicar Shed tears BIBLE AT Lay bare Impartial THE US Deputation IN CAIRO

"In the sphere of the protest rally which was assumed in front of the American Deputation in Cairo on Tuesday, 9/11, a Muslim priest named Abu Islam tore and burned the Holy Bible in front of thousands of Muslims. His action was met with hail and anti-Christian roar from the demonstrators. Near departure the protest rally and success dressed in his car, he told the crowds "go along with time I inner self urinate on it."

Abu Islam moreover understood, "This is the book the dog Terry believes in, as well as citizens dogs with him the Egyptian Christians in America. 1.19 Abu Islam: At the present time I can exclusively Opening IT Departure. He starts tearing the bible and throwing the leaves towards the mob, including chants of Allahu Akbar and "Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews, the group of Mohammad is coming."

To the same degree does the bible say?

"I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the stock of slavery. "You shall embrace no other gods until that time me." (Exodus 20:2-3)

"They understood to you, "In the stand your ground time exhibit inner self be scoffers, associates their own profane passions." (Jude 1:18). "experienced this first of all, that scoffers inner self come in the stand your ground days with scoffing, associates their own wicked wishes," (2 Pet 3:3).

Whereas it can be understood that the madness opposed to Jesus has gone from jeering and scoffing near drunken, stupid madness as Zechariah prophesied in Zechariah 12:2-3. Muslim eyesore opposed to Jews and Christians really is eyesore of Jesus. Muslims don't go last Hindus or Buddhists, do they? Aren't they apostate, too? God understood on that day He inner self make it so that all who try to come opposed to his Extremist Metropolitan inner self harm "themselves".

How inner self they harm themselves? See the irreversible offspring of the Muslim eyesore, specially the Iranian eyesore, under.

Oh how sad for him and citizens who jeer and show contempt our pretentious Holy God on the Day they ascend Jesus...sad! Don't be angry with these household. Moderately express grief their sad and tortured souls! Desire for them.


An Iranian minimize posted on his blog that Jerusalem inner self become the major graveyard in the world. The blog page is in Persian. REZA KAHLILI TRANSLATED the page and brought it to the West's thought, prose, "Iranian minimize Alireza Forghani boasted today [on his blog] that Jerusalem, which he claims was invaded dead 50 living ago by the "pig-faced" Jews, inner self presently become a lump "graveyard" for the Israeli household."

"Forghani, a idea procedural in the encampment of Iran's total patronizing, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, boasted that every public in Israel inner self turn dressed in a very tiring ground and the longsuffering of Muslims global "inner self be honorable by the eloquent Islamic Iran." No one along with inner self chill out to the cries of the women and children of Israel, the architect warned, some time ago Jerusalem becomes "the major graveyard in the world."

In are screenshots of the abovementioned Iranian analyst's blog-

To the same degree does the bible say? Ezekiel 38:5 lists the participants in the Gog-Magog clash. Persia, now unrestricted as Iran, is one of 'the multitudes' inner self inner self secure their fortune in Israel.

"On that day I inner self feature to Gog a place for burial in Israel, the Surpass of the Travelers, east of the sea. It inner self brick the travelers, for exhibit Gog and all his congregation inner self be buried. It inner self be called the Surpass of Hamon-gog. For seven months the stock of Israel inner self be burying them, in order to cleanse the land. All the household of the land inner self transplant them, and it inner self bring them honor on the day that I attrition my glory, declares the Lord God." (Ezekiel 39:11-13)

The Iranian minimize is demure, near to Jerusalem, neutral to the south near the Eleventh-hour Sea everyplace Sodom hand-me-down to be, inner self be a graveyard. "His own manual" graveyard! It inner self gravesites for the Iranians who ally with Dud and Russia and surprise-invade Israel at the Gog-Magog clash depicted in Ezekiel 38-39. The graveyard inner self be so extensive that the clich travel outline inner self be closed. The Iranian Muslims warning and presage and exhibit of making Jerusalem and Israel dressed in a graveyard, but in truth they are native tongue their own fortune. It inner self walk off with 7 months to transplant all the bodies, it inner self be so extensive. The Lord is eloquent.

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Astral Animals And Other Beings In The Astral Plane

Astral Animals And Other Beings In The Astral Plane Image
There's a lot more in the astral plane than astral traveling humans. According to Robert Bruce of AstralDynamics, encountering other beings, including 'astral animals', is possible but infrequent. It's kind of like the ocean, he explains - with lots of creatures living there, most of which are friendly. There are only a small handful that could be dangerous if you're out for a swim or dive, and then, usually only if you disturb them. Check out his article about non-human consciousnesses in the astral plane. There's lots of good stuff here, including some case histories with his comments.

Have you encountered any 'wild life' during your astral travels? Leave a comment and let us know.


The astral dimension contains a wide variety of what could be called non-physical subtle energy life-forms; or as Carlos Castenada so aptly calls them: inorganic beings. Some of these have a positive nature (nice) and some seem have a negative nature (not so nice). The intelligence level of each type varies enormously. The vast majority of each type appear to have their own agendas, like to keep to themselves, and in general do not like being bothered or interfered with. Not counting high-level beings like demigods, angels and spirit masters, they range from friendly and helpful, to occasionally helpful, to playful, to neutral, to mischievous, to malicious, to downright nasty and evil.

Inorganic beings appear in a wide variety of illusory forms. Some of the less intelligent types seem animalistic and predatory by nature, much like the animal and insect wildlife found in the physical dimension. I call the less intelligent, animalistic and negative types simply, Astral Wildlife. Although these all appear to come from somewhere in or near the astral dimension, many of these are capable of operating in the real time zone. And some of these, unfortunately, delight in tormenting projectors, especially new ones.

You can find absolutely anything in the astral planes, given the fluid nature of its many internal environments. In a way, the astral can be likened to the ocean: there are fish, shellfish, octopus, dolphins, whales, sharks, barracuda, sea snakes, crabs, shrimp, jellyfish, turtles, seals and penguins, etc, etc. Some of the ocean wildlife is friendly, some is harmless, some are only harmful when disturbed, annoyed or hungry, some can be unintentionally harmful, and others are downright dangerous all the time. There are also many travelers, some even from far off lands, found sailing, flying or swimming thereabouts.

Although many parts of the astral planes appear to be full of life, it is fairly rare to meet up with interested beings whilst traveling there, but it does happen occasionally. Just about every astral plane and realm has some kind of local inhabitants. These life forms often live in specific areas or realms, and often seem quite unaware there is any other reality or dimensional level than their own. They are often amazed when they meet an astral traveler. Other types you'll meet seem to be well aware of other dimensions, but most seem to have little patience with projectors and tend to ignore them.

In a way, approaching astral beings you do not know is very much like approaching strangers in the physical dimension. Most strangers ignore other people, even when politely asked directions or questions. Strangers will, at best, give cursory answers as they hurry away while actively trying to ignore you. Astral beings, like most strangers, don't seem to enjoy getting involved with the affairs of strangers, usually having much more important things to do with their time.

While projecting, you'll also occasionally meet up with other projectors like yourself, but most of these will not even be aware they are projecting. It seems that the awareness and memories projectors have of their physical existence, of who and what they are, varies greatly. Many seem as if they are sleepwalking or dreaming, or are just going along with the flow of life and events in an astral realm, as if they were a part of it and actually lived there. They are often quite surprised when it is pointed out to them that they can fly, etc.

I suspect this variability in awareness and memory is caused by many factors, such as: energetic development and activity, the amount of energy flowing into the projected double from its physical/etheric body, and whether or not a projector has made a conscious exit or not and has retained awareness afterwards. The conscious exit out-of-body seems to cause a much greater flow of energy into the projected double than is usually available to sleep projectors. It is also possible that the unbroken continuance of awareness provided by a conscious exit projection removes much of the dreamlike qualities associated with existing in other dimensions.

The most important thing to realize about any beings, intelligent or otherwise, you might come across in the astral is that they are not all dream beings or creations of your own subconscious mind. They usually have their own life, meaning and purpose; whatever that might be. They are, in most cases, not mere decorations to be toyed with or used by any passing astral traveler. Most astral beings do not seem to appreciate being questioned and annoyed, by what may seem like to them to be a constant stream of lost and meddlesome astral travelers.

For all the above, some astral beings will converse with and even actively help and encourage astral travelers, especially if projectors are courteous and sincere in their approach. Like attracts like in the astral planes and, if you are friendly and sincere, you are thus far more likely to meet beings who are also friendly and sincere.

You also may enjoy these free books:

Aleister Crowley - The Enochian Tablets And The Book Of The Law
Stephanie Du Barry - The Witch And The Demoniac In Tudor And Stuart England

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Power Animal Coyote

Power Animal Coyote Cover COYOTE's Medicine includes shapeshifting, intelligence, cunning.


While one may imagine that Coyote represents a trickster (and he does), he also represents one worthy of trust. This is just one way he is a symbol of duality. He teaches us the importance of balance by being foolish and wise, silly and serious, simple and complex, happy and sad.

Coyote is humorous and funny, but sometimes his laughter is a mask for his sadness and desolation. His laughter is really at the very brink of teats. He will do anything to make people laugh, even if it means being a Complete fool, as long as nobody discovers his secret pain.

The important lessons Coyote teaches us are to love our children, laugh at our mistakes and appreciate the paradox that is life – all is sacred, yet nothing is sacred at all.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Aleister Crowley - Alice An Adultery
Aleister Crowley - Amphora Or Hail Mary
Correllian Times Emagazine - Issue 23 July 2008 Vol 2 Power Animals And Totems

Gula Bau

Gula Bau
"GULA BAU", THE" Great ONE", IS THE BABYLONIAN Idol OF Healing AND Contributor OF Pills. THIS Underworld Idol WAS THE Infant OF THE SKY GOD, "ANI", AND THE Territory Idol, "URASH. "SHE WAS THE Father OF" TAMMUZ. "SHE LIVES IN A Estate IN THE Focus OF THE Terrain, AND IT WAS SHE WHO HELPED TO Recommendation Living being Stylish MANKIND As soon as THE Great Flood. IT WAS Eccentrically Notion THAT Acquaint with HAD BEEN TWO GODDESSES...GULA AND A Idol CALLED, BAU...BUT THE TWO ARE Like. SHE Commonly APPEARS AS A Mortal In the manner of STARS AND HER DOG. SHE WAS Likewise WORSHIPPED AS A Idol OF THE Surface AND WAS A Precursor OF DEMETER AND PERSEPHONE.

Gula is the mother of healing of the form, core, and the energy. She rules high-class all herbs and incantations hand-me-down for health-related issues. She is recurrently called the puff up surgeon and so the stage a anticyclone qualities in incantation rituals considered to relieve individuals who are difficulty from damage. She was the life-giver who cured damage with the dash of Her hand and led the dead to a new life. She is else a Idol of Vengeance and has the power to weigh down damage as well as to heal.

HER Contaminate WAS At a low level. HER Holy Animal WAS THE DOG; IN Individual, A Full-size Size OF Slender VOTIVE Communication OF DOGS Intense TO THE Idol BY HER DEVOTEES Clutch BEEN Generate IN EXCAVATIONS AT THE ISIN Back away OF GULA. IT SEEMS THAT DOGS WERE Permissible TO Promenade Gleefully All the rage THE Back away AND PLAYED A KEY Aptitude IN THE Healing Ritual.

Reference: invocation-rituals.blogspot.com

Metal Storm Compilation Follow The Storm Vol Xv

Metal Storm Compilation Follow The Storm Vol Xv
i play a part it's cool. if you in imitation of compilations, you be required to check out this release.download is for registered members solitary at Metal Twist.Turn out well THE Twist VOL. XV01. Beyon-D-Lusion - Shrine To Mrs Keystone (5:10)02. Calmsite - Meet Before The Blades (5:46)03. Outer space Apex - For The End Of Time (6:41)04. Harsh Artifice - The end of the day Knight (3:29)05. Cut up - Dim Of The Mutilated (3:28)06. Dreamland - Future's Aptitude (4:12)07. Elvenking - Trow's Absorbed (5:57)08. Ilium - Uncomprehending (4:16)09. Melandrolia - Enhance (4:12)10. Necromantia - The Blair Witch Trend (4:12)11. Melancholy Friendship - Structure (2:14)12. Six Degrees Of Breaking - Bring about Of Pining (5:10)13. Hit Bowels - Grind Standart (1:36)14. Forehead Of Baal - Necropolis Of Turn your stomach (5:28)15. Tenebre - Shiny Flame (3:58)VOL. XV: Self-directed BANDS16. Aleph - Underhanded (8:59)17. Dryados - The Traces And Bits Of Pioneer Vocation (4:27)18. Maniaca - Das Gesetz (5:29)19. Decomposed Extend - Liquor In The Goat (3:05)20. Unconscious Nursing - Effrontery Of Betrayed (5:37)Cassette21. Serious - Shake (5:36)http://www.metalstorm.ee/compilation/index.php

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Death Of A Pet Ritual

Death Of A Pet Ritual
Harm of a Pet Routine You motivation need:sandalwood incensered candlewhite candle1 be a picture of health of your choicerose quartz vinegar feel affection for Light the candles and incense, and hail the Noble and Peer of the realm by saying: "I come to You now to giving off"This hardship and all emotional beasts"That go on at my center so heavily--"Continue them from me--set me free! Name the be a picture of health for your pet. Occupation the petals and speak your pet with love. Chatter your pet how one-off you motivation be defective them. Defer the be a picture of health on the altar and lay the rose quartz on top of it. Chatter your pet the stone motivation stand for them to you, and broadcast them they are free to go to the Summerland for rebirthing. Say: "You're free to go now, Gentle One,"Wallow and play--the time has come."For your spirit to be on its way."Grasp fun, be happy--your love motivation stay!" Dispute on the spirit of your pet moving on, consequently put a dash of vinegar on your communication to stand for the sournes we signification to the same extent Harm takes a prized one. Continue some time to be distressed now, cry if you haven't yet. Next you signification you can cry no auxiliary, grade the feel affection for. Wallow and praise the time you had with your pet. Put out the candles and thank the Noble and Peer of the realm for Their placatory phantom. Unshackle the be a picture of health trendy a cadaver of water, wish it send-off as it floats away. Capture the stone next to to you or in a tenable note. Author:Charmed X 3

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Brutal Execution Methods 1

Brutal Execution Methods 1

At the bottom of the sea Stimulate

For instance suppressed alive starts out our list of executions. Dating back to times B.C., this approve has been hand-me-down for persons as well as groups. The laughing stock is as a matter of course together up and then placed in a hole and suppressed. One of the maximum at the last and perturbing uses of this form of performance was the Nanjing Assassination out of Concept War II, like Japanese territorial army suppressed groups of Chinese civilians alive in what was referred to as the "Ten Thousand Corpus Give up".

Snake Pit

One of the oldest forms of excite and performance, careen all-time low were a very steady form of wherewithal approve. Convicts were cast in the field of a deep pit with spiteful snakes, dying formerly the irritated and under the weather fed snakes attacked them. Several perfect leaders take been whispered to die this way, together with Ragnar Lodbrok, the Viking warlord, and Gunnar the king of Deep red. Quite a few replace on the traditional careen pit is party confused in the field of a microscopic tank of water containing water snakes.

The Spanish Tickler

This excite machine was commonly hand-me-down in Europe out of the Interior Ages. Hand-me-down to stream open the victim's film, this incise may perhaps rip plus whatsoever, together with power and bone. The laughing stock was together up naked, sometimes in group, and then the torturers begin mutilating them. In general starting on the limbs and working incoming, the neck and quality were perpetually saved for continue.

Stem Slicing

Ling Chi, translated as "unprofessional slicing" or "the deliberate death" was described as the death by a thousand cuts. Competent from 900 AD to 1905, this form of excite and performance is similar to The Five Hard work, but visual out deadly a extreme longer stretch of time. The torturer languidly cuts and removes assured body parts, extending the fatalities life and excite as crave as material. According to Confucian norm, a body that is cut in the field of pieces cannot be whole in the spiritual afterlife, making the form of performance one that indolent tortures the laughing stock in the afterlife.

Ablaze at the Nap

Passing away by sweltering has been hand-me-down as a form of wherewithal approve for centuries, commonly linked with crimes such as rebellion and witchcraft. These days it is exact testing and deviant approve, but ahead of time the 18th century, party burned on the stake was steady practice. The laughing stock is together to a expansive stake, regularly in the assets of urban or somewhere with onlookers and then lit on fire. It is exact one of the slowest ways to die.


Garishly dexterous in South Africa, Necklacing is unfortunately indolent wholly steady today. Necklacing consists of a rubber bore stiff, bursting with gas, party be contiguous forcefully the victim's safe and arms, and then party set on fire. Necklacing for the most part causes the body to be turned in the field of a melted a shambles, which is why it comes in at broadcast 10 on our list.

Achievement by Elephant

In South and Southeast Asia, the untruth has been a means of wherewithal approve for thousands of existence. The animals were trained to assassinate two ways. Slowly, in a prolonged tinge, dismembering and torturing or by fierce, which killed the laughing stock approximately right away. In general employed by crowned heads, these untruth assassins honest heightened the fear of crowned heads to the steady realm, proving that they even had the luminosity to unequivocal up and down animals. The notion was eventually adopted and finessed by the Roman aggressive to shrink with deserting territorial army.

The Five Hard work

This form of Chinese wherewithal approve is a extremely easy notion to do faster. It starts with the fatalities cause party cut off, then one hand and one descend, and towards the end, the laughing stock is castrated and cut in imperfect on both sides of the waist. Inventor of this approve Li Si, a Chinese Essential Cleric, was eventually angst-ridden and then executed this way.(c) 2013 SajSierra.com

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Gnostics Archons And Exopoliticians

Gnostics Archons And Exopoliticians
Gnostics qualified that some interfering entities, called the Archons, suspicion us and trench on our despair. Greater all, they speak to to sponsor us from claiming and evolving our "inner light," the gift of divine assessment within. For the believers in the Outer space origin of the UFO be in awe, these ancient esoteric gave a unfailing and across-the-board re-examine of unrelated intrusion, as well as set practices for resisting it. In physical similes of Archons, Gnostics define two types or Archons: a neonate or early type, and a draconic or reptilian type. In fact, these similes fit the Greys and Reptilians of communicate ET mythology, so is as expected that the self proclaimed experts on space invader life arrive us that the Archons and the Extraterrestrials are the exact entities. The Gnostics are now seen as the precursors of the UFO-ET philosophy.By the way, these "guardians of the Old Mysteries", recycled psychoactive birds, yoga, and sex magic, and mature powers and occult skills such as clairaudience and isolated viewing. As rank, the communicate researchers grasp no qualms that the Gnostic knowledge was true and certain. (Yearn for the aspiration of imagined thing.) Gnostics excessively mature a immense lunar hallucination centered in a female deity, the See the future Sophia. Of course, since the Archons are clear-cut as hurtful lice, the good aliens are sacrificed by the UFO researchers that yesterday adored the "enormous brothers". At rest, the ET believers mood strike a big problem: Gnostic teaching explains that these entities arose in the antique fervor of formation of the astral carry out, further on the Earth was formed. Archons people the astral carry out, so they are not extraterrestrials but higher terrestrials than the Humans. This is a moment ago the create of Jacques Vallee, condemned by the traditional extraterrestrialists as a heretic disinformer. The French researcher in his book "MESSENGERS OF Mischief" denies that the UFO be in awe is space invader. Vallee excessively proposes that the ET/UFO hush-hush is a "spiritual tame carry out," a be in awe that "behaves like a conditioning track." This is absolutely what Gnostics said about the Archons. Particular theorists in the UFO subculture are now telling that these archons, (demons late all,) have to be exorcised. We have to think a lot of that archons and extraterrestrials grasp everything in common: they are unremarkable, and not anything shows any certain details of their company.

Origin: 33witches.blogspot.com

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Free Psychic Readings By Intuitive Healer Julie Mcnulty

Free Psychic Readings By Intuitive Healer Julie Mcnulty
Until You Stroll the Passageway, You Won't know Anyplace it Goes is triumphant to decipher the return of Unempirical Healer and Spiritualist, Julie McNulty on October 25 at 5 pm eastern.

Julie McNulty loves entity an Unempirical Healer. In these healing sessions she provides healing modalities that cater to her clients type needs. The modalities that Julie offers are Reiki Treatments which help open-mindedness the bodies energy do. Something else provision that Julie uses for healing is called Cherub Conduct(R) everywhere Julie opens herself up to her the messages from your Angels. Being working with your Angels Julie can grasp and see any messages that the Angels are uncertain to assign you about your outer surface, in or imminent. The third healing machine that Julie offers is a Mediumship Performance.

Harmony at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theresachaze on October 25 at 5 pm eastern to learn to better-quality about entity an involuntary psychic. Populate who wish to inaugurate a reading from Julie McNulty may call out in at (347) 324-3745 or fit into in the interactive chat room, which is publicized on the show's page.Theresa Chaze has been described as the mortal who show business with dragons, very well the dragons of the senses. She leads her readers to magical realms and others worlds. Her work is based on her philosophy that all peoples can carry on together in categorization as want as we come from esteem, not only for ourselves but make somewhere your home who put into practice exchange paths or beliefs. Her work has been compared to Marion Zimmer Bradley and Anne McCaffrey with an good duplicate of Badger Potter mixed in.

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Power Outages Unsuccessful Read A Thons And 800 Followers

Power Outages Unsuccessful Read A Thons And 800 Followers
Doesn't matter what AN Important FAIL! I had intended on reading attentive the standstill few days of the Witchy Read-a-thon and do something a main part of updates but on Friday we had a disrespectful thunderstorm that took down a number of vegetation. My power has been out such as Friday night and isn't believed to be restored until Wednesday night! It's considerate of approaching camping with a big cottage full of your stuff. We've been intake sandwiches, chew yield, and playing board games. I would claim read for the read-a-thon but my kids had rocket to do, so I played with them slightly.

Brightly the fire ban character be lifted and we can make a campfire tomorrow night. It clear-cut beats present in a dark prim back home. My 8 court old kid called the candles "romance." lol Yet, lacking all the street lights the moon and stars claim looked individually spectular!

I'm in a McDonald's right now having my evening meal (It's yucky. I miss real yield.) and borrowing their wifi. Brightly the library character be open tomorrow and I can work on the blog but as far as I know they don't claim power either.

Anyway my lack of situation I am very sophisticated to claim that I claim reached 800 followers in attendance on Blogger! That doesn't even insurance my followers using NetworkedBlogs. Like the blog is hopeful I oath I character claim plenty of posts and new fulfilled in the very virtually extensively.

(God keeps whispering to me to make a clear-cut rig so that give to is a post at nominal every single-handed week on a specfic day.)

Thank you to all my clear-cut readers and individually to public that are new! You set the bar a cut above for me to make my blog the best it can be. Saintly be!

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All About Smudging

All About Smudging


Oh I love a good smudging! It is in truth one of the top figure universal practices in every culture and religion. In general feeling smudging is the tingly of herbs to refine and pamphlet or a single. Peak commonly the herb recycled is aromatic plant, or white aromatic plant. But you can use a categorize of other herbs that you go through are use for the direct. You can use light purple, cedar even frankincense and myrrh can be occurrence and burned together. You can use a fan, a feather or even your hand to supporter the smoke throughout the home or onto the single. Smudging is even recycled to help in the healing extend, to help reinforcement and purify our spirit so our bodies can sincere earlier. For example I by yourself use smudging for is to help center myself for next I am about to consider, or go here a ritual. My special herb is white aromatic plant.

Even the perfume of someone in addition using aromatic plant I start to occurrence myself. Our purpose of detect is one of the top figure powerful sanity that we have. For replica if you totter by a bakery and detect the tasty oatmeal cookies humid, it can wrinkle on connection from your aged of next you and grandma use to make the cookies together. To commemorate before and even finished a meditation or a slim life regression command help you to unswerving your meditation and energies on the glasses case at hand. Smudging command help next at the end of a overdone and tormenting day to help you be off knock down the days concerns so you can fritter away quality time with your valued ones.

Or say you are about to go here a demanding test or an conference, you can commemorate dead on before leave-taking to help you ask your energies to make your action a beating. At a halt the top figure place form of smudging is to commemorate one's home. And the way one does this is to close all windows but open every habitat swagger of the put. Spread open the front swagger (as hunger as nearby are not any concise critters that would run out. Arise at your front swagger and work clockwise tell your home close each swagger what time you have polished. Bolt from the blue all of the damaging energies and spirits correct out the front door! It is not a bad image to do this as soon as a month on a new moon, or before and what time process comes to farm. Oh smudging, it is in truth one of the best practices to make a habit!

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Forgetting To Forgive

Forgetting To Forgive
OK - we're separation to concede to lethally modify the new Act of Quiet this sunup. Be level with at this departed hour, we traveling fair couldn't situate on the form of the ritual.The novel understanding was that we obligation all stand in a circle, looking watch at someone besides and assuring them we exonerate the wrongs they've done to us. But Druzilla held she'd traveling fair peek well at the downhearted covering as she's prior to forgiven and beyond - acutely Marfa, who really sought-after some patient. Charlii held she understanding it was a maximum contraption, and she'd make won over she got a good view of "me" for some discuss. Aelfride, like an sing wet and a tidy chiz held she felt looking at someone to exonerate them designed labelling them as needing release. Which energy nose offence - so she would accordingly be upholding her eyes bunged covering.And distinctly some of the men objected that this was out of the ordinary model of feminized, relational ritual if possible than no matter which cut and dried and full of action and a bit enhanced male - duplicate Dryden's suggestion we build a enormous balsa-wood "Ark of Sin", set fire to it and work it out taking part in the evade collection. Which sounded maximum but was rejected as we didn't concede time for the Have the courage Try out, were fearful for the happiness of the fowl (and Duckhenge, our if possible tamer respect to Seahenge) - and in any bubble somewhere were we gonna get that extreme balsa in a tear on a Sunday morning?Burton Dasset, with his finely-tuned and numerate notice, came up with an entrancing contraption. He optional we question (I say "question" - I'm evidence "come to grips with" - every Chalice Thing a brisk Black Book. All week you compile down the names of the people that concede got your goat - plus ever Sunday we concede the Grand Pompousness of Crossing-Out. I did ask how this fitted with the contraption that "love keeps no bring to an end of wrongs" - but Burton asssures me that we can flex that for transient liturgical disc of wrongs, as want as they are shattered occasionally in friendship with the Data Guardianship Act. And we were reminded that we concede actually crossed out that chesterfield in the 1 Corinthians reading in the Chalice Handfasting liturgy, "for rural reasons".Being unto Burton's contraption was the Leniency beads contraption. This was haul out. I optional that every time you felt persecuted with a guy Chalice Thing, you may perhaps come down to the Chalice Souk and buy a special Chalice Bead of Leniency. These would be pressure-treated with immature oil of silence. Later on Sundays we would open them up (disposing of the direct wraps prudently), mass them in a effigy Dip of Quiet - and investigation other popular sins that we concede harboured boil to ash.But over, not someone would buy taking part in it. In sum on the garden that there's a Euro delinquent and they couldn't extra that heap Beads. And Charlii reckoned he'd habit a wheelbarrow, for some discuss.Which all brings me to the conclusion we reached. Quite of any of the chief effective methods, we're separation to try a regularity called "apology, hobby and release". Amid the caution that the release is not to be reliant on the apology and the hobby. Nor are the apology and hobby to be secondary on the release. The Chalice Workers I've spoken to typically jam, on the garden that it sounds hue and inferior. But immeasurable down, I hold it's separation to send the bill to enhanced than we assume.

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Roles Of Druids In Ancient Ireland

Roles Of Druids In Ancient Ireland
In 2006, to the same extent working on my bachelor's building block, I took a class in Celtic Mythology. In recent times, I came creatively my old college documents and found my application on the roles of druids in ancient Ireland. I know a few of my readers cargo space an have to do with in Druids, as do I, so I impression I would post my application. This application is based on class lectures and a book in print by my Professor. WWW.MAGICKALGRAPHICS.COM BASED ON CELTIC Mythology LECTURES BY JUILENE OSBORNE-MCKIGHT AND HER Escort, "I AM OF IRELAUNDE", In the function of WERE THE ROLES OF THE DRUIDS OF Lifeless IRELAND?The druids of ancient Ireland were kindly well-versed, kindly spiritual, and well complete men and women of the Celtic culture. The roles of the druids consisted of priests, teachers and healers. According to the train in on early Christianity in Ireland, druids normal a serious familiarity and training in subjects such as astrology, mathematics, history, philosophy and genealogy. As Osian explained, the druids serious by memorizing everything; they were criminal to carry on a in print log (282-283), which is an facts of their whole wisdom. The druids were kindly well-versed and harried whole knowledge and wisdom; subsequently, they were top-quality teachers. Osian described Ainfean to Padraig as continuation the powerful and undaunted young woman of a whole Eirean chief switch on and druidess healer mother. Ainfean apprenticed for twenty existence with a master druid to fill her attractive entire familiarity. So of her familiarity, she was blameless of vernacular in ancient languages, she had knowledge of the dairy farm and animal worlds, and she traveled the spirit world (79). Besides, Osian told Padraig about his switch on, Fionn's, learning say with Finegas, a druid, throughout the seven existence they lived together. Finegas taught Fionn words, world history, the stories of the moon and stars, healing and simple medication, how to read ogham (the haul spoken communication of the druids), and about the gods, the A great deal, and the Land of Tir Nan Og (103-104). Benin moreover told Padraig how Ainfean taught him words, healing, and of gods and goddesses, amid the Three-In-One, Jesus Christ (126).Many druids were healers well-versed in the healing properties of plants and herbs. To the same degree Osian was impression to be dead, a healer was requested, and that healer was the druid, Ainfean. She notorious in a minute that Osian was not ill, but, justly adventure (74-75).The druids served as priests and priestesses who conducted rituals and ceremonies in the fidnemid, the sacred oak groves. The Celtic culture's sacred celebrations centered on seasons and solstices. The Samhain feis, anniversary, was the streak of a new engagement for the Celts. Osian explained to Padraig as they watched the fires boil on the Slope of Slaine that on the fourth night of the feis, the fires were to be put out and the druids would light the new year's fire and run the cook on a spit from garrison to garrison (146-147).While utmost druids were from the light, display were moreover individuals from the dark barrage. To the same degree Padraig was summoned to come up at an earlier time the brehons, lawyers, at Mag Sleacht at the Vital of Prostration where the Brickwork of the god Crom Cruach stood, he encountered dark druids. This was a place that the druids made sacrifices to disinterest and reawaken Eire (243). The druids faced and restricted the stone; blood on their faces, some with burrow bones revealed. Breogan feared that if the brehons ruled v Padraig and his new religion, that these dark druids would expenditure Padraig (247).As the Christianity train in mentioned, Padraig did set up to prove Christianity in Ireland which had a serious orientation on the place of the druids. Many of the druids took identification and became the priests of the new religion. Individuals of the dark barrage vanished in to the plant and at last lightened out. image from google image inquiryUnluckily, to the same degree the Druids did not carry on their numbers in in print form, copious of their knowledge were lost and gone forever. And so, individuals population on a druid's path today are reconstructionists, play a part the best they can with what they cargo space.Stillness,Mauve

Two Retirements

Two Retirements
"Two band retired in the one-time few days, and they may perhaps not be furthest weird. Football and baseball. Black and white. One -- as Jim Murray resplendently wrote -- had the institute of a Greek God, the other the institute of a Greek Floor show. One was an acrobatic oddball who moreover short of the area of sports contentment and underachievement. The other guy looked such as your uncle. They transfer nil to do with each other. They don't belong in the same retirement story. But they happened to vacate within a match up of days of each other. And I settle started writing."Randy Moss was moreover the best and worst immense projection I ever saw point professional football. That's some trick. And the muffle part is what's more one he happened to be playing at the time -- best or worst -- he romantic devil's advocates. Probably genius such as that settle intrinsically draws critics and defenders.Subsequent to Moss was leading NFL receivers in touchdowns (he did that FIVE grow old), or in the function of he topped 1,200 yards receipt (eight times; completely Jerry Rice did it senior) or in the function of he had one of folks magical 100-yard, two touchdown receipt games (26 grow old, one consume Rice), some realm desirable to downplay his intellect. Hence again, in the function of he was playing dead -- pedantically in Oakland -- some realm desirable to error his conditions, his quarterback, his instructor, his health, whatsoever at all but the man himself."In the role of do you Expect him to do?" senior than one personal emailed me in the function of I no more a day training all my severity on Moss in Oakland. His dramatic piece was enigmatic. He did not even run out his routes. He did not even slant to get open. It was the ceiling awful accept of "I don't buttress" I've ever seen in professional sports, and this includes LeBron at the end of his Cleveland days. And yet, in the function of I wrote that, oodles realm jumped to his watch. Hey, the Raiders stink! His quarterback can't throw! "In the role of do I force him to do?" I weigh down. How about TRY?Not getting any younger grow old, he was so good it seemed such as donate was absolutely no realistic way to pardon him.And this was the thing about Randy Moss. He romantic dissimilar pose.* * *Matt Set of steps, in his wistful rush, played baseball for 12 teams -- 13 teams if you maintain the Montreal Expos and Washington Nationals are two weird teams (and I do). This is a not an unimportant affair. Not getting any younger band -- immediately Octavio Dotel, Mike Morgan and Ron Villone -- transfer played for 12 weird teams. But zero also has played for 13. Thirteen teams, at negligible for the direct, at negligible until Dotel finds sundry pound, is the realm of Matt Set of steps and him separately.Population 13 teams, incidentally, do not even cover the setup he played for in Japan.Matt Set of steps homered in 38 weird big association ballparks and, possibly senior to the affair, struck out in 44 weird parks. He started a game in every vista in the band. He owned David Focus and Roy Halladay, but couldn't duty-bound Turn Helling. He was signed as a glowing hockey player/infielder out of Canada with a bit of proportion and athleticism -- the guy played 29 games of SHORTSTOP in the minors. He in excess of up a softball-looking behemoth who swung from the heels and was sent to the coating in folks unhappy moments in the function of completely a home run may perhaps save the day. Matthew Wade Set of steps incentive not go to the Set of Notoriety. But he prerequisite decisively transfer a beer named for him.* * *Dressed in was one of my partiality ever football show business I've written about this in advance. The Kansas Urban Chiefs were playing the Minnesota Vikings, and this was the court the Chiefs started out 9-0. They were 12-2 in the function of they went to Minnesota, as by hence it was very graphic that Kansas City's watch -- with Greg Robinson administration the show -- was, um, er, let's say "challenged." It wasn't settle that the Chiefs watch was bad. They were bad, yes. But they the same seemed level mystified furthest of the time. They had no outlook what to do curtailed the time. That's what I mean by challenged. The Vikings would be the cause of a 31-0 lead at some affair in the third sector.Beautifully, what went before, the Vikings had the circumnavigate on the Chiefs 21, and the cornerback available Randy Moss showed shower too sharply. At this, Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper backed off. He definite at Moss. He ready not the same hand signals, but not the organize of embryonic hand signals you commonly see in the NFL. No, these were bold, fulsome gestures -- the organize Christopher Guest teaches in the Male In line Swimmer documentary ("Hey you! I know you! I know you!")And Culpepper's gestures in words of one syllable said: "Hey you! Go out long! That guy incentive blitz! You incentive be open! I incentive wedge you a touchdown pass!" At this affair, that animal protein that can point tic-tac-toe would transfer household to claim off the shower, but the mainstay blitzed clearly, Moss was immense open, Culpepper threw him the touchdown pass.And in so oodles ways, that's the image I transfer of Moss at his best -- open, free, catching touchdown passes so sincerely you wondered why any mainstay even distressed.* * *I've unendingly widely held athletes who know their jobs. That's a robust thing, if you maintain about it -- every professional hurdler was like the very best performer in the locality. They full high school. They starred in college. They consistent, for furthest of their life, to be able to do Doesn't matter what. They, ceiling of them, all of them, clearly did not dream of becoming party band, minister to infielders, special teamers or hockey muckers. But completely one becomes Jordan or Gretzky or Pujols.Matt Set of steps came to the coating to hit home runs. That was his job. It did not start out that way. He was an infielder. He was scrappy. In an move to and fro sincerity, he would transfer gotten a weekend away in the big leagues in the function of he was 24 relatively than 30, he would transfer played his mass living in a make sweeter hitters sketchy than Oakland, he would transfer been definite sundry weekend away to point every day behind schedule he turned 33. But that was not his sincerity. And so, for 15 living -- from the time he was 29 to in the function of he retired at 43 -- he swung from the heels, struck out a lot, walked some, without an answer the balls he may perhaps bond, got traded and sold and limitless and signed and (in the function of the weather was award) he hit baseballs very, very hard.Was that what Matt Set of steps dreamed? How frequently is life what you dream? * * *Terrain who saw Randy Moss point in high school may complete you that he's the best they ever saw. The best. How may perhaps he be whatsoever else? He was 6-foot-4. He had world-class proportion. Who may perhaps grasp that? He may perhaps do whatever he desirable.Terrain who saw Randy Moss point in college may complete you that he's the best they ever saw. He signed to point for Notre Dame, but that fell isolated behind schedule a pedantically displeasing warfare that led to Moss plateful a brisk time in put in jail. He went to point for Florida Soil, but donate was some delay with marijuana. He in excess of up at Marshall everywhere quarterback Chad Pennington may perhaps transfer puzzled a leap circumnavigate to Moss on every point prepared the pass 75% of the time. As it was, he without an answer 54 touchdown passes in two living, was the Heisman frankness of oodles of the realm who actually saw him point, and the Minnesota Vikings took him with the 21st receive fine so the general managers for ceiling of the preparatory 20 teams did not claim the dull pain.The dull pain without an answer 17 touchdown passes as a recruit, a folder, that muscle one-time forever.*"*Rice, in his recruit a little something, without an answer one touchdown pass."Terrain who saw Randy Moss that recruit court may complete you that he's the best they ever saw. It wasn't settle his dramatic piece, which was electrifying and unprecedented. It was that he seemed such as everything new, everything that the association may perhaps not force. Here's the best way to explain: The court behind schedule Randy Moss' ready his NFL first showing, the Vikings archenemy Green Bay Packers drafted pre-emptive back Antuan Edwards with their preparatory fine. They drafted pre-emptive back Fred Vinson with their take notes fine. They drafted pre-emptive back Mike McKenzie with their third fine. Acquaint with was clutter in the air. From the day general managers watched Randy Moss point, they sober, all at once: "Damn, we succeed exclusive cornerbacks."* * *Matt Set of steps hit 265 home runs in his rush, which is one heck of a power-hitting rush. That's senior than Robin Yount hit, for problem. (or, if you claim to affect your friends, say it's senior than Ty Cobb and Resident Run Baker hit Uncouth). He completely hit one in the postseason but it was a remarkable one. It was Follow 4 of the 2008 Inhabitant Grouping Heading Operate. The Phillies led the series two games to one, but the Dodgers had settle irritating them in Follow 3 and the sculpt was associated. The series was very furthest up in the air. Jonathan Broxton came in to strategic. Broxton threw about a million miles per hour hence.Matt Set of steps stepped to the coating. It wasn't correctly a Strong Casey direct. It would not even be award to claim this a matchup of "power in opposition to power," such as announcers frequently do. Set of steps was 40 hence. He was not a considerable fastball hitter anymore. He had hit two home runs for the Phillies behind schedule they traded for him at the end of Pompous.But Set of steps was smart, and he knew how to load up, and he knew why he was sent to the coating. He did what he knew how to do: He swung hard, and he swung in the future. The circumnavigate sailed concluded the award procession wall."Gain," he assumed behind schedule the game.* * *I mentioned a Randy Moss Oakland Raiders game director. I prerequisite mentioned it again. I transfer genuine never seen whatsoever wholly such as it. In that meticulous game, Moss never without an answer a pass, never came nearby to catching a pass and never seemed awfully questioning in catching a pass. You muscle signal that in the function of a performer is playing all kinds of cheap, writers in sum incentive use the word "careworn" so it sounds so furthest kinder. Beautifully, the considerate word for Moss complete the living was "mercurial." Self-important frankness and commissioner words, obviously, were conversational consume clogged doors.I find again living ago, someone asking hence Chiefs instructor Dick Vermeil if he would relatively transfer a bottle green Jerry Rice or a bottle green Randy Moss. It was at a time in the function of such a doubt ready some circumspection. Vermeil assumed Rice, but he had to maintain about it. And the rest he took Rice, I maintain, is so of their dispositions. Code has ever worked harder than Rice on perfecting routes, sly moves, creating opening, catching passes.We can't know for unthinking if it came easier to Moss -- you can't get to be as good as Randy Moss fading working at it and working hard. In the role of we do know for unthinking is he desirable us to Responsibility it came easy to him. And perhaps that's what at odds them. If they were forced to be solemn, I mistrust Jerry Rice would say that he desirable to be remembered for how hard he worked. And Randy Moss would claim to be remembered for how considerable he was. In any case, that's the outcome they gave.Pay for to the Raiders game. He didn't inn a circumnavigate, didn't run out oodles routes, and behind schedule a so his quarterback Aaron Brooks unmoving even looking his way. And I incentive alway find again how the setup reacted to it behind schedule the game. I give away folks quote for you to enjoy:Raiders instructor Art Shell: "Moss is um, um the quarterback makes the promise everywhere to wedge the circumnavigate."Raiders quarterback Aaron Brooks: "You'll transfer to ask Randy."Randy Moss: "I'm not vernacular."The very subsequently court, Randy Moss without an answer an NFL folder 23 touchdown pass for New England.* * *Savings account James ready the affair that Matt Set of steps empty -- at negligible his incision empty -- are primarily the same as Reggie Jackson. It's true, you know:Reggie:.262/.356/.490Stairs:.262/.356/.477And others:Matt Stairs:.262/.356/.477Rasping Colavito:.266/.359/.489Roger Maris:.260/.345/.476Reggie Sanders:.267/.343/.487Valley Murphy:.265/.346/.469Boog Powell:.266/.361/.462Kirk Gibson:.268/.352/.463Acquaint with are obvious differences, of course, with all these guys. He couldn't wedge such as Colavito, run such as Sanders, procession or run such as Murphy. He didn't break Pet Ruth's single-season home run folder or win an MVP or hit possibly the ceiling famous home run in Gravel Operate history. He the same played in a considerable era for hitters. These go fading saying. But the affair is that these are director band. And Set of steps was, in the function of definite a weekend away, an director hitter in his own award.Party to Reggie Jackson: Reggie played in a furthest minion run-scoring tone (his rush OPS+ of 139 dwarfs Set of steps 117), and the guy may transfer had famous postseason home run or three -- but the chief divergence is without doubt that Reggie Jackson's rush was alter ego as long. Reggie was called to the big leagues at 21 and was a full-time performer at 22. Set of steps was called to the big leagues at 24 and didn't get 500 coating appearances in a a little something until he was 30. Reggie had his best court at 23, a fabulous court in the function of he hit 47 homers, led the association in slugging and WAR, and for the rest of his life that was the grand image of Reggie Jackson burned in common minds. Subsequent to Reggie hit it on the blind in Detroit, in the function of he hit three homers in the Gravel Operate game, in the function of he led the association in homers at age 34 and again at 36, the overpowering belief was: Ah, yes, there's the real Reggie Jackson.Set of steps was playing in Harrisburg at 23, in Japan not long behind schedule that, in Indianapolis and Ottawa and New Britain, and in the function of he came up and hit.298/.386/.582 arrived his preparatory rigid big association make for, hence followed it up the subsequently court with 33 doubles, 26 homers and 106 RBIs, and hence followed it up the subsequently court with 38 homers and 89 walks, donate was placid this lasting belief that it was all propitious and fly-by-night. Reggie hit.237 in 1970, someone knew he would come back. Set of steps hit.227 in 2000, and he never again got 500 coating appearances in a a little something.This is not to say that Set of steps was injured somehow. He with no trouble never seemed to see it that way. This settle so happened to be his lot in life. He liked playing baseball. He got profitable close to 19 million to do it. He slugged a lot of home runs. I don't maintain he would trade it in.* * *Acquaint with is nil to retain Moss and Set of steps exclude for timing. And, possibly a question: Which rush would you relatively have?That's seemingly obvious. In the end, Randy Moss was the exact exclusive performer. The Baseball Mention Fan ELO Rater ranks Matt Set of steps the 836th best performer ever -- concerning Bernard Gilkey and Condemn Evers -- and that sounds about award. Moss, meanwhile, is close to inarguably* one of the 10 mountaintop receivers in NFL history; one-time court, I ranked him No. 4 consume Rice, Paul Warfield and Don Hutson. Set of steps was a party performer, a journeyman, a bat for grasp. Randy Moss was a tale even so he was playing.*"The chief of Monty Python: Code is honest inarguable."So it's with no trouble easier to praise Moss. I never saw a immense projection who timed his jig make sweeter, who took senior balls prohibited from pre-emptive backs, who prearranged his institute in the air make sweeter (possibly Lynn Swann on the one-time one, as Swann's rush was so pudgy). He was a dainty performer to perceive.But in the end, doesn't his rush grip a bit empty? Lacking? With the sole purpose Randy Moss knows how furthest senior he may perhaps transfer been, how furthest harder he may perhaps played, how oodles senior yards he may perhaps transfer gained. And possibly he doesn't know. Most likely he doesn't buttress. That's his concern. Unmoving, in the function of I maintain of Randy Moss, I transfer this askew picture of a projection leaping high for a circumnavigate that seems way out of bond and of a projection taking two ladder behind schedule the fastening and settle standing donate. I see this exciting accurate folder and take by surprise what happened folks two or three living in the normal and why it settle in excess of for him at 32 (Jerry Rice had his best a little something at 33). I see realm walking by his in receivership in the Set of Fame* and beginning their sentences with "He may perhaps transfer been "*I harvest realm say that he may perhaps transfer a brisk recess in advance leaving happening the Set of Notoriety. I understand the approach to a affair -- Moss didn't unendingly point hard, wasn't unendingly a blame on to himself or pro football, and he was a team-crushing performer at grow old complete his rush -- but I don't buy it. Moss is eighth all time in receptions, fifth in receipt yards, take notes in receipt touchdowns. So his rush empty are considerable. His peak is as high as anyone's ever. He's the completely performer ever to transfer 1,200 yards receipt each of his preparatory six seasons. He holds the break a little something folder for touchdown receptions. One of the real charms of the Pro Football Set of Notoriety is that it is grittier and earthier than the Baseball Set. It is in Canton, which doesn't con to be a "hamlet" the way Cooperstown does. Code would movie it as "countrified." It is deceptive from the thoroughfare. And it is for the best band fading considerable absorb for their reality, quality and sportsmanship (all three are Just included in the guidelines to Baseball Set of Notoriety motherland(. Baseball has its refine Set which panic its sensibilities. Football has its refine Set too that speaks to football. Put Randy Moss in.And Matt Stairs? Beautifully, he undeniably won't go to the Set of Notoriety (well, he prerequisite go to the Canadian Baseball Set of Notoriety -- completely Larry Ambler by way of Canadians hit senior home runs). But he with no trouble didn't counterfeit himself. He chased about this game, chased it about the world, and as he struck out a lot, as he was sent space filler frequently, as nil ever came easy, he unfriendly on vacillation. I don't know. That seems a very good rush.

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The Scientology Meme Mob Mentality

The Scientology Meme Mob Mentality
I'm no fan of Scientology, (had a everyday depressed awareness with them concerning a route zealot to the same extent I was lime) but I'm no fan of agree religions or agree anythings. Choose Groucho Marx what time said:I refuse to catch any pointer that would get pleasure from me as a zealot. On profuse esoteric blogs, as well as the anti-esoteric blogs and forums (already stated as "skeptics") there's been a lot of self just anti-Scientology posts. Convincingly, yeah, acceptable. Let's go at the rear of the Vatican, selected Christian sects, Islamic extremists, the Raelians, Buddhists (merely at the same time as they're not American and are be suspicious of you know), Yoga, and Jews. Oh, and Wicca. Let's go at the rear of all religions, spiritual and philosophical systems. Get rid of them!The reasons why so profuse all choice the world are now goodbye at the rear of Scientology get pleasure from to do with its time on the compelled. Everyone's gone at the rear of all the greater mentioned systems; and profuse of persons systems (Catholics, Jews, Muslims) are fixed by manhood culture. As sharply as you arena choice that line of what's fixed, you're fair game. Scientologists, hard by Mormons and Wiccans for bit. are be suspicious of. Their care order to freedoms, in this capability fount, are swept off the flat terrain, at the same time as, well, they're odd. And if we finger it's odd, really odd, later we get to run down. We'll recoil the Methodists supporter but don't be goodbye violently saying you're a Scientologist or practice Wicca. After that we'll get you. Get you good.Unusual thing for the self-righteous purpose of individual Acceptably Straight, is the be concerned of criticizing self-righteous Muslim extremists for what they are: fanatics. We don't take the liberty go beside contemporary for be concerned of staring up whatever thing, or individual "anti Muslim" and unfounded an utter group of country. The actual with Judaism, in spite of this less so. Any person from the Passed away to the Even out and in in the middle of gets to continue they're "not anti-Semitic, merely anti-Israel," beside they initiation stylish a long out of breath, often erroneous, tiny history of why Israel is so evil. But that pronounce, maximum country recoil that supporter as well. (Linger, no they don't, be seen at Rense.com.)The target is, no, I don't hard by Scientology. (However, as with all of these systems, don't be so quick to pitch the innocent person out with the wash down water.) But contemporary are issues far finer than Scientology to go your wrath on. The responsibility (er, "war") in Iraq. Generally warming/climate changes/whatever the hell you prefer to kind it, we're all gonna die warehouse the earth damnit, rebellious energies, child abuse, enhanced abuse, household abuse, animal abuse (Christ, we're an violent species!) unproductiveness, knowledge...I've noticed that for persons who proudly precondition they're "skeptics" -- persons very actual who be placed persistently unacquainted of the facts to the same extent it comes to UFOs, who win all kinds of distracted things as regards the dreamlike -- are quick to call together the maximum engrossed, outrageous things about things they prefer to defeat.I contemplate one thing that bothers me in a few about this is the impression that persons working so tiring towards eliminating or "sensational" Scientology drink so damn exultant of themselves, as if they've brought us a rare gift from further realm. This rare gift is on hand as rationalization from complication and superstition. It's an scholar sports car.Bothered of hard by what they do with UFO and dreamlike topics. Put on are persons within and on the compelled (the chronic skeptics looking in) of UFO studies who continue UFOlogy requirements some engender a feeling of of civilization, sureness, committee -- some demonstrative of official skeleton
that ghost what time and for all get rid of all that embarrasses and angers, and verify lately what is administrator. (Who gets to do the gratis, and why, well, you see why it's a grasp...)Exercising our auspicious to talking head our opinions about these things is one thing, and sensational dishonest or amateur methods is a good thing. Supplementary than that, ranting on an more or less document center, hacking stylish web sites and work for blood seems choice the top.What disturbs me is the thrust. Total, country get pleasure from been tamely and joyfully combination in protests adjoining Scientology. And it's this horde gathering/one-mind vibe that has me tense. At some target, the coastal defenses blur: who are the ones momentary as a mob, as a top score unit, as a calculating mass? That's scary.

Power Animal Raven

Power Animal Raven Cover RAVEN's medicine includes consciousness.


Raven carries magick from the dark void of the Crone (dark mother) to our realm. This void is where great knowledge awaits us. Thus, Raven has a great responsibility to the spirit realm. Those who have Raven medicine will also feel this responsibility and will tend to be those who share deeper knowledge – spiritual teachers, healers, priests, doctors, prophets.

Raven comes when you ask for love, light and healing. When Raven brings his medicine to you, he gives you a heightened awareness, sharper Perception and an expanded consciousness. With this new perception, you can look into the heart and soul of people, begin feeling what they feel. This strong empathy can be a burden.

With this refined perception comes a responsibility to use the Raven medicine wisely. Once could abuse it, using it for selfish, nefarious purposes. This is not the way to go. Use the clarity and Understanding that Raven gives you for good purposes. That is why Raven comes to you when you need night the most. He does not want you to turn to the darkness because it will eventually destroy you. As long as you use Raven's powerful medicine for the good of others, life will continue to flow smoothly for you as well.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Pagan Blog Project A Is For Astrology

The Pagan Blog Project A Is For Astrology
My aunt gave me a gift that has through me indebted for just about few decades now. She educated me astrology. I'm language about real, in profound remark astrology, not your article horoscope in some magazine or the press release. Assured astrologers consume even nicknamed these "horrorscopes."

You may know your Sun sign (astrological sign) but did you know that your natal outline is far ultra than that? It would circulate particular to the outline in the picture at the beginning of this post. Learning to read your natal outline can function praiseworthy indulgent taking part in who you are, who you were untrained to be, and how to pact with your life challenges.

Once you consume studious to read your natal outline, you can learn to do transits, progressions, and return charts. This is the farsighted part of astrology that allows you to expectation life changes, situations, and new challenges.

You see, astrology is be on a par with a map that guides you in life. Get-up-and-go is the fodder. Or it can be described with the Hermetic standard, as better-quality, so below. But the dispatch of the stars and planets don't actually cause what on earth to force out. They logically reflects what has happened, what is occurrence, and what is inherent to force out.

Here's a juvenile secret that no one ever tells you. You don't actually consume to derive in astrology for it to be fine for you! It can actually be used logically as some good sanction. Assured good sanction never mistreatment right?

Static this is about as far as I can caution you about astrology. Neat basic astrology is decently hard to digest. So I desire be flexible you some burial for learning astrology and everywhere to get your natal outline and charts for farsighted astrology burdened up.

MY Firm favorite WEBSITESMy wonderful website for charts is AstrologySoftware.com. Epoch they allot very valuable software programs to organization, they the same allot very good within your means charts. They interpret the outline for you, but I desire exhibit you peculiar books to read so you can do even ultra in profound remark study. The natal outline is called AstroTalk and is imminent for 19.95. "Static, "if you do a likelihood for a "free natal astrology outline" you desire find various sites that desire pull in up a outline for you at no outlay. The obstacle to this is that you all in all are passed on to interpret it perfectly on your own. My wonderful farsighted outline from the website is called Timeline. Gift a 3 peculiar priced charts that exhibit both your transits and progressions for 3, 6, or 12 months. I get the Timeline outline at the beginning of every year. On my centenary I reliably get my Stellar Crop outline.

My wonderful website for learning astrology is Bob Trail Astrology Flow. This site is great for learning basic astrology and interpretation.

Brand new wonderful website of well is Cafe Astrology. They can help you interpret both your natal outline and your farsighted charts. One of my wonderful deal with of the site is This Week in Astrology.

The end site I desire have a joint household is an invulnerability to my rule about horoscopes. It is the simply website (there's an app imminent too) that I consume ever seen that gives above all matter-of-fact horoscopes. The website is written by astrology Susan Miller and is called AstrologyZone. The app goes by the precise name and is imminent in a free version and premiere version for 3.99.

MY Firm favorite BOOKS FOR Learning ASTROLOGYThe Unattached Astrology Lease You'll Habitually Transport by Joanna Martine Woolfolk is good for learning the very basics of astrology. Static, don't derive the medal for one race. I consume a quantity of other books that I compulsory to learn astrology and quality I couldn't go inadequate.

Llewellyn's New A to Z Horoscope Maker and Interpreter: A Overall Self-Study Outpouring by Llewellyn George, Stephanie Jean Gentle and Marylee Bytheriver. The old version is actually the book that I studious astrology from as a teenager.

The New Way to Have the sense of hearing Astrology by Thyme Fearrington and Noel Tyl. I expressly find Noel Tyl to be pretty hardcore so you warrant lack to start with unusual book if you are an ill-equipped beginner.

MY Firm favorite BOOKS ON Predictive ASTROLOGY

Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Cavort by Bernadette Brady. This was the imaginative book on farsighted astrology that I studious from.

Predicting Undertakings Next Astrology and Identifying Stellar Triggers: Astrological Techniques for Foresight by Celeste Teal

How to Perceive Your Future: Secrets of Eastern and Western Astrology by James Braha. The similes he gives for transits in this book equitably crash into my concentration.

High-class BOOKS THAT I COULDN'T GO Lacking

Planets in Transit: Get-up-and-go Cycles for Enliven by Robert Hand over is essential. I use this book so knowingly that my model is dipping outside. I use this book for interpreting all transits.

Llewellyn's 2013 Broadsheet Stellar Guide: Spot on Astrology At-A-Glance is a once a year astrology guide that I consume to consume every year.


Pagan Astrology: Spell-Casting, Beloved Pull, and Shamanic Stargazing by Raven Kaldera

Stellar Spells & Rituals: In action Dark & Unnoticeable Magick Amalgamated with the Incalculable Bodies by Raven Digitalis

"This post has been the imaginative in the blogging divide The Pagan Blog Put on the air 2013. This is a year craving blog operate everywhere you blog on pagan topics from A to Z."