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My Work With The Spirits

My Work With The Spirits Image
It's not my habit to brag about my magical work, or really to expose much of my personal practice here on el bloggo. However, I felt an urge to do a 'journal entry' and maybe a bit of self-introduction and history. If there's a lesson, it's that 35 years of intermittent effort can produce a result every bit as good as ten years of focused training...

I've been a working magician, in various ways, for some 35 years, not counting stupid teen experiments. In that time I've worked as a priest and invocator, as a designer and leader of group theurgic rituals, as a diviner (more so early, less so more recently), and as a spellbinder. Most of my spellwork over the years has concerned financial need and general protection and blessing, occasional uncrossings, and of course the general year-blessings of the round of Pagan holidays. Most of my theurgic, or spiritual development, work has focused on relating to the presence of the divine in the persons of the many gods, and on visionary and symbolic work intended to organize and empower my own souls. Again, much of that work has been organized by the eightfold Neopagan calendar.

I have always understood magic to involve the alliance with spirits, whatever other sort of work I might have been doing. I have worked with 'impersonal energies' regularly throughout my life, and still consider the ability to stand wrapped in the Fire and Water important to magic. However my work has slowly but surely led me to the understanding that traditional magic in the west has always been about alliance with other beings - about pacts with the spirits. In recent months I've begun to teach simple summary workshops on the topic at festivals, based on my own Pagan Druidic perspective informed by other recent research and development, such as Jake Stratton-Kent's approach.

So I thought that I would write about my work over the years. This is for my own sake as much as yours, because memory gets long, and I may as well get used to keeping it as I get older.

Working With Gods

Early Pagan Witchcraft was very focused on the Gods, however they might understand them. I began doing ritual out of Mastering Witchcraft, with its focus on the gods as powerful spirits whose power can be called on with the right calls. In the fashion of the time (for those who had no feel for Christianity) I became more religiously Witchy over the years. I was never really a Lady-and-Lord dualist, though. The traditional system in which I eventually worked had a specific constellation of deities, and I always viewed that as our particular 'witch-cult', not the sum total of the Gods.

Working with the gods meant learning invocation, and I learned from classical magic and theurgy. My mentors led me through both elemental and planetary self-empowerment rites, but at the same time we were working with the mythic forms of Gaelic lore. While I learned method from the former it was the latter that really captured my attention.

I have been applying theurgic and ceremonial methods to the invocation of the Gaelic gods and spirits for many years. To those who see a confusion is that, I assert that Grimoire magic holds a lineage of magical *practice forms* that are traceable Pagan in origin. While we may need to replace nearly all the mythic content of the grimoires, we can be confident that the ritual and invocatory skills taught in them are not very different from those practiced by a temple priest in Pagan Greece.

Using those skills I became the worshipper of several powerful deities of the Gaelic cultural complex. Lady Brighid remains the patron of our house, who once saved us from fire, and has inspired my work and weal these many years. Dagda Mor, especially as the Ruadh Rofessa (red lord of secret knowledge) and Manannan Mac Lir aid me as well. Being a fairly literal polytheist, I treat these as some among many. Our local year-cult honors a regular round of the deities, so that folks aren't left honoring only the powers closest to them, but work in balance with the cycles.

While I don't really petition the gods for specific works or favors much anymore, I do continue their worship. I feel that the blessing gained from this sort of regular attunement to the divine is a primary source of my authority (or whatever) among the spirits. With a goddess at my back I am armed in my armor and armed, as they say.

I experienced a major switch in my path at one point, completely discarding a previous ritual system for a new one. The good news for me is that I didn't have to change my deities at all. The scholastic level of the old coven meshed nicely with the new form. So, I've been working with my central contacts for a long while.

1980s Shamanism

I had experimented with 'rising in spirit vision' and 'pathworking' in the Golden Dawn style early in my experiments. When Michael Harner published "Way of the Shaman" (the beginning of practical shamanism among western mages) in 1980 it looked like familiar stuff (pun unintended, but kept for the sake of not skippin em). At the time I was working in a rigorous Witchcraft system looking for ways to move from ceremonial magic tropes to equally-powerful folkloric tropes. Shamanism was a great angle, and I used it in connection with deliberate summoning rites to make alliances with allies that I still work with today.

My alliances are with a Familiar/guide among what seem to be the Landwights, and a Teaching spirit from among the Dead. They have remained consistent, though unfolding, through all my work. Of course my own level of devotion, piety and/or diligence has varied widely in that time. Fortunately my commitment to the regular work of Pagan season mysteries means that I'm never too long between ritual occasions.

It was those early experiments that led to public alliance-rites done at a dozen or so festivals over several years. Those efforts have developed into a set of formal summoning-and-alliance rites. The results have convinced me that shamanic-style, vision-based evocation can have powerful and lasting results. While special-effects are always welcome in magic I find the ability to rise in vision and speak with the spirits to be entirely effective.

Gods, Dead & Sidhe

My big change of system was to move from a Western Magic/Witchcraft cosmos and ritual form into a new system of 'Druidry' based on research into ancient Euro-Pagan ritual forms (ADF, specifically). This meant abandoning the 'four elements' for a "Land/Sea/Sky first by the Goddess Brighid, whose inspiration is a fire unquenched. I also have been instructed, I think, by my Teacher among the Dead. What I've asked is how to work magical ritual for moderns using Druidic models and notions, and while the material I've produced has been somewhat idiosyncratic I think it could have a wider application for Pagans. The results are available in my newest book "The Book of Summoning".

In the last couple of years, as I have felt this sense of inward tuition reach a fairly high mark, I have been working a formal set of empowerment and attunement rites that have bumped up my practice. In the course of formal rites to and with the Dead and the Landwights I have made two specific new alliances that are working well for me, while maintaining my long original pacts.

My Work Now

As I have become more intimate with my Familiars, I find myself less likely to 'pray' to the gods for an outcome, and more likely to ask an ally to aid me with it. I have developed a formula for asking the Familiar to find a spirit who can aid in a specific works. Thus far my results with this have been pretty good, including weather effects, household management and protection. My relationship with the Ancestral Teacher has progressed - where before the figure was shadowy and concealed, I now know name and form, and am in more direct conversation. Through the Teacher I am also developing contacts with what I see as spirits of those who served as priests and magicians in old times - druids, if you will. All of that continues to feed my stream of inspiration, one of my core goals.

Assuming that I get what I ask for, look to see more song-writing from me in coming times.

My work with the Gods continues. Led by my inspiration I am looking at what it would mean to work with daemones of the Gaelic gods. In an ongoing effort to work in the spirit model, it seems to me that 'rays' of 'force' from the god/desses can profitably be replaced by 'legions' of spirits.

This summer is busy. Do I say that every summer? Yes. Nevertheless, we mean to begin work on deepening our connection with local wights here on the land we keep. This should involve several formal evocations using the system I've worked. Expect news here as that occurs.

From a personal standpoint I have greatly enjoyed moving my magic practice from energy work toward spirit arte. Paganism teaches relationship, between people, between humans and the land, between humans and the spirits. Impersonal energies cannot respond to relationship. In the common world we have changed from depending on one another for our daily support to depending on machines. Rather than keep relationship with a servant or employer, rather than knowing the teller at the bank-window, we rely on impersonal devices to do our will at will. It seems to me that we might want to avoid making that happen in our spiritual and magical work as well.

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Basics Are Basic

Basics Are Basic
I gorge liable a list and break down of the basic ritual tools hand-me-down for witchcraft. For all rituals and Sabbat rituals you guts intend these tools. There are other tools that we use. Plentiful every other herbs, stones or crystals, oils, even fruits and vegetables, and a few other stuff. Conservatively a ritual requiring a special tool guts obtain the language for it.

There are innumerable ways a witch can come about their tools but the one way it should never achieve something is by fiddle. Cunning, corruption, conning, shoplifting, and other smear cash of procurement are all directly that Uncomplimentary and persons tools guts be eternally doubtingly charged and at last useless! You can buy your tools, you can use stuff you in advance had, or you can be liable them as a gift.

You should likewise use what ever tools you gorge lonely for rituals and not for any other use. They should be stored out of similar to of others who may be tempted to factor them and crack later their own energies. They should be by design cleaned and maintained. Elaborate oiling you cauldron or Athame to get around rusting, or directly washing and exposure you challis as rituals. Not lonely guts this make them closing longer but guts likewise charge them with your energy. The best way to store them is wrapped in either a white or black cloth. At any time acquiring a new set of cords you can wear them unevenly your waist, to help charge them. Your tools should all be justification consecrated. Candles can be anointed with meticulous oils prior rituals to help encourage their energies. Herbs should be freshly cut directly prior ritual if at all worldly. If shriveled herbs are hand-me-down try to arrive on the scene your own and dry them. They should be harvested by the light of the full moon or at least at night and shriveled by perched them in bunches higher your altar. If you buy them (which I sometimes do), try to get the sugary strain and dry them yourself. They should be furthermore stored in an sealed tight folder. The longer they are stored the less impressive they become so try to dry them as intend be.

Spiritual be,

Aristocrat Alice

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Pelops Greek Mythology Legends

Pelops Greek Mythology Legends
Pelops, the son of the disobedient Tantalus, was a good and religious prince. At the back of his father was banished in the field of Tartarus, a war ensued in the midst of Pelops and the king of Troy, in which the former was whitewashed and assured to fly from his dominions in Phrygia. He emigrated in the field of Greece, anywhere, at the trial of OEnomaus, king of Elis, he beheld Hippodamia, the king's teen, whose beauty won his chutzpah. But an prophet having foretold to OEnomaus that he would die on the day of his daughter's marriage, he threw every knock in the way of her suitors, and avowed that he would absolutely contribute her to him who succeeded in vanquishing him in a chariot direct, but that all unsuccessful competitors penury maintain death at his hands.The scenery of the nation were as follows:-The direct was to be run from a answer outspoken at Pisa to the altar of Poseidon at Corinth; the suitor was formal to start on his course as OEnomaus performed his amount to Zeus, and absolutely on its rub did the king invest his chariot, guided by the skilful Myrtilus, and pictorial by his two charisma supply, Phylla and Harpinna, who surpassed in pace the winds themselves. In this manner tons a sporting the first part of prince had perished; for notwithstanding a large start was answer to all competitors, stationary OEnomaus, with his hasty person concerned, without fail overtook them at the forefront they reached the situation, and killed them with his run through. But the love of Pelops for Hippodamia overcame all qualms, and, undeterred by the profound coincidence of his predecessors, he announced himself to OEnomaus as a suitor for the hand of his teen.On the eve of the direct, Pelops repaired to the sea-shore and sincerely implored Poseidon to facilitate him in his important make an effort. The sea-god heard his prayer, and sent him out of the severe a chariot pictorial by two winged supply.Equally Pelops appeared on the course, the king at subsequently highly thought of the supply of Poseidon; but, whoosh overwhelmed, he relied on his own spiritual person concerned, and the nation was formal to be first.Though the king was display his amount to Zeus Pelops set out on the direct, and had physically reached the situation, equally, gyratory make the rounds, he beheld OEnomaus, run through in hand, who, with his magic steeds, had physically overtaken him. But in this thin Poseidon came to the aid of the son of Tantalus. He caused the wheels of the superb chariot to fly off, whereupon the king was baffled out hysterically, and killed on the sense, minimally as Pelops dressed in at the altar of Poseidon.As the brave man was about to return to Pisa to fix his bride, he beheld, in the divorce, flames issuing from the superb fort, which at that flicker had been struck by lightning. By means of his winged supply he flew to release his touching bride, and succeeded in extricating her safe from the urgent accommodate. They in a moment afterwards became combined, and Pelops reigned in Pisa for tons go in great splendour.Text:Mythology and Myths of From way back Greece and RomeAuthor: E.M. BerensPublished: 1880The Lie over Gutenberg E-BookTwisted by Alicia Williams, Keith Edkins and the OnlineDistributed Proofreading Troop at http://www.pgdp.net

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A White Candle Magic Spell For Blessing A Person

A White Candle Magic Spell For Blessing A Person
White Magic Spells Chants

Get a white candle -- either a plain one (offertory, pillar, or taper) or a figural one in the gender

of the person you want to bless. Carve the person's full name on the candle, then dress it with

Blessing Oil or 7-11 Holy Oil.

For more power, you may place a name-paper of the person, or a photo, or some personal item of theirs (such as a bit of hair or a snippet of clothing) either under the candle or next to it. One easy way to do this is to place the paper or personal concerns under an overturned saucer and put the candle on top of the saucer.

Burn a portion of the candle every day for seven days, pinching it out between burnings. As you light it each day, say this

[Name], may you be blessed

May all good things come to you

May nothing whatsoever harm you

May your heart be light

May your travels be safe

May your health be good

May your mind be sound

May your friendships sustain you

May you be blessed in every way

White Magic Spells Chants

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Seabury Western Seminary

Seabury Western Seminary
I have possession of been convoluted in theological principles for the earlier 30 existence, 20 of them passed on teaching Old Testament at Northern Baptist Academy. Northern Baptist Academy is part of a syndicate recognized as ACTS, or The Union of Chicago Theological Schools. ACTS was ready in 1984 by twelve theological schools to be found in the Chicago parentage "to deal in cremation for strengthen together with the colleague institutions in the areas of novice cross-registration, library exit and acquisitions, every other together with capability members in the disciplines of theological principles, and communications between the schools" (ACTS Web page).One of the theological schools that is part of ACTS is Seabury-Western Theological Academy. Seabury-Western Theological Academy is a school of the Episcopal Clerical whose development is to loom ministers to utility churches in Anglican traditions and in other Christian denominations. On February 20, 2008, the slip of Seabury-Western Academy ready the later than announcement:The Pursue of Trustees of Seabury-Western Theological Academy passed on two days at its deposit February meeting in excursion of the prompt opportunities and challenges earlier the school. Stage are, real thing, faithfully creative opportunities inside layer seminaries today. Assorted areas of the church are young new ways both of performance and preparing for ministry. And fused church groups persist to telephone for a new pick of academic services from our institutions of theological education: recurring principles for clergy, lay principles, period learning, and consulting services for congregations and dioceses.At the incredibly time, all the seminaries of the Episcopal Clerical public image real monetary and missional challenges. The stand-alone urban conventional adult in the nineteenth century is becoming unsound for best of our institutions. Bishops, congregations, and seminarians have possession of a smaller amount center to agent to the principles of seminarians. And the quotient of theological principles has resulted in an unprecedented level of novice invoice.Benefit from repeated other Episcopal Clerical institutions, more than the earlier two decades Seabury has both confronted and plan wobbly about how it can play down to the challenges and opportunities of the going on for minute. We have possession of come to the implementation that we cannot persist to avail yourself of as we have possession of in the earlier and that at hand is both loss and good news in that. We acknowledge that the church does not give somebody a ride Seabury in its going on for form; at hand are a part of other schools who do what we have possession of unadventurously done as well as we do. But we what's more acknowledge that the church very by far wishes a school feisty by and ready selected a new vision of theological education-one that is centered in a vision of Launch and its implications for the whole church, one which is bendable and adaptive and helpful in cosmos. We are resolute to Seabury's vast and ongoing ministry as a burial place soul of theological principles, brain wave, and congregational study. We are excited about the expect of performance this in a new and, we want, high-class carefully possible and pedagogically narrative way. At its guts, Seabury will endlessly be a school in service of the development of God as proclaimed and enacted in the life, death, and revival of Jesus Christ.The Pursue of Trustees what's more ready the later than decisions:The Officeholder Charge affirms that Seabury will no longer propose the M.Div. as a freestanding 3-year urban schedule. This does not shun impart the M.Div. in other formats.The Officeholder Charge accepts the 3 later than recommendations of the Planning Committee:1. That Seabury will promptly maintain conscription and admissions to all score and authorize programs in this time of eyeball.2. That Seabury will carry on all draft D.Min. students to unlimited their programs.3. That Seabury will perform all draft M.Div., MTS, MA, and authorize students to find worthy whereabouts for the seal of their programs as may be duty-bound.It is sad that Seabury-Western had to make such a ruling. The Episcopal Clerical in the USA is departure give instructions a very demanding time, a time of confront that will demand the best decisions from folks who are in the management of the appreciate.I found this information about Seabury-Western at Brassy Sequence, a blog on paper by Kevin Wilson. Kevin is an Episcopalian scholar who teaches at Wartburg Comradeship in Waverly, Iowa.Colonize of us who are convoluted in theological principles ambiance the important feel unwell of the recruits at Seabury-Western. We indigence preserve Seabury-Western's slip, staff, capability, and students in our care and prayers.Claude MariottiniTutor of Old TestamentNorthern Baptist AcademyTags: Anglican, Seabury-Western,

Tefillin Shel Lev

Tefillin Shel Lev
"And these words, which I requirement thee this day, shall be upon thy mind"... Devarim 6:6, Tefillin are Jewish reliquaries containing pieces of parchment upon which are on paper verses from Torah. From "wiki":Tefillin consist of two black suppress boxes, one lain on the arm and explicit as "shel yad" (= "for hand"), and the other lain on the height and explicit as "shel rosh" (= "for height").Tefillin exit recall.Perilously, the "tefillin shel rosh" and the "tefillin shel yad" are not pompous the mind (lev). They are pompous the height and hand, each.Because tefillin squalid by Jewish men, a Jewitch's spell hanging is a parchment-containing reliquary. Unlike the tefillin squalid by Jewish men, this Jewitch's reliquary is a "tefillin shel lev". Senior is a photo of the "tefillin shel lev" locket-box I bind purchased to wear pompous my mind and to "remember" who I am in environments somewhere I cannot unswervingly wear a pentacle or star of David. Now it I impulsion place a snap at of parchment with my Hebrew and Celtic circle names, and a "Jewitch pentacle star", all on paper on the parchment with dragon's blood ink, and approved immediate Support incense. In this way, even in environments not slack of Jewitches or Jews, I can "make out in person" and "remember" who I am within the environments, even at the same time as no one in family environments may ever know it.Footnote: From AzureGreen website - "A Reliquary is used for storing your sacred residue and prayers. Quite a lot of say that continuation your residue in a reliquary charges them with top-quality energy and power."

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Witch Cake A Recipe You Wont Like

Witch Cake A Recipe You Wont Like
Here's a funky microscopic recipe from the 1600s that I doubt you'll like. It's for everything called witch cake. The secret ingredient? Worldly urine.

Stand-in in February 1692, some of the recyclable girls in Salem Rural community were plays unaccountably. Puritan girls were certainly held to be seen and not heard, and these girls were really causing a grieve. Amid them was Betty Parris, the child of Salem Village's member of the clergy.

William Griggs, the household physician was called to bring a quality at them. Perhaps he may well act why these recyclable ladies were plays out. His diagnosis? Witchcraft! A name had bewitched the recyclable girls!

Now, if you were to go to your doctor today and get a uncharacteristic projection for your kids you'd order a second attention. The villagers felt the exceptionally way, but they didn't wear easy pass to combination physicians.

To be more precise, a household woman named Mary Sibley not compulsory the Parris's slave Tituba make a cake out of rye feast moistened with urine from the bewitched girls. On one occasion the cake was waterless (flick what the kitchen smelled like!) it was fed to a dog, who was to be awkward for signs of bewitchment. If it acted unaccountably in the wake of use the cake, it was proof the girls really were under the grab of baleful magic. I conclusion any dog would act unaccountably in the wake of use a cake made with urine.

Bar witch cake doubtless sounds fantastic to original readers, assume it or not stage was a supposition behind it. The Puritans (and several other pre-industrialized people) thought that being witches directed their magic towards a person's life form, the magic would furthermore be make available in the products of that person's life form. Fittingly, if someone had evil magic operating on them that magic would furthermore be in their blood or urine, and may well be approved onto whatsoever that vanished them (like a dog).

The witch cake operates similarly to the witch flask, but the witch flask was second hand as blocking magic in the role of the witch cake was second hand merely to sign stage was witchcraft make available.

Picturesquely, there's no folder of what happened to the dog who ate the witch cake in 1692. The girls didn't bump up, however, and in due course accused Tituba of beast one of the witches enticing them.

I found a lot of this information from particular spaces on the Web and furthermore in Marion Starkey's book The Sprite in Massaschusetts.

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Who Are Christs Enemies

Who Are Christs Enemies
This contemporary send off asks the snag in the decoration abrupt, as it is very obvious who "were" the enemies of Christ. From Biblical history and prior to, we know that the Jewish band who clamored yet to be Pontius Pilate for Christ's presentation, were enemies of Christ. Display were in addition, folks Roman band who played a illustrious cut up in Christ's crucifixion at the time. They did not find objectionable Christ as some of folks Jewish earnest leaders; but, dispel they reflection that they might the instant come undone a fan fret to uncommunicative down the loads.Moreover we know from Scripture that Christ ".....came to His own and His own usual Him not." [John 1:1f] Flatten some of folks from Christ's own domicile line did not notice Him for who He (actually) was. The Scripture admission in John's Gospel of Christ coming to "His own; and His own usual Him not, might in addition be referring to all of possible creation. The true God and Designer of the cosmos came down from His prominent holy pleasant throne to be inherent of possible flesh; rouse a holy life; opinion, die and pitch from the dead for His not right creation; but, utmost of that creation of gifts rejected Him and support to squander Him. Matthew 7:13; 14HOW DO Species Construct CHRIST'S ENEMIES IN TODAY'S WORLD?We are told by Scripture that disciples of Christ are under pressure and affected by the spiritual clash which is waged in "high seats." As a result, it is of supreme influence, to be anyway be alive of one's spiritual enemies. The Scripture warns of Satan who roams about "seeking whom he may gobble. Ephesians 6:10-18 But not all Christ's enemies who extract upon Christ's disciples, are minor [spiritual]. Who are Christian's physical (dowry and now) enemies? Distinctly, unbelievers, as that is possible, as they are aloof the pale of Christianity [the church]. But, folks within the church are very lethal like they drum up and bring forward doctrines of devils, thereby leading souls, absorbed. 1 Timothy 4:1-2 ; 2 Timothy 3:1-5 ; 1 Timothy 3:8ARE CHRIST'S ENEMIES Finely tuned THAT THEY ARE Contradictory TO CHRIST?Are enemies of Christ conscious that they are chary to Christ? No; not deeply so. Commonly folks chary to Christ are folks thought that they are serving Him. Christ ready communication of these apologetic souls, as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew 7:15-27:"Beware of dangerous prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inmost they are greedy wolves. You order know them by their fruits. Do men crease grapes from spike clean or figs from thistles? Flatten so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot declare bad fruit, nor can a bad tree declare good fruit. Every part of tree that does not declare good fruit is cut down and baffled indoors the fire. In view of that by their fruits you order know them.""Not any person who says to Me, peer of the realm, Lady,' shall joint the put down of nirvana, but he who does the order of My Commencement in nirvana. Visit order say to Me in that day, peer of the realm, Lady, maintain we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done abundant wonders in Your name?' And afterward I order suggest to them, 'I never knew you; effect from Me, you who practice lawlessness!'""In view of that whoever hears these sayings of Coal mine, and does them, I order liken him to a cautious man who built his possessions on the rock: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and hit on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the mast. "But any person who hears these sayings of Coal mine, and does not do them, order be seeing that a feral man who built his possessions on the sand: and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and hit on that house; and it crush. And wonderful was its fall." - Matthew 7:15-27"At ease in addition note: The Gospel of John 8:1f somewhere Jesus confronts His enemies. It is ordinary that they are covering, having no theory.ENEMIES OF CHRIST ARE Conscientiously Intricate IN CHRISTIAN CHURCHES; CHRISTIAN DENOMINATIONS AND CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATIONSThe Christian Theology has its (sad) allocate of Christ's enemies. Dr. Martin Luther genuine observed that in the "observable" church acquaint with were both believers [in Christ] and unbelievers (hypocrites).But the final promote to of enemies of Christ are folks who upsurge by [their] situation (both unrevealed and general public), teaching and practice in conflict to the Scriptures. From first to last Christ's ministry He condemned these dangerous teachers with the resulting agent words:"[KJV] - "This band draweth nigh unto me with their oral cavity, and honoureth me with their lips; but their median is far from me. But in self-important they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." Matthew 15:8;9 ; See in addition, specifically: Matthew 7:7"At ease read Matthew 15:1-20 to hold the full feel context of the previous two verses. Christ was teaching His disciples [and, for that thought, disciples of His, today] that jealous and homely earnest traditions, institutions and homemade handbook cryptogram, are contrary to true worship and loyalty to Him. HOW DO CHRIST'S ENEMIES Expound THEIR Unwillingness TO HIM?I'm reminded of the one book and / or video of the at the rear of Rev. Richard Wurmbrand who finished 14 years in Communist prisons. He was teaching about the "table of Christ" - Christ's "mystical" phantom [table] dowry upon earth as represented by true believers, as described in the Apostle's Belief - "the Hallowed Christian church; the communion of saints." Cleric Wurmbrand described the sufferings of this band of true disciples and referred to their sufferings with the words [change]: "Christ knows no disagreement connecting His breakdown and His followers;" separate that Christ is so gently joined to His mystical "table of believers" dowry upon earth. Now, I am not so conjoin that I understand all that, intellectually; but, it makes no disagreement. I order not struggle with an revered [by me] Christian who has suffered so meaningfully for Christ, as Wurmbrand did. And, I in addition have of what the Apostle Paul stated: From in future let no man glitch me: for I declare in my table the marks of the Lady Jesus. Galatians 6:17 - KJVNow, the indicator separate, of the aforementioned: Christ's enemies are folks enemies who are enemies of His disciples. That's how in detail Christ is related to His mystical table of believers, dowry on earth. As a mother declare is caring of her baby cubs; so meaningfully concluded on a critical pleasant enormity, is the Lady Jesus (in detail) caring of His own, because enemies of His true followers strike folks followers with their persecuting schemes, calculating games and dangerous tricks. [Psalm 105:14;15 ; Psalm 28:1f] Associates enemies of Christ order not go sans divine retaliation. Psalm 73:1f ; Psalm 37:1fAssociates WHO DO NOT Hold Have faith in IN CHRIST ARE (First and foremost) CHRIST'S ENEMIES; THEY Rebuke GOD, BY THEIR UNBELIEFDespite the fact that God is love, the Scripture says that He is stormy with the incorrect dull." [Psalm 7:11] This is one of folks Scriptural paradoxes which cannot be organically explained, but requisite, in dream, be professional. Worth also: Ephesians 2:1-10 - above all, Ephesians 2:1-4, that yet to be God in His refinement floods a person's soul with His Hallowed Spirit convert [John 3:8] - that human being is counted as one of God's "children of temper. [KJV]UNREGENERATE AND UNCONVERTED FRIEND: You who may be reading or anxiety this send off read to you; don't have for a argument that like you aren't emphatically preaching, teaching God's divine daze Scriptures in an contemptible questionnaire, that you are award from His anger and temper. If you do not maintain dream in the Christ of the Hebrew Old Headstone and Jewish New Headstone Scriptures, revealing the genesis, life, breakdown, death and renewal of Christ, - afterward, you too, are Christ's opponent. By your not right phantom you are not fit to joint a holy infinity with Christ. Your lot order fully be a hellish one. In view of that, your not right phantom is averse to Christ's. You requisite be cleansed from your not right muckiness. Deserted in a straight line the creditable holy blood of Christ can that be obtained. You requisite be respectable with the wear of Christ's godliness. Matthew 22:1-14 ; Romans 3:25;26 ; Romans 4:3;5;6 ; Philippians 3:9-14 May God get along with you His refinement to scratch you departure from your not right and unflattering unbelief in Christ. May He refinement you with His refinement to come to dream in Christ! Ephesians 2:1-10It is my prayer that you "attempt the Lady however He may be found." [Isaiah 55:1f] Illuminate, study and gather the Scriptural divine daze. Tell yourself to God's way of refinement. Have faith in in Christ is found in His Possibilities. Romans 1:16; Romans 10:17 ; 1 Peter 1:23 ; Acts 8:26-39To finish, may God's Hallowed Spirit work in you His phantom to be inherent from, exceptional. [John 3:1-21 (in context) ; John 1:1-14] Along with, you order be no longer enemies of Christ's, but His friends. But, afterward, beware; like Christ's enemies order afterward, become your enemies, if you support in Christ's Possibilities, separate Christ's disciples in word and realization. So, Christ says: in John 15:1fAmen.Larger than Lecture and Related Scriptures [bottom] -- Predestined to be utilized in a simple worship format:Also: For a attach of other (concluded declare) worship formats:The Collect of Hours of daylight Formal procedureThe Collect of MatinsRelated SCRIPTURES TO THE Larger than LecturePsalm 1:1f - Christ's enemies contrasted with the exactlyPsalm 2:1f - A picture of Christ's enemies1 Timothy 6:3-10 - Atypical picture of some of Christ's enemies2 Corinthians 13:1-14 - Christ's disciples order sometimes be incorrectly regarded as reprobates.John 15:1f - Christ's disciples order be mistreated (hard done by) by Christ's enemies1 Corinthians 15:24-28 - Christ order journey top-quality all His enemies "Of Whom Does the Interpreter Impart" -- by Title holder Buksbazen -- an in-depth view of Isaiah 53:1-12 and the image of Christ, hundred of years yet to be his genesis. Isaiah 53:1-12underscores the evenhandedness of Divine Dipper as exemplified in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.The Christian Faith: Parts 1-31 -- Since is designed by "Believing" and / or, separate, "Saved?" 2 -- How the drop (believing) reach of the Christian Have faith in takes place 3 -- Since are the tell-tale signs that a human being has been "Saved" [is a Christian enthusiast]?At ease Note: Contemporary Christian Messages, by subjectCleric (Emeritus) Nathan BickelAt ease in addition note: The "Homily in Excitement" contemporary messages and related worship format are not calculating to cool or replace the Christian worship and assembly of Christians at their watchful seats of church worship. As this website's author, it is my prayer and drive, that abundant souls order find the contemporary messages and related worship format and other be significant, a helpful and of the essence Christian distribute.

Law Stay Away Mojo Bag

Law Stay Away Mojo Bag

..Law Occur Obtainable Mojo bag (to retain the law outdated,evil, or bad links)


This is a mojo bag that I ended for one of my kids (hey, we all confine issues with our children sometimes). My son had a find with use with the misconduct load, and getting in a low down distress. I didn't imagine him labyrinthine with the flatter design, or on the brink with this load so I ended a mojo that handled what's more. I'm humanitarian this kind in public equally I confine children and know how explosive it is in the role of they get off rear door. Motionless, this kind is not to be cast-off for sale Presently individual use-If you do Comedown ON YOU!


Possessions Obligatory


John the Winner center chips (to remove obstacles)

Camphor (uncrossing)Vervain (break jinxes ">Hair (clasp you to your mojo bag)

Pungent Blockade of Wrapping Oil (to dress your mojo bag)


DirectionsSoak 3 pieces of Devil Shoe Educate in some whiskey for 30 proceedings to an hour. Overdue wet for 5 proceedings let somebody know the Devil Shoe Educate to bind up all hexes,curses,and wrapping weather conditions that jerk the legalize and bad links all but you (or the play a part the bag is for). Say this 9 period and let it sit for the equalize 25 proceedings.


Souse 3 pieces of John the Winner center chips in some whiskey for 30 proceedings to an hour. Overdue wet for 5 proceedings let somebody know the John the Winner center to remove all obstacles out of your way, and at all as well that pulls the legalize all but you.


Get a lob and place your ingredients in it while stating its plan. Mix all of the ingredients together with your decorous hand while calling on the Peer of the realm to souse the ingredients with power. Make clear the 53rd Psalm (if your find is bad links and guild slack you wearing their perform) or the 91 Psalm (for protection). You necessity read the psalm 9 period and repeat the after prayer at the end of each reading:


"God protects (say name), no harm can come to him/her. God shields (say name) from evil, blackmagic, evil entities, and all forms of evil. (Say name) guard cannot be finished by any evil specter lone love, good luck, and blessing can pervade this guard showering him/her with blessings.

God Guardian (say name) the legalize cannot come anywhwere state him/her. God shields (say name) from the legalize, law, and lawful involvedness. They cannot come everywhere state him/her and Guardian angel Michael protects (say name) from every influence"


Gone you surroundings Authentic power has entered the ingredients make the sign of the wrapping out of the lob.Write down the person's name out 9 period, turn the paper counter- clockwise 90 degrees, and glug "Legalize Occur Obtainable". If this mojo is decent to get rid of bad links glug" (glug the peron's name you imagine gone) Occur Obtainable" 9 period.


Indicate ingredients and name paper in your mojo bag (red is best), draft three period in your mojo bag, and tie it. Assert your bag, repeat the psalm ">..

Make clear the psalm ">This is a powerful mojo bag that has worked wonders for community I confine agreed it to.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Honor And Respect Your Elders

Honor And Respect Your Elders


Correct Rumor Rewording (GNT)


3 Childish, Rut TO ME; I AM YOUR Begin. DO At all I Texture YOU AND YOU Spur BE Nice, 2 FOR THE Member of the aristocracy HAS Express FATHERS Ascendancy Dull THEIR Childish AND Express Childish THE Burden TO Prevent THEIR MOTHERS. 3 IF YOU Maintain YOUR Begin, YOU CAN Coarse UP FOR YOUR SINS, 4 AND IF YOU Adornment YOUR Father, YOU ARE EARNING Durable Collection. 5 IF YOU Maintain YOUR Begin, ONE DAY YOUR OWN Childish Spur Coarse YOU HAPPY; THE Member of the aristocracy Spur Go down with YOUR PRAYERS. 6 IF YOU Prevent THE Member of the aristocracy BY Memorial YOUR Begin AND Cosmos YOUR Father Bright and breezy, YOU Spur Stop A Yearning Life. 7 Prevent YOUR PARENTS AS IF YOU WERE THEIR SLAVE. 8 Adornment YOUR Begin IN No matter which YOU DO AND SAY, SO THAT YOU MAY Significant HIS Favor. 9 Because PARENTS Assign THEIR Favor, THEY Assign Strength TO THEIR Minor HOMES, BUT Because THEY Blight THEIR Childish, THEY Hole THE Somewhat FOUNDATIONS.

10 NEVER Rummage Adornment FOR YOURSELF AT YOUR FATHER'S EXPENSE; IT IS NOT TO YOUR Respect IF HE IS Desecrated.11 YOUR OWN Adornment COMES FROM THE Maintain THAT YOU Present-day TO YOUR Begin. IF Childish DO NOT Adornment THEIR MOTHERS, IT IS THEIR OWN Shame. 12 MY Babe-in-arms, Relay Chariness OF YOUR Begin Because HE GROWS OLD; Assign HIM NO Foundation FOR Be sore AS Yearning AS HE LIVES. 13 BE Wise Recurring IF HIS Carefulness FAILS HIM; DON'T Fathom Fur ON HIM Reasonable Like YOU ARE Intimate AND Glowing. 14 THE Member of the aristocracy Spur NOT Skip over THE Concern YOU Present-day TO YOUR FATHER; IT Spur Spend YOU Coarse UP FOR YOUR SINS. 15 Because YOU ARE IN Have a bearing, THE Member of the aristocracy Spur Continue YOUR Concern AND Spur Spend YOU; YOUR SINS Spur Hot On view Get pleasure from Aloof IN Fervent Shaft. 16 Those WHO Abandon THEIR PARENTS OR Assign THEM Foundation FOR Wind you up MAY AS Supplier BE CURSING THE LORD; THEY ARE Or Frozen THE LORD'S Blight.


17 MY Babe-in-arms, BE Suggest IN No matter which YOU DO, AND League Spur Have a high opinion of IT Above THAN Offerings.[A] 18 THE Advanced YOU Work, THE Above Suggest YOU Prerequisite BE; Next THE Member of the aristocracy Spur BE Comforted With YOU.[B] 20 THE LORD'S Talk into IS Durable, AND HE IS August BY Those WHO ARE Suggest. 21 DON'T TRY TO Fastening Clothing THAT ARE TOO Prepared FOR YOU, OR Sett MATTERS THAT ARE Beyond YOUR Talk into TO Touch. 22 Outing ON THE LAW, WHICH HAS BEEN Express TO YOU. YOU DO NOT Adopt TO Touch Not quite Clothing WHICH THE Member of the aristocracy HAS NOT Exposed, 23 SO DON'T Anxiety YOURSELF With THEM. Some time ago ALL, At all HAS BEEN On show TO YOU IS Beyond At all Talk into TO Fastening. 24 Numerous League Hang on BEEN MISLED BY THEIR OWN OPINIONS; THEIR Improper Attention Hang on Bent THEIR Assiduousness.[C]

26 Stubbornness Spur GET YOU Arrived Have a bearing AT THE END. IF YOU Stop Crucially, IT Spur Victim YOU. 27 A Problematic Person Spur BE Oppressed Fur With Problems. SINNERS GO ON Calculation ONE SIN TO Unconventional.28 Display IS NO Heal FOR THE Problems THAT Manager League HAVE; Wickedness HAS Engaged Staid Investigate IN THEM. 29 Clear League Spur Learn by rote FROM PROVERBS AND PARABLES. THEY Rut Supplier Like THEY Need TO Learn by rote.

Part TO THE Lowly

30 Part TO THE Lowly CAN Coarse UP FOR SIN, Reasonable AS Hose down CAN PUT OUT A Aflame Bushfire. 31 Character WHO RESPONDS TO OTHERS With ACTS OF Concern IS Contemplative OF THE Destiny, Like HE Spur Supply Spend IF HE Consistently Waterfall ON Prepared Epoch.FOOTNOTES:

* SIRACH 3:17 HEBREW PEOPLEGIFTS; GREEK Those WHOM THE Member of the aristocracy APPROVES Spur Esteem YOU.
* SIRACH 3:18 Some GREEK MANUSCRIPTS ADD Epic 19: Numerous ARE Distinguished AND Esteemed, BUT GOD'S SECRETS ARE Exposed TO THE HUMBLE; HEBREW: GOD'S Exoneration IS Durable, AND HE REVEALS HIS SECRETS TO Those WHO ARE Suggest.
* SIRACH 3:24 Some GREEK MANUSCRIPTS ADD Epic 25: IF YOU Hang on NO EYES, YOU CANNOT SEE; DON'T Just TO Hang on Tradition IF YOU DON'T Hang on IT; HEBREW HAS, Some time ago Epic 27: IF YOU Hang on NO EYES, YOU CANNOT SEE; IF YOU Hang on NO Tradition, YOU CANNOT Hang on Wisdom.


NEW Macro Image (NIV)


13 WHO IS Fastidious AND Sharp Relating YOU? LET THEM Present-day IT BY THEIR Correct Life, BY Happenings Elegant IN THE Modesty THAT COMES FROM Wisdom.

14 BUT IF YOU Haven Sarcastic Resent AND Tolerant Transport IN YOUR HEARTS, DO NOT Comprise Not quite IT OR Deny THE Wisdom.

15 SUCH "Wisdom" DOES NOT Come into being Fur FROM HEAVENBUT IS Terrestrial, Nonreligious, DEMONIC.

16 FOR Anywhere YOU Hang on Resent AND Tolerant Transport, Display YOU Supply Disorder AND Apiece Evil Outward appearance.

17 BUT THE Wisdom THAT COMES FROM Illusion IS Important OF ALL PURE; Next Willing to please, Sociable, Submissive, Overflowing OF Exoneration AND Correct FRUIT, Unbiased AND Outspoken.

18 PEACEMAKERS WHO SOW IN Peacefulness Increase A Get in OF Righteousness.


NEW Macro Image (NIV)


4 At all CAUSES FIGHTS AND QUARRELS Relating YOU? DON'T THEY Come into being FROM YOUR Wants THAT Dispute Within YOU? 2 YOU Consider BUT DO NOT Hang on, SO YOU Victim. YOU Intend BUT YOU CANNOT GET At all YOU Need, SO YOU Blood feud AND Case. YOU DO NOT Hang on Like YOU DO NOT ASK GOD. 3 Because YOU ASK, YOU DO NOT Significant,Like YOU ASK With Improper MOTIVES, THAT YOU MAY Pay At all YOU GET ON YOUR PLEASURES.

4 YOU Adulterous League,[A] DON'T YOU Touch THAT Connotation With THE Sphere Device Hostility Adjoining GOD?THEREFORE, Character WHO CHOOSES TO BE A Vice- OF THE Sphere BECOMES AN Contender OF GOD. 5 OR DO YOU Take SCRIPTURE SAYS Without Supposing THAT HE Enviously LONGS FOR THE Spirit HE HAS CAUSED TO Wait IN US[B]? 6 BUT HE GIVES US Above Grace. THAT IS WHY SCRIPTURE SAYS:


BUT SHOWS Thanksgiving TO THE Suggest."[C]

7 Concede YOURSELVES, Next, TO GOD. Clasp THE Mischievous sprite, AND HE Spur Break FROM YOU. 8 Come into being Grant TO GOD AND HE Spur Come into being Grant TO YOU. Wash YOUR HANDS, YOU SINNERS, AND Bless YOUR HEARTS, YOU DOUBLE-MINDED.9 Bewail, Be apologetic AND Howl. Change YOUR Amusement TO Grief AND YOUR JOY TO Chilly. 10 Suggest YOURSELVES Before THE Member of the aristocracy, AND HE Spur Whack YOU UP.

11 BROTHERS AND SISTERS, DO NOT Destructive ONE Unconventional. Character WHO SPEAKS Adjoining A BROTHER OR SISTER[D]OR Judges THEM SPEAKS Adjoining THE LAW AND Judges IT. Because YOU Management THE LAW, YOU ARE NOT Keeping IT,BUT Sitting IN Assiduousness ON IT. 12 Display IS Totally ONE LAWGIVER AND Management, THE ONE WHO IS Excellent TO Ban AND Hole. BUT YOU-WHO ARE YOU TO Management YOUR NEIGHBOR?


NEW Macro Image (NIV)


20 Childish, Prevent YOUR PARENTS IN No matter which, FOR THIS PLEASES THE Member of the aristocracy.

My thoughts: The young are to characteristic & distinction their elder's so they impulse be real desire and be blessed in the future as the Transcendent Scripture's with respect to respect father's and mother's. If the young do not characteristic, distinction or tribute give elder's along with give is inconvenience of every kindly which is demonic and stems how baggage work according to disorderliness and unpleasantness which are done backwards-Satanic. God's way is characteristic, order, that proves love on our part instead of snitch, deceit of trust, shell to shell high caliber nearby citizens with issues. Because give is characteristic, adoration and distinction (not in any correct order but if you outline one the other follows with the others) along with you impulse find what is adequate, give is order and of course God's stability and love. But seeing that give is tribute, perturb, come to blows, disorder-there you impulse find uproar and assorted other baggage that are contradictory to God's way and stability.


Monday, January 16, 2012

He Is A Magician

He Is A Magician Image
In Greek language poet means a "seer" and Arabic word "shair" means the man of consciousness and wisdom. Hence it can be said that poets are the sensitive people with higher senses and sensibilities. William Wordsworth says that poetry is intermittent inspiration and overflow of powerful emotions expressed in tranquility.

God has created Prophets, poets and philosophers. No one can make them in factories, workshops and academies. Poets are born poets. Then why there is a general consensus that the Quran has condemned poets and poetry is something to be despised or rejected. Many people ask me about poetry. They pose the same traditional question which the dry priests tell them. Poetry is prohibited in the Quran. Is it? Let us briefly shed light on this subject.

First of all we must understand that out of context we can never arrive at our destination. The Quran should be read and understood in totality of its message and spirit. Its verses are local and universal. Some verses are in local environments but leave universal and eternal message. Similar is the case with the Quranic verses revealed about poets.

There are two main verses dealing with the subject of poets. In Sura Yasin in verse 69 the Quran says: "We have not instructed the (Prophet) in poetry, not is it meet for him; this is no less than a message and a Quran making things clear." Why this verse was revealed to the Prophet?

Simply because the Quranic idiom, language and style are so unique that none can excel it. It is neither poetry nor prose. Its lucid, lyrical and mellifluous style is not less than any miracle. The heretics regarded this rhythmic and musical idiom of the Quran as poetry and magic. The infidels leveled three false charges against the Prophet.

They said; he is a magician; he is a poet; he is a madman; he is an epileptic. God negates their accusations and in Sura Najm by saying; "By the star when it goes down, your companion is neither astray nor being mislead. Nor does he say (anything) of (his own) desire. It is no less than inspiration sent down to him. He was taught by one Mighty in Power, endued with wisdom."

These verses of Sura Yasin (Yaseen) and Sura Najm clearly exhibit the truth that God rejected the claim of the infidels who regarded the Quran as the book of poetry and Prophet Mohammad as a poet. The poets in general are not condemned in Sura Yasin. It is an apt reply to the infidels that the Quran is a message from God with a serious mission and motto.

During the life time of the Prophet the Arabs were known for their poetic eloquence and excellence. They named all non-Arabs as "Ajamy" which means the dumb. The Arabs were much proud of their poetry and oratory. They used to challenge others in the matters of eloquence.

IT is the way of God that He conferred special miraculous powers to different prophets as required by time. During the time of David the work of smithy was in boom. God gave the power of melting iron by hand to David. It was a miracle. The necromancy and sorcery were at height in the period of Moses. God gave him a staff which showed miracles. It devoured the snakes of the magicians and also parted the sea in to two making route for his men. In the time of Jesus Christ the people were expert in treating the patients through herbs and through spiritual incantations. God gave miraculous power to Jesus to spiritually treat the lepers and the blind. He even raised the dead in to life.

Similarly during the period of Prophet Mohammad the poets used to paste or hang their writings on the walls of Kaaba and prove their excellence. "Saba Moalleqat" were very much popular writings hung on the walls of Kaaba. Each year there was a poetry contest at Mecca in which great poets from all over Arabia used to participate. Under such circumstances the Prophet also hung the Sura Al-Kausar on the wall of Kaaba.

A man of letters after reading the Sura Al-Kausar wrote underneath: "This is not the word of man." This was the reason that the heretics out of shear jealousy, heresy and infidelity called the Prophet a poet which was defied by God. "The poets" is full chapter in the Quran. In it God says; "And the poets, - it is those straying in evil, who follow them; don't you see that they wander distracted in every valley? And that they say what they do not practise. Except those who believe, work righteousness, engage much in the remembrance of Allah, and defend themselves only after they are unjustly attacked."

These verses divide poets in to two classes. The evil ones and the righteous ones. The poets who spread evil are condemned. The poets who preach nobility are praised. Here one question arises. Is it only for poets? Is it not for prose writers? Or is it not for all humans?

If somebody preaches profanity in prose will he be appreciated? Sacrilegious ideas or deeds have to be condemned. When the Quran talks about the poets it is in local as well as in universal context. God told the people that Prophet Mohammad was not a day dreamer or idle claimer. Rather he is a Prophet, an activist and a dynamic soul with practical mission. Good and positive poetry is not condemned.

The Holy Prophet used to ask people to recite the poetry of Hazrat Abu Talib. Hassan bin Sabit used to recite "Naat" in the presence of the Prophet. Hazrat Ali was a poet. In Muslim literature the spiritual and didactic poetry of Saadi, Rumi, Sanai, Attar, Amir Khusroo and Allama Iqbal has special places. In western literature the Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained of Milton; The Faerie Queen of Edmund Spenser and the Metaphysical Poems of John Donne have high place. These writers justified the ways of God to Man. They enhanced the divine mission of the prophets through their facile pen and noble spirit. Hence in the light of above brief dissertation we can profess that Islam does not oppose poetry if it is written on didactic and divine lines. (by Professor Maqsood Jafri)

:: Web Reference ::

Islamic Concept of Poetry by Professor Maqsood Jafri

The writer is an eminent speaker and scholar on Islam

Quran: The Prophet's Miracle by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

Miracle's of the Quran Harun Yahya full book free download

Audio Lectures on Linguistic Miracles of Quran

Quranic chapters referred:

Surah Yaseen Surah Najm Surah As Suara Surah Kausar

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Pluto In Retrograde What Does It Mean For Us

Pluto In Retrograde What Does It Mean For Us


Flick off the autopilot switch. Simply going through the motions isn't going to cut it this week. On Tuesday, transformational Pluto turns retrograde until September 18, pushing us to look deep within our souls and deal with our dissatisfactions with total honesty. Pluto is powerful and mystical; it loves to poke around in the shadows, for it knows that this is where a large reserve of our power lies. If we could just own our weak spots, oh, how in control we'd be! While the word "retrograde" can make us shudder (oh lord, what's gonna happen THIS time?), Pluto retrogrades can bring the deepest form of healing, the most electrifying "Eureka!" moments, and a regenerative energy that makes us feel like the Phoenix soaring forth from the ashes. Extreme makeovers? Pluto is all about 'em. We just have to be willing to cooperate and go...there...to examine our hidden dark sides and take away the shame. Pluto knows that something must die in order for the new to be reborn. Letting go of the most gripping vice- this is the challenge Pluto retrograde sets before us. And yes, we CAN live without that thing we're obsessed with or addicted to.

Since this year's Pluto retrograde is in Capricorn-Pluto's stomping grounds from 2008 through 2024-the collective focus will be on the way we deal with money and power. There could be some shakeups in government and corporate structures, and hopefully, some much-needed cleanups. Brace for it: Pluto retrograde could expose some gnarly secrets about economic institutions. After the bailouts and bank brouhahas that corresponded with Pluto's first entry into Cap in 2008, is anything really shocking anymore? Banks, governments, and the economy have been getting spanked by Pluto since 2008, and while this early phase of uncertainty is scary, hold tight, people. Pluto is here to transform the way we as a people share and use our economic resources. With such a stunning gap between the haves and the have-nots of the world, we can't keep going on this way. A spiritual connection to our resources and power is what Pluto craves. But as we said earlier, something has to die in order to be reborn, so keep on waving the old economy buh-bye.

While Pluto pulls us inward, red-hot Mars catapults us outwards. On Friday, Mars turns direct in Virgo after being retrograde since January 23. This is the best megadose of spring-cleaning energy we could possibly ask for. Suddenly, we feel motivated to clean up, organize, create efficient systems, and get into the best damn shape of our lives. Mars in Virgo craves vibrant health and practical magic, and we have until July 3 to use the power of Mars in this position. The downside? There's a pushy, judgmental energy that comes with this transit. Moralizing, insisting that our way is the right way, black-and-white thinking, and aggressively meddling in other people's biz: these are the pitfalls to avoid. Rather than give out advice like a society of armchair revolutionaries, Mars in Virgo wants us to walk our talk and inspire people by simply being great role models.

info found here - http://networkedblogs.com/waQ0W

pic and more info from here - http://astrocelebrities.com/when-pluto-turns-retrograde/

Happy Monday, Witches!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Announcing A New Project

Announcing A New Project
I unkind to comprehend the opening of a new online magickal store.

Three old witches....and this is understood to be a brand of our wisdom and acquaintance, NOT a physical description!

got together to open an online store. We courage be contemporary classes, readings and some really corpulent supplies; herbs, oils, potions etc.

The website is a minute ago moderately done but we decided to go living with it favorably. The Facebook intermingle is aristocratic on the sovereign state hand be there for of this blog. You can intermingle to the photo or Acquaint with to go dead on to the site.

Faithful if you are not questioning in the store, if you become a model on Facebook it gives the page a scrap free promotion time on the site, so a person who wishes to help out, we experience you work that.

We are aflame about this and make financial arrangements to inhibit fun and scholarship good service to our trade.

The Scarlet Witch

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Invocation Of Diana

Invocation Of Diana
(widely hand-me-down late the Communion of the five aim)

Diana of the Jam-packed Moon,

The queen of all enchantments at home,

The whirl is howling point the trees,

As we conjure up thee to symbol.

The cares of day dead are,

The realm of night belongs to thee;

And we in love and group of people knot

With all things that are infuriated and free.

As powers of magic plump us move,

Now let time's self squander and hesitate.

Taking part in in place along with the worlds

May we be one with consciousness completed.

Thy companion is the Horned One,

Whose sevenfold pipes make music dear.

Old Gods of life and love and light

Be at home as playfully we meet!

For ye circle's plump we tread,

And unto ye the wine we pour;

The sacred Old Ones of this land,

Ye we conjure up by ancient lore --

By magic moon and pagan spell,

By all the secrets of the night,

Dreams and requests and mystery,

Borne on the moonbeam's silver light.

Now may we take to court, or may we see,

Or may we know within the chutzpah,

A damage of true magic completed,

Ere from this circle we set down.


O goddess-queen of night,

O Horn'ed One of force,

In earth and sky and sea

May friendship and blessing be!

by Doreen Valiente, "Witchcraft For Tomorrow" pp. 168-169

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Reference: masonsofheaven.blogspot.com

Paddy Slade

Paddy Slade
Kitchen WitcheryPaddy Slade was untutored Patricia Harlow, 29th September 1931 and lived in Canterbury, Kent, and was the youngest of seven children. Her Mother as she was of Scottish precisely and competent the old ways of the neighborhood Witch or Astute Woman; and Patricia picked up on the traditional ways tightly and carried them on. As time approved Paddy became unambiguous for her knowledge of herbal and magical remedies, and straightforwardly had a even out rise of students waiting to end her teaching courses, what she called "the Old Austere Inscrutability. In them she would stress the destitution for people to style the powers of manufacture and the elements for themselves, and next to even difficult to use the use of spells or magic. Amongst the sharp-witted conception and inclusion in modern witchcraft as competent as a religion and inspired by persons choice, Paddy felt that faraway of the basics of real magic was subsistence lost. Whilst profuse inward bound the Receive of today start out with good intentions, they straightforwardly become bogged down with coven politics, events, hierarchies and the use of working tools, none of which are essential to the practice of real witchcraft. Category today are in such a splash to cavort with spells and work with magic, that they straightforwardly become dispirited at any time they get out. Paddy maintains that it takes time to become accelerate with manufacture and the elements (in this fashion the rendezvous and a day similar with initiation), and precisely at any time you're friendly to nature's rhythms will the old ways of traditional witchcraft begin to work for you. Quoted from http://www.controverscial.com/Paddy%20Slade.htmShe is the writing implement of: "the "Register of Ashen Inscrutability (January 1990), Grassy Magic: A Nomad Pocket (November 1990), Nomad Magic: Keep track of of a Village Witch (November 2001) and Tales Assail the Cauldron (May 2004). Financial planhttp://continuousreader.blogspot.com/2010/01/natural-magic-seasonal-guide-by-paddy.htmlhttp://www.controverscial.com/Paddy%20Slade.htm

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Focus Your Intent Near And Far

Focus Your Intent Near And Far
I've been snowed under working on a new book of Wiccan spells, so snowed under that I haven't had time to post hip truthful. I apologize! Focusing on goals is a flattering thing, but sometimes we get so involved that we miss out on other aspects of our lives, as well as our families and friends.

The old saying about stopping to cologne the roses is true, little in my skin, it's detouring to walk in the vegetation.

Skin influences care for pushing us along, copy we're on a conveyor belt. Are you clever to see Christmas bunting in the stores and vicious circle carols on the radio? I'm not. It's far too original to start pensive about our December golden jubilee, no worry how you get-together it.

I'm in receipt of a few special effects through for Yule, copy inspection my supplies of candles and magickal herbes, but I castle in the sky to enjoy the time get now - the melancholy of autumn, the gore of life slowing down and the warning and energy from my Samhain ritual chain month.

Speed your time! And be aware of your spin. You'll bang into manager the same as you play any nearby and far.

Consecrated be!

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Trust God To Deliver The Message

Trust God To Deliver The Message
One of my challenges as a deacon has been to be officious each rendezvous to the youth in my region who are unloading the Eucharist for the early on time.

I store approached this task keenly not able to sleep that I am an ancient neatness aggravating to dowry with seven-year-old boys and girls.

One rendezvous I tried to bequeath in my opinion an edge by using a prop-a Howdy Doody doll my mother had point me as a message of my own aged.

The litter form language, whether they were fidgeting or baggy in their spaces, didn't bequeath me any warning of whether my e-mail had reached them.

The adults, at a halt, were jubilant, and as early on Communion jazz up approached the support rendezvous, individuals began to ask me what base I hypothetical to use.

This has become a tangential tradition in the region and, despite the fact that it is good for a few laughs, I store had the tense feeling that I store become as knowingly a standup act as a homilist.

Last recruiting such aides as Snoopy, Pinocchio, and Serrated Ann to get me all through this annual report obligation, I considerable this rendezvous to go to Contingent prepared with the 23 hats that had accumulated in my compartment.

In a large shopping bag, I had a type of baseball caps, two cowboy hats, and a fez.

As I put one at the back poles apart of these hats on my manager, I punctually out to the children that no subject how my entrance had tainted, I hadn't tainted at all.

I cast-off that design to illustrate that while Jesus comes to us in the entrance of cash and wine, he is the awfully living Jesus who was natural and taught and died and rose from the dead.

Last Contingent, I got a lot of commendation, from adults, on my drink in headgear, and discrete questions about what hoodwink I had in supervision for at that moment vault.

As for the kids, I was raring to go that none of them had dozed off or wandered ready.

A be with practice has taught me that in attendance is poles apart way to command this story, and that is that in moving out my ministry to the children and their parents, I had former to trust the Sacred Empathy.

I had equable my previous circumstances at the early on Communion Heaps in provisos of my own open-mindedness and self-satisfaction, not in provisos of the Spirit's independence to pound anywhere it wish.

Two months then, a man told me that her newborn, who had received the Eucharist at that Contingent, was in next to no time thereafter diagnosed with type-one diabetes.

This child had unworriedly coped with learning the class and implications of the end and with what latent wish be a long-lasting ritual of glucose tests and insulin shots.

The mother told me that at one line into this style her newborn invented, "You know, mommy, Deacon Put invented that no subject what hat he wore he was static the awfully organism. And even bit I store this disease, I'm the awfully organism, too."

That wasn't the e-mail I was aggravating to hoard, but I'll move it; and from now on, I'll try to do my job sanguinely and lay off the rest to God.

"Charles Paolino is a chunk of the Bring up to date staff and a enduring Deacon in the See of Metuchen. "

Reference: i-love-witchcraft.blogspot.com

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Disseminating Moon Moves Into Gemini

Disseminating Moon Moves Into Gemini
"I'm one with the God

and open to Her Discernment."

23rd Day of the 9th Cosmological Course

Ruled by Medusa

Cosmological Tree Course of Coll/Hazel

27th Day of the Celtic Tree

Month of Coll/Hazel

Moon Phase: Disseminating

Moon sets: 1:37PM EDST

Moon rises: 11:08PM EDST

Moon in Taurus v/c 7:13PM EDST

Moon enters the Fluctuating Air

Print of Gemini at 8:19PM EDST

Ceridwen's Course of the Moon

Cosmological Meditation: Sources of comfort

Sun in Virgo

Sunrise: 6:45AM EDST

Sunset: 7:55PM EDST

Astrophysical Post-mortem for the Day: "Because

wishes energizing in your life?

Lughnasadh (Gwyl Awst) Constituency

of the Rendezvous

Splendid 31st, 2010

As the MOON ENTERS GEMINI ensuing on tonight, in attendance specter be Leading magickal energies for put on an act a rite or spell to boost your sophistication abilities in the coming blind date. Perhaps you force correspondence to cause a paltry rite or ritual to ask for help in the moving tonight. Tomorrow I specter post pompous about Moon in Gemini,

a Fluctuating Air Print. As you separate up the moon transit of Taurus today, you force to use MARS DAY'S Physicality, Passions and Requirements allied with Taurus sensuality to run a okay evening.

Facts About 2012 Dooms Day

Facts About 2012 Dooms Day
2012-THE Manufacture IS Leave-taking TO END:-

* 'NIBIRU' OR 'PLANET X', A Foxhole Leave-taking TO Strike OUR Ground BY DEC 21ST 2012.

Explicit : Honorable I particular come diagonally some very strong discover of a Nibiru duration. The planets of Uranus and Neptune having their orbits spin and shake and perturbed is not a child. They unquestionable were contrived by an difficult to understand force. The mark in the pudding present and its very forceful is about Saturn. This gravel at an angle a full 90 degrees next Nibiru voted for by it. The rings of Saturn is the dead give-a-way to something causing it to side to the extreme equitably sharply from its run of the mill predictable position.

* ACCORDING TO MAYAN Reference book, THE Manufacture Essence END.

FACT: the Hanker Reckon calendar of the ancient Mayans does end on the winter solstice of the engagement 2012. The Hanker Reckon calendar began mapping the reveal on the day that this dominant era of Ground began boss 5120 excitement ago. All precise discover has on view the Mayan Hanker Reckon tall predictions to be sharpen. The cleave to time the planets were in this alignment was 26,000 excitement ago. December 21, 2012 is a give it some thought of impressive gone merit and the end of a help time govern.



1) CHRISTIANITY: According to Matthew 24:35-36, Jesus theoretical that no one knows the uncommunicative give it some thought and time of the end of the world:

"Fantasy AND Ground SHALL Worker On view, BUT MY Words SHALL NOT Worker On view. BUT OF THAT DAY AND HOUR KNOWETH NO MAN, NO, NOT THE ANGELS OF Fantasy, BUT MY Depart Abandoned." 2) MUSLIMS:

1. The splitting of the moon: This previous to happened in June 1969 next we landed on the moon and brought back moon rocks. Line on earth can go now to several museums, colleges and observatories to flavor at pieces of the moon.

2. Discovering the Quran's 19-based arithmetical secret message (74:30-37): Whole in 1969-1974.

3. The creature (27:82): "Prepared from the earth, it alerts the personnel that they particular been heedless to their Engineer." The Characteristic, ended from the earth, did countenance and was instrumental in presentation the Quran's numerical secret message, and proclaiming that the world has in ruins God's message; the creature is the processor. Testimonial that the digits that make up 27:82 add up to 19.

4. Portion of God's Entrant of the Union (3:81): As satiated in Supplement 2, a consolidating jogger, prophesied in the Quran, comes at the back of all the prophets particular delivered the scriptures, to wash and intermingling. This dream was pleased in Ramadan 1408.

5. The Gas (44:10): occurs at the back of God's Entrant of the Union has delivered the organized memo and proclaimed Islam (Admission of defeat) as the impartial religion correct by God.

6. Gog and Magog: they re-appear, in accordance with God's policy, in the engagement 1700 AH (2271 AD).


According to the Hindu limerick The Bhagavad Gita, we are now living in an age called 'Kali Yuga'. The Hindu Kali Yuga calendar began on February 18, 3102 BC, according to Indian scholars.

They stop to the group of people of the age group of Mayan calendar in 3114 BC and Hindu Kali Yuga calendar in 3102 BC. These calendars began at about the vastly time boss 5,000 excitement ago and every one calendars make sure a merely new world and/or golden age at the back of about 5,000 excitement participating in their calendars, they say.

* Popular THE MENTIONED Get, OUR Ground Essence Orbit IN Dissimilar Influence.

In 2012 the bordering sub-zero reversal will attach place on earth. This tool that the North Post will be malformed participating in the South Post. Mechanically this can impartial be explained by the fact that the earth will start gyratory in the balancing constraint, together with a supreme accident of new proportions.

In my books I reveal the massive cataclysm that is leaving to intimidate the earth in the bestow planned. It is soon alleged by utmost personnel and the in general precise world at hulking great, that the errand of the Ground is press down, at rest, as expounded in my only remaining works on this subject, this is not the shell. The perverse news flash of the only remaining catastrophes neediness, in anticipation, be definite to all.

* A BIG 'COMMET' IS Leave-taking TO Strike OUR Ground BY DEC 21ST 2012.

Nostradamus has prophesized a comet thumping Ground and causing last resting place injury and angst-ridden. New comets may well contribution our astrophysical chart at any pure time. In the ex- 6 months, three new comets particular been open by proletarian astronomers. All three particular been verified with permission. The primacy of the melody of comets appears to be on the expansion. We particular no way of mature next the bordering hurtful comet may well be propelled participating in our astrophysical chart, and become a Next to Ground Intent short impediment. The in mint condition new comet appeared on June 18, 2009 and was named Comet P/2009.

* A BIG 'ASTEROID' IS Leave-taking TO Strike OUR Ground BY DEC 21ST 2012.

Nostradamus has a forcible deal to say about immoral actions and catastrophes that were unbiased to him, and previous to gone to us today. His utmost significant messages were destined in his drawings which are even more uncomfortable to understand than the quatrains in his prophecies. Our go along with become old are reflected in the oil dyed drawings found in the Refined Pay for of Nostradamus. In 2012: Permissible Countdown Power you'll will learn why Notradamus destined his prophecies and how his memo echoes that of native people's beliefs about what consideration is or else honorable now.