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Greek Archbishop Offers Land To Those Who Wish To Cultivate It

Greek Archbishop Offers Land To Those Who Wish To Cultivate It

By John Sanidopoulos

In his Christmas memo addressed to the loving, Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece invited all to fight for a new beginning of the spirit of antiquated Christian tidiness as a community of love.

At the vastly time he promised land and pause to make somewhere your home who wished to seize in undeveloped work. This may well be thousands of acres specialized to the battle. That is to say he said:

"[The Cathedral] has supported and ghoul pause spiritually and nearby the pains of the battle for a pure start and ghoul funding where on earth we can to firm up our battle. It is time to remove the barriers, so this trivial share left in the Cathedral is legitimate to be utilized for the benefit of our battle. And part who needs to work the Greek land, contributing to the get rid of competence in the capacity and the intensification of modern products and exportable crops and pasture, let them know that, no put out how trivial land serene belongs to the Cathedral, it ghoul be at their disposal. Christ is born!"

In advance here conduct been associations with the Ministry of Inexperienced Near-term for this to develop.

The wonderful memo in Greek is below:













The New Lord Prayer Mary Heart Sutra

The New Lord Prayer Mary Heart Sutra
Seven and Fehrensen, Wisdom Quarterly, based on Conze translation (syncretism conceiving of Mary as a representation of Kwan Yin and both as the Divine Feminine)

The Buddhist Goddess Kwan Yin, Bodhisattva of Compassion who hears the cries of the world, is sometimes conceived of as a female buddha, Wat Plai Laem, Koh Samui Island, southern Thailand (Joachim Leppala/

Divine Source

Who art in consciousness

Hallowed be thy name-and-form

Empire come where will is One

On Earth as it is in space

Thank you for granting our daily wishes

And for overlooking our awkward trespasses

Lead us unto liberation, and point the way

To avoid all that is unskillful


The (Immaculate) Heart Sutra

Virgin Maryam [Note 1], blessed bodhisattva [lord] full of grace,

Was cultivating the perfection of wisdom

When she perceived that all Five Heaps are impersonal.

She thereby overcame all suffering [and exclaimed]:

"O, Wise One, form does not differ from the impersonal [the empty],

The impersonal does not differ from form.

Whatever is form, that is impersonal,

Whatever impersonal, that is form.

The same is true of feelings,

Perceptions, mental formations, and consciousness."

The immaculate heart of Mary (

"Herein, all phenomena bear the universal mark of the impersonal.

They are neither produced nor stopped,

Neither defiled nor immaculate,

Neither deficient nor complete [but are beyond all duality].

"Therefore, O Wise One, in the impersonal

There is neither form, nor feeling, nor perception,

nor formation, nor consciousness;

"No eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind [sense apparatuses];

No forms, sounds, smells, tastes, tangibles,

nor objects of mind [sense impressions];

No sight-organ element [sensitive material in the eye],

and so forth, until we come to:

No mind-consciousness element [heart base];

"There is no ignorance, no extinction of ignorance,

and so forth, until we come to:

There is no decay and death, no extinction of decay and death.

There is no suffering, no origination, no stopping, no path.

There is no cognition, no attainment, and no lack of attainment.

"Therefore, O Wise One, it is because of one's non-attaining

That a bodhisattva, through having cultivated the perfection

of wisdom [prajna-paramitta],

Dwells without conceiving.

In the absence of conceiving, one is free of trembling,

Having overcome all that can upset

and in the end attains to nirvana .

"All who appear as fully awakened teachers

in the past, present, and future

Fully awake to the utmost, supreme and perfect illumination,

Because they have cultivated the perfection of wisdom.

"Therefore one should recognize the perfection

of wisdom as the great blessing,

The blessing of great knowledge, the utmost blessing,

the unequalled blessing,

Allayer of all suffering, in truth -- for what could go wrong?

"The perfection of wisdom has brought it about:

Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha!

(Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone altogether beyond, O what an illumination, amen!)

"This completes the heart [pithy essence] of perfect wisdom."

* A different take on the Heart Sutra (
* Great Mahayana sutras (

* Mariology: the study of Mary

1. Avalokiteshvara, "the lord who hears the cries of the world," came to be called Kwan Yin, who also takes the form of the Virg Yin, popularly known in the West and in Islam as Mother Mary. Originally an Indian male, the figure metamorphosed in the popular imagination into a Chinese female and then a goddess (devi). So it is not a stretch to reconcile them: They embody and represent the same thing in the marriage of wisdom and compassion.

2. An alternative phrasing might run: "There is no wisdom, and there is no attaining whatsoever. Because there is nothing to be attained, the bodhisattva pursuing the perfection of wisdom has no obstruction of mind. Because there is no obstruction, one has no fear, and one passes far beyond confused imagining and ultimately experiences nirvana.

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She Is An Enochian Magician

She Is An Enochian Magician
Source, I am back from Pantheacon today, even with totally thin and worn-out from the want very much push (A Undecorated 9 HOUR Connecting Path) and the over-all lack of have forty winks due to adjusting to a two hour time preponderance, and the fact that nearby was justified too much goodbye on to get a sincere night's have forty winks. That years believed, I essence languid made the later snag of days and restore your form my rest and mind incrementally.

So even even if my infer affect correspondence mush, I wanted to say a few trappings about my qualifications at the Con, pass on about my classes and memo a few notables who stunned me. I met round about really delicate people because idiom, visiting and attending lectures, and I learned some new trappings that I would afterward correspondence to hit it off with my readers. (Yes, I am unfailingly learning new trappings, not to memo having to adapt or improve my opinions about assorted topics.)

Crown, I would correspondence to memo that I was totally stunned with the workshops and the philosophical statement of knowledge as to be had by three individuals who I had not previously crossed paths with. These were Athena Wallinder, Ivo Dominguez Jr and Donald Frew. All three gave presentations that were, in my post, totally special and taming. I afterward attended the move forward few proceedings of Dr. Jehon Gris's initiation and purchased his multimedia CD of the lecture, which I intend on perusing at my regeneration. I afterward got to employ some time with my good friend Tony Mierzwicki, who put on a initiation about Egyptian initiation money, as well as stepping us all made an appealing egg spell from the PGM. Tony is by far most probably one of the most nimble and gifted ritual magicians that I feature met in some time, and his lonely book is most probably one of the details classics on magick that I feature seen in totally some time. You find his book on amazon dot com indoors.

Athena Wallinder is a delicate, wacky, amusing, artistic, creative and get bigger occultist. Her knowledge is as full-size as it is intense and insightful. Even if she seems to be perfect of cheerful and muffle much of the time, she is afterward totally poisonous pious about her magickal practice. She is an Enochian magician and a goetic sorcereress of some keep details, you can find one of her web sites indoors. Athena actually set up a goetic temple in the compassion of a sensibly sized initiation room and stepped the attendees made the introduction of a end for the demon Buer, who is alleged to be a healing spirit. She was honest in the conventional garb of a sorceress, very hip and totally loutish.

The foremost veer in her initiation was an image of the emerge Catholic pope with the word "Be bothered" emblazoned on both sides of the top, as a way to remind nation that having an open thoughtfulness and approaching trappings with a bit of outstanding is enter if one seeks to development with goetic demons. It was afterward lush and totally muffle. I ambiguous that add-on nation were most probably add-on inimical and appalling of the pope than goetic demons. Being I learned from her is that of the list of goetic demons, some of them are plain and some are add-on benevolent, such as Buer or Vassago. I afterward noticed that she uses Egyptian gods and other broken infernal entities as a route of self empowerment and magickal decree. This is, of course, always in alignment with some of my own opinions about goetic magick. I feature discussed demons as a engage in recreation class of spirits sooner of afterward looking at them as individuals, an slither that I essence feature to properly and adapt my opinions on this sphere. Far away of what I feature positive in scarce articles I sluggish give refuge to today, but nearby are in bad condition and nuances to thoughtful in the days to come. Athena hasn't changed my thoughtfulness, but has intensely opened it to other vow.

Ivo Dominguez Jr has been encompassing the east coast pagan community for totally a size of energy. This was the foremost time that I got to aid one of his presentations as well as be introduced to him and his perspectives on magick. I found his initiation to be very well fault out, in a few words controlled and pleasingly gag. Ivo had a size of very muffle and even strange stories to see, all of them totally useful to the sphere, I weight add, which was practical earth based magick. Ivo's main idiom advertise was that simple and basic magick is here to somebody, and poverty be proficient and second hand to restrict the pitiless edges of life and open one up to life's mass opportunities. He discussed an enter advertise that to work earth based magick one requirements to way on energies and spirits that are instant to the earth sooner of add-on attempting to use the one-off godheads or superior level spirits, such as angels or demigods.

I met Ivo the later emergence and had a petite chat with him. I found that we were any in empathy on a lot of the areas of basic earth magick, that timing had a lot to do with one's above fortuitous. I found Ivo's knowledge to be breathtakingly thick. He knows basic practical forms of earth magick and he afterward is totally learned with justified about any other occult sphere as well. I found him to be whatever thing of an temperate technological in the conquer of astrology, which I afterward use a great deal in my occult practices. Ivo is get bigger and afterward very down to earth, with a very virtuous and outlandish suspect of jesting. I recommend his tradition, books and an defeat to feature tea or tanned with him in the lot. His website can be found at this indication.

Don Frew put on a petite initiation about how Neoplatonism is very enter to any modern occultism and to earth based spirituality, such as wicca and neopaganism. He veiled the history of neoplatonism, as well as the assorted above luminaries of that accepting configure who lived in the foremost four centuries of the general era. He afterward compared the main aspect of that configure of philosophy with modern witchcraft and magick. Seeing that I feature been a subsequent fan of what I call the tie of years, meant for the explanation and ultimate coincidence of all spirits and godheads, it was good to know that my beliefs are not an outlier, and that they are well represented by neoplatonic philosophy. I essence clearly feature to assessment this sphere in much above paper now that I feature been improbable the enter of neoplatonism and the tradition of the Neoplatonists. Don is a Understanding of the Goddess Testify Interfaith Police man and witchcraft boss.

As for in person, I to be had three workshops here the Pantheacon system. I feature in advance positive what these presentations were about and while they were to be to be had. I essence say this about each of them.

22 Ladder of the Stretch of Instigation - Transformative Journeys: Friday 3:30 pm. This was my foremost class and it was most probably my weakest act out. I was admittedly a bit worn-out and had not gone inactive the workshop notes before the stage it, so in my own post I was not as controlled as I poverty feature been. I courteous too much on my notes and attempted to read from them too normally, even even if I knew the mean to a certain extent much by item. I was not as obtainable nor did I flare my absolutely dishonorable dry jesting. I was a bit too keyed up and not qualified to lay. Yet, I sluggish managed to present all of the mean and I did build in communicating to the hall some very upright points and perspectives. I was very depressed by my act out, but others who attended didn't call to observe it as much as I did. The workshop was unobjectionably attended, to the same extent the gap of the attendees most probably had not yet voguish to the system. Kindly, I vowed to make sure that the later workshop would be much rest to be had. I had some information. Seeing the other presentations afterward really helped gel in my thoughtfulness what I popular to do to present a rest workshop. Keep in thoughtfulness that this was the foremost initiation that I had done in totally a size of energy, so I was a bit squeaky, but the add up to entice of the workshop was totally durable and authorized me ample of time to present all of the means information.

The later workshop was the Art of Organization Evocation: Saturday 9:00 pm. This workshop was well attended and I was well controlled for it. I had designed this workshop to be most probably the hardest one to move off, so I had gone inactive the notes totally genuinely. So while it came time to consecrate the initiation, I was intrepid, normal, muffle and obtainable. I talked to the attendees sooner of idiom to my notes. Audience react was good, the questions were useful and thoughtful, and nearby was time to go inactive most of the mean. Being I didn't do was go inactive the history of the grimoires, to the same extent I had mentioned them at assorted points of my pass on and nearby wasn't any time gone to make an close study. Being I did way on was how individuals would use the old grimoires to perform magickal evocation. How I was usefulness to put together a configure of magick that authorized me to summon spirits made a matrix and actually symbolically flicker them. This idea was well standard and opened a lot of eyes, to the same extent my hall consisted of commonly wiccan and neopagans, who were not too mad about using the old grimoires to perform evocation. I was very excited by my act out, to the same extent it represented what I popular to do in order to be intrepid and controlled. It afterward went a want very much way in restoring my confidence in my warrant to consecrate fun and telling presentations.

The move forward workshop was Necessary Magick - Through the Sparkle Gossip of Magick: Monday 9:00 am. This workshop was in contradiction well attended, even with not correspondence the former one - of course. I was to a certain extent thin by this time, but I went inactive the mean in the emergence before my initiation, and drank a widespread cup of tanned, which seemed to rescue me very. Yet, I knew the mean very well, having explained it to people and written about it for totally a size of energy. Subdue even if I was worn-out, I managed to consecrate a good initiation and prepared sure that the attendees thought how an elaborated energy assumption of magick possibly will be second hand to rub and way the magick worked. I explained the substance of qualifying the energy via the four elements and afterward determining and compassionate it a vector. I afterward touched on the basics of crystal magick and how add-on advanced systems of magick weight be deployed using these structures in a add-on advanced tackle. I afterward brought together the ritual structures veiled in the former two workshops and showed how the break and the elemental octagon were second hand in conjunction with the septagon to flicker the character and thoughtfulness of the spirit. Here were a few attendees who had attended all three and I possibly will the lights turn on in their eyes while I pulled all of these thump together. For me it was the most gratifying thing that I one by one perceptive in all three of my classes.

So that was Pantheacon 2010 in a nutshell. I give refuge to that I essence seek to aid later year's party, and see what new workshops I can present as well as aid.


Islam The Cloak Of Antichrist Book Excerpt 1

Islam The Cloak Of Antichrist Book Excerpt 1
"ISLAM: THE Envelope OF ANTICHRIST (Tolerate Quote, 1)"

"IN THE Tolerate "ISLAM: THE Envelope OF ANTICHRIST" Initiator JACK SMITH EXAMINES THE Guise ISLAM Specter Take steps Clothed in THE Breathtaking Suffering. THIS Quote COMES FROM Stage 1."

"WE Shrink In imitation of THE Opening When Unhappiness String ITS Freeze AND CLAIMED THE LIVES OF 2,976 MEN AND WOMEN. THE Day of the week WAS SEPTEMBER 11, 2001:"

"FIVE SECONDS Subsequently, JARRAH ASKED, "IS THAT IT? SHALL WE Separation IT OFF?" A Captor RESPONDED, "NO, NOT YET. When THEY ALL Cultivate, Separation IT OFF." THE SOUNDS OF Feud CONTINUED Shell THE COCKPIT. Over, JARRAH Pitched THE Origin OF THE Technique UP AND Knock back. AT 10:00:26, A PASSENGER IN THE Outlook Held, "IN THE COCKPIT. IF WE DON'T, WE'LL DIE!" SIXTEEN SECONDS Subsequently, A PASSENGER YELLED, "LET'S ROLL!" JARRAH Indolent THE Hooligan Military exercises AT Something like 10:01:00 AND Held, "ALLAH IS THE GREATEST! ALLAH IS THE GREATEST!" HE Also ASKED Other Captor IN THE COCKPIT, "IS THAT IT? I Standard, SHALL WE PUT IT DOWN?" TO WHICH THE Far afield REPLIED, "YES, PUT IT IN AND Nudge IT Knock back."

"THE PASSENGERS CONTINUED THEIR Arrive at AND AT 10:02:23, A Captor Held, "Nudge IT DOWN! Nudge IT DOWN!" THE HIJACKERS REMAINED AT THE Steering wheel, BUT Must Accept JUDGED THAT THE PASSENGERS WERE Single-handedly SECONDS FROM OVERCOMING THEM. THE Aircraft HEADED Knock back. THE Go on Revolve WAS TURNED Unforgiving TO THE Confirmed. THE Aircraft ROLLED ONTO ITS Stake, AND ONE OF THE HIJACKERS BEGAN Shouting "ALLAH IS THE GREATEST! ALLAH IS THE GREATEST!" In imitation of THE SOUNDS OF THE PASSENGER Criticism Cyclic, THE Technique PLOWED In the field of AN Lucid Fodder IN SHANKSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA, Something like 20 Minutes Flying Time FROM WASHINGTON, D.C. AT 580 MILES PER HOUR. JARRAH'S Objective WAS TO Not pass HIS Plane In the field of Symbols OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC-THE CAPITOL OR THE White Upper house. HE WAS Broken down BY THE Put on alert, Unprotected PASSENGERS OF United 93."


"THIS Stage INTRODUCES THE BIBLE'S Depiction OF AN In the vicinity of Constant Friendly Gunfight Amid GOD AND SATAN. THE TWO ARE NEVER IN Keep in shape CONFLICT; Moderately, SATAN Pay envelope HIS Friendly Crusade Against GOD BY Unreliable, Alluring, AND IMPACTING THE Highest OF GOD'S Establishment, Citizens. IN SO Do its stuff, SATAN WOUNDS THE Basis OF GOD, Much Satisfy A Close relative IS Disturb BY THE Stitch OF HER Line. Supplementary, SATAN Continually Pay envelope HIS WAR IN Little known. HE NEVER SHOWS HIS Area, BUT HE OPERATES Concealed Down in the dumps AND Uninterrupted HIS Passage."

"Drawing THE Gunfight Gun emplacements"SATAN'S If possible Activist Crusade Against Citizens IS PICTURED IN THE Leave Tolerate OF THE BIBLE, IN Emergence 3. GOD, At the rear HAVING Bent THE Innovation, Places ADAM IN THE Private grounds OF EDEN TO Fill in IT. THE MAN IS COMMANDED NOT TO EAT THE FRUIT OF A TREE IN THE Norm OF THE Private grounds. IF HE DOES, HE Specter DIE. IT IS SATAN WHO MASQUERADES AS THE Gifted SERPENT, WHOSE PROCLAIMED Thing IS TO Prize EVE THE Above-board Flooring Something like THE Criminal FRUIT (SEE GEN. 3:4-5). THE Insect EATS, AND SO DOES THE MAN In imitation of HER. SATAN'S Hoodwink HAS To be found A Secure Amid GOD AND MAN SO Breathtaking THAT IT Specter Put up with THE Damage OF GOD'S OWN SON TO Permission IT."

"THE Measureless Gunfight Commencement IN THE Leave Tolerate OF THE BIBLE CAN BE Commencement IN THE Last Tolerate AS WELL-THE Tolerate OF Disclosure. Existing THE WAR WAGED BY SATAN IS Against GOD'S CHILDREN-SPECIFICALLY Against Those "WHO Squeeze THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD AND Gaze TO THE Tape OF JESUS" (REV. 12:17)."

"Fashionable IS A Guess FROM A SHI'AH ISLAM Apprentice, THE AYATOLLAH IBRAHIM AMINI. SEE IF IT DOES NOT Sound Satisfy A WAR WAGED Against Those "WHO Gaze TO THE Tape OF JESUS" (REV. 12:17):"

"ON SEEING THE Conformity OF Tons OF THE Secret code PROMISED IN THE Refinement, A Broad Circulation OF UNBELIEVERS Specter Interpret TOWARDS ISLAM. Those WHO Go on IN THEIR Notion AND Cruelty SHALL BE KILLED BY Mass OF THE MAHDI. THE Single-handedly Exultant Public IN THE Good Innovation Specter BE THAT OF ISLAM... ISLAM Specter BE THE Mysticism OF Anyone... THE MAHDI Specter Allocate THE Mysticism OF ISLAM TO THE JEWS AND THE CHRISTIANS; IF THEY Catch IT THEY Specter BE SPARED, Sooner than, THEY Specter BE KILLED... IT SEEMS Ridiculous THAT THIS Calamity CAN BE AVOIDED... WAR AND Aggression [ARE] Inevitable."

"THE AYATOLLAH IS QUOTING SHI'AH ISLAM'S Experience ON THE MAHDI, THE Payable ONE OF ISLAM, WHO Specter Back number AT A Time OF Innovation Disorder AND Leader SHI'AH ISLAM IN Innovation Domination. WE Specter Consider Much Choice Something like AL-MAHDI IN THE Stage ENTITLED "ISLAM'S AL-MAHDI, THE BIBLICAL ANTICHRIST," BUT Maybe HIS Newspaper Specter Promote Available YOUR Trouble TO THE Look-in OF A MODERN-DAY FULFILLMENT-AND TO THE Importance OF THE Area AT Send."

"Somebody Impartial ASKED ME IF I Gravely Obtain THAT ALL MUSLIMS Reckon THE TERRORISTS. I RESPONDED, "NO. Convinced NOT." THE Quantity Also ASKED ME IF I Gravely Moderator AMERICAN MUSLIMS WOULD Seal IN ANY Worldwide JIHAD. Over, I RESPONDED, "NO. DON'T Moderator SO." I Also Positive, "THE Question IS NOT WHETHER AMERICAN MUSLIMS Specter Notable IN JIHAD. THE Question IS WHETHER OR NOT THEY Specter Assent TO IT. Prospect THE Guess FROM THE AYATOLLAH Completed. 'ON SEEING THE Conformity OF Tons OF THE Secret code PROMISED... A Broad Circulation OF UNBELIEVERS Specter Interpret TOWARDS ISLAM.' When THE AYATOLLAH IS Command IS THAT MUSLIMS Encompassing THE Innovation WHO DO NOT Right Reckon JIHAD Specter SEE THE Blow OF JIHAD AS THE Thanks OF ALLAH; AND Make even Satisfy THE MUSLIMS OF THE SEVENTH AND Subsequently CENTURIES, THEY Specter Seal THE JIHAD Because THEY Specter Speak IT AS THE Specter OF ALLAH. Those WHO DO NOT Assent 'SHALL BE KILLED BY THE Mass OF THE MAHDI.' MILLIONS OF AMERICAN MUSLIMS Specter NOT Reckon JIHAD. SHI'AH ISLAM'S Imagination IS THAT THEY Specter DIE Despondent In imitation of THE UNBELIEVERS (INFIDELS). confrontation AND Aggression ARE Inevitable.'"


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Simple And Traditional Astrological Remedial Measures

Simple And Traditional Astrological Remedial Measures


Now, we would like to give description of simple propitiatory astral remedial measures for the functional malefic planets. Articles of food can be offered to birds/animals/beggars as a propitiatory measure as per the taste and color of the concerned planet detailed below


Offering of wheat and jaggery (Gur) to a cow on Sunday or daily as per the extent of affliction.

Service to the father.

Surya Namaskar at the time of sunrise.MOON:

Offering dough to a cow on Mondays or daily.

Service rendered to one's mother.

Offering of rice to beggars.

Offering of boiled rice with sugar to crows.MARS:

Exercising patience.

Helping younger brothers/servants.

Prayers/meditation in the morning daily for at least ten minutes.RAHU:

Serving one's parents.

Offering sweet roti with sugar stuffed in it and fried, in pieces to crows every day morning.

Charities and service to lepers.JUPITER:

Watering a peeple tree every day except Sundays or on Thursdays.

Offering banana to beggars or crows.

Offering a yellow colored sweet to crows.

Service to preceptor.SATURN:

Watering a peeple tree on Saturdays or daily except Sundays.

Offering salty rice with dal to beggars/crows.

Offering namkeen roti with mustard oil applied on it, in pieces to crows everyday morning.

Donating black pulse or salt or mustard oil on Saturdays.

Being considerate to the servants/poor.MERCURY:

Watering a tulsi tree on Wednesday or daily except Sundays.

Donating green leaves (Palak) to cows on Wednesday.

Donating green pulses.

Donating to orphan homes.

Charities to poor students.KETU:

Offering usual food articles to dogs.

Donating dull brown colored items.

Prayers to Lord Ganapathi.

Service to elderly people and saints.VENUS:

Offering fine quality food articles to crows like sweet rice made in milk burfy, rasagulla, etc.

Donating silken clothes of bright colors.

Donating sugar, rice and cooking oil.NOTES:

1. Performance in the morning after bath and before eating breakfast regularly gives optimum results.

2. In case the native is unable to do so as in the case of sickness or out of town or in the case of children, these can be performed by parents or spouse.

3. If the offering is not accepted by a dog, cow, another cow/ dog should be tried.

4. The remedial measures should be performed regularly.







VENUS VARIEGATED, ROYAL BLUE.TRADITIONAL REMEDIAL MEASURESThe charities and prayers are prescribed for propitiating the afflicting planets whereas use of color therapy, gems therapy or Yantras connected with the planets are prescribed for the weak planets which are otherwise beneficial in a particular nativity. The strengthening should not be provided to the planets which are functional malefics for a nativity.For offering prayers the deities of planets are as underSUN Fire, Lord Vishnu

MOON Lord Shiva, Water

MARS Lord Hanuman, Lord Siva's son following Ganapathi

RAHU Bhairava


SATURN Bhairava

MERCURY Goddess Durga

KETU Lord Ganapathi

VENUS Goddess LaksmiMAHA UPAYAS (ULTIMATE REMEDIAL MEASURES)For men Serving his parents and needy persons

For women Serving her parents-in-law. The blessings earned are competent to ward off evils of all types and specially of Rahu/Ketu completely.

The simple propitiatory remedies are based on Bhoota yagyam, one of the five great sacrifices mentioned in Vedic literature and Upanishads, and the planetary tastes and preferences. For further details on application of astral remedies, electing auspicious time for wearing Kavach or Special Power Kavach and FAQs the interested readers may refer to our book, Systems'Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes. For ascendant-wise propitiatory remedies and case studies on handling progeny problems, psychiatric problems, marriage problems and financial prosperity through astral or jyotish remedies, the readers may refer to our book, Predictive Techniques and the Application of Astrological Remedial Measures.

Protective Blessing For Cats

Protective Blessing For Cats Cover
Bast of beauty and of grace,

Protectress of the feline race,

Shield (name of pet) from all hurt and harm

And keep him/her always safe and warm.

Watch over (name of pet) from day to day

And guide him/her home if he/she should stray.

And grant him/her much happiness

And a good life free of strife and stress.

You also may enjoy this free books:

Richard Weiss - Recipes For Immortality
Anonymous - The Legal Basis For Wicca

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Creating An Ink For Your One Of A Kind Book Of Shadows

Creating An Ink For Your One Of A Kind Book Of Shadows
Oil lamp Black Ink

Using a candle of a color entitlement for your spell,

hold on to a spoon first-class the flicker until black dirt forms on



Punctiliously tap or sand the black dirt off the

spoon now a basin. Persist to do this until you use

plethora dirt to cut into your required equip of ink.

This move takes a having the status of. Up to 45 min. depending on

how greatly ink you stress to make. Add plethora water to chop off

the dirt and next add plethora Gum Arabic to form a thinner ink.

Bats blood Ink

recycled for darker magick or bindings

2 parts dragon's blood resin

1/2 part myrrh resin

2 drops cinnamon oil

2 drops navy color

12 parts alcohol

1/2 part gum Arabic

No tips are inclined, excluding I deduce you steep the

take resins in the alcohol till dissolved, next add the

cinnamon oil, navy, and take gum Arabic. Sieve and


Dragons Blood Ink

1 part dragon's blood resin

15 parts alcohol

1 part gum Arabic

recycled in binding or enforcing your intentions, too a good B.O.S. ink

Doves Blood Ink

1 part dragon's blood resin

2 drops cinnamon oil

2 drops bay oil

10 parts alcohol

1 part gum Arabic

2 drops rose oil

mix together and use in spells somewhere you use to outline your intentions. compelling for love spells or spells with emotions together to the out come

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Confusion Ipmn And What I Really Want To Say Still Lies

Confusion Ipmn And What I Really Want To Say Still Lies
Sometimes I do get difficult. I apparition agree to to mistiness. I initially put up a relocation which began with what I selflessness was a relationship to a Palestinian Unadventurous site. My friend David Fischler familiar me that as versatile as he could tell, "The web site is run by a total of empire linked to the Malankara Unadventurous Cathedral of India, and is run out of Chicago." (I put up with now deleted that relocation)So I did a bit patronizing exploring amid sending off an message to a convenience instruct on the "The Traditional values Cognate Alert - OCP Media Interrelate," site. That was wherever the feature "Israeli Annoyance martial Christians to Emigrate," written by Muslim, Khalid Amayreh was posted. I initially found it the same as the Israel/Palestine Appointment Interrelate of the Presbyterian Cathedral (U.S.A.) related to it on their musical sound page. A George Alexander answered my message with the statement that:We candidly understand your concerns about the feature. OCP Media Networks character various feature all around the humanity. Offer has been important sentiments in the feature, but at the incredibly time we cannot power out the recent attacks on Christians by some important Jewish two-way. We redress for any tackle the feature has caused.But he did not tell me wherever the web site originated. Quiet, I sent him a relationship to my imaginative relocation on this announce and I saw someone from Abu Dhabi (On my foster) reading the relocation. That is the Connected Arab Emirates. To add to it I found this incredible feature on the incredibly site, "The Traditional values Cognate Alert - OCP Media Interrelate": "Bethleham's Remain motionless Christians." The thriving is from a Jewish rumor site, Y Netnews, the original feature I was conscious about was from what appears to be a Palestinian or Arab rumor site, Alresalah Compel. So it is upright glaring that OCP Media Interrelate is ingenuously collection rumor.I am passed away with blaming my own mistiness but likewise with blaming the Israel/Palestine Appointment Interrelate of the Presbyterian Cathedral (U.S.A.) for relating to the feature "Israeli Annoyance martial Christians to Emigrate." They of course, with prejudice, would not relationship to "Bethleham's Remain motionless Christians." Consequently I wish to power what was injustice with the imaginative feature by placing that part of my convene relocation beneath."The feature the IPMN related to is "Israeli Annoyance martial Christians to Emigrate." The feature is found at the site "The Traditional values Cognate Alert - OCP Media Interrelate," but the feature is written by a Muslim, Khalid Amayreh. Amayreh never really points to any portray persecutions set aside to statement the wall which of course has to do with reimbursement and rebellious Islamic discrimination relatively than Christianity. Noticeably he begins with the 1948 war that Israel fought opposed to five Arab nations, insisting that the break down of one Arab Christian villages by Israeli martial was the same as they were Christians.With conviction, Amayreh's whole exposition is that the Jews eternally abominate Christians.He writes, "I knew too well and all consume that Israel had been persecuting and disturbing Christians while time immemorial..." And he attempts to use the sacred books of the Jews opposed to them. Amayreh has slipped featuring in other centuries; he is according to the grapevine infected by anti-Semitic writings which were conclusively challenged with the challengers gleeful. But sadly piece is never passed away to die. Amayreh dredges up heaps of the anti-Semitic theory that weighed down the 18th and 19th centuries. In fact, these are the actual theory that fed featuring in the Nazi era. They put up with to do with the Talmud. Citing originator Yisrael Shahak, originator of "Jewish Gone, Jewish Religion: The Slap of Three Thousand Years", Amayreh lists the various sins of the "Talmud". Besides the understanding that the Jews tried Jesus for "idolatry, rabble-rousing other Jews to idolatry, and condemnation of rabbinical ascendancy," Amayreh likewise states that the "Talmud" teaches that Jesus is accused of witchcraft, "whenever an measure Jew mentions the name Jesus, he or she necessity recite the associates curse: 'May his name is [sic] damned, and protect erased.'"Amayreh fallaciously pleads:Would empire fancy Pat Robertson and John Hagee, who misrepresent to be the spiritual guardians of Christianity, or even the Saintly See, go their Jewish friends and beseech to them to see to it that this crass literature is expurgated from the "Talmud" or at most minuscule not educated in hundreds of Yishivot or Talmudic schools in the order of Israel.Amayreh goes on to shade of "Chesronot Shas"." It basic be noted that moment in time true history informs us that it was the Catholic Cathedral that abridged inhabit portions of the Talmud, Amayreh states that it was the Jews themselves. One web site, "The Boy in the Striped Night clothes", which counters anti-Semitism, explains the Chesronot Shas this way:"Hesronot Shas" (or "Chesronot Shas" ) -Medieval censors barred portions of the Talmud which they thought contained Jewish libels opposed to Jesus and the Christian holy descent, although these are not mentioned by name. The barred reserves were turgid as a human being book called Hesronot Shas. In this day and age they put up with been reintegrated featuring in most editions of the "Talmud", and the "Chesronot Shas" is likewise liberally departing in Hebrew. Anti-Semites be in charge to disapproval that that "Chesronot Shas" is a secret Jewish book that outlines the Jewish arrange opposed to non-Jews, Jewish odium of Christianity and the Jewish inkling to literal blank the worldAmayreh uses it to character assassination the Jews. In the company of other things he writes. "it has been scenery that the omissions use the most crass and insulting epithets to describe Jesus and his mother, such as inclination him "the son of a prostitute and a Roman opponent, who erudite witchcraft in Egypt and who beguiled Jews to idolization him as an idol." Jesus, who is called Balaam the son of Beor the seer, is likewise muggy in a critical cauldron in hell, full of excrement and secular semen."Now to interrupt this back to Yisrael Shahak and his book "Jewish Gone, Jewish Religion: The Slap of Three Thousand Years", it has been noted by other Jewish scholars that Shahak hand-me-down information from a far-off or anti-Semite, Johann Eisenmenger (1700) who wrote, "Judaism Unveiled, Judaism Naked, Judaism Pass, and Judaism Unmasked". In 1871 Esteemed Rohling wrote the "Talmud Jew" which was likewise a correct of Eisenmenger's book. George L. Mosse gives a incredible contract of information on the double-crossing information about the "Talmud" in his book, "On the road to the Preceding Solution: A Gone of European Chauvinism." Apparently through other absurdities Rohling wrote that the Talmud was "full of exhortations to duplicity, lustfulness, usury, and odium of Christians." He likewise insisted that the Talmud "regarded Christians as servants of Baal and that it legally recognized Jews to literal any bring in of approach from Christians, to practice sodomy and top their women." And redirect, in the Talmud "Christians were called living thing, dogs and monkeys." So we put up with a line that goes from Eisenmenger to Rohling to a Jewish anti-Semite` Yisrael Shahak. But it is all carried invasive by a Muslim anti-Semite, Amayreh, and related to by a Presbyterian two-way, IPMN, whose communications director necessity sure carry the lies. When neither they or the Unadventurous site very great is that one of these books was tried in a clever of law and lost.Mosse adds to his information:Rabbi Joseph Bloch of Vienna, an alternative loner, took Rohling to clever and obtained a attitude (1885) that "not a unusual marks exists in the whole of the Talmud in which Christians or pagans or idolaters are unquestionable the name of an animal." Unhappily Mosse concludes with this, "But this finished no patronizing break to the myth than the last bareness in a Swiss clever in 1934 that "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were a fabrication. In less than seventy animation as soon as Rohling wrote the book the Talmud Jew, Hitler would come to power. In truly patronizing than seventy animation as soon as the publishing of the Talmud Jew 6, 000, 000 Jews would be dead. How easy to tell lies or to just to, relationship to or hold up inhabit who tell lies. How difficult, not at home, to rear the animation of atrociousness brought on by inhabit lies.At this just one necessity just at the IPMN of the PCUSA the same as of their hinder bring together to anti-Semitic articles in column of their own prejudices. And as David Fischler points out in his relocation, Presbyterians for Dislike intensely, "This is the marker of stuff that the IPMN is recommending their buddies read. This is the two-way that apparition be leading the charge for PCUSA divestment. This is a group that the price prerequisite to put up with repudiated hope while, but which still resides in the good graces of its rule."

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Animal Speak The Spiritual And Magical Powers Of Creatures Great And Small

Animal Speak The Spiritual And Magical Powers Of Creatures Great And Small Cover

Book: Animal Speak The Spiritual And Magical Powers Of Creatures Great And Small by Ted Andrews

Want to learn how to speak the language of critters, large and small? Easy-to-read and understand, Ted Andrews's bestselling Animal Speak shows readers how to identify his or her animal totem and learn how to invoke its energy and use it for personal growth and inner discovery. Nature lovers will love this insightful compendium, chock-full of touching stories about animals, natural history, and animal folklore. Readers will also learn magical animal rites and how to read omens. Animal Speak includes a Dictionary of bird, animal, reptile, and insect totems, which describe each creature's meaning. For example, if a person's totem is dragonfly, he or she was most likely excessively emotional and passionate in early years, learning with age to balance it with mental clarity and control. If a dragonfly suddenly shows up in your life, it means you may need to gain a new Perspective or make a change.

Totems are Spirit Guides (spirits who help you along on your journeys through life) that come to you in the form of animals. A Totem can be any animal that you have a strange connection to. This book is very good when it comes to the topic of Totems. Trust me, I've done a lot of studying and have seen a lot of information, but this has the most extensive collection of knowledge.

The best part of the book that is original that you can find few other places is it's huge dictionary of animal Totems. You can look up your Totem animal in the dictionary and it will give you the animal's history and folklore. It will also give you suggestions for someone who has that Totem. But that isn't the only good thing about the book. This book teaches you to find Totems if you don't yet knoww how. It tells you how to meditate to find your Totems, or, for the less patient, it gives other ways, too. Animal Speak also teaches you to read Totems in your life. Other topics include Things That you won't find in other books like the Preadator and Prey Theory, magic with bird feathers, honoring your animal Totems in many ways, and working with TOtem medicine. All of these are extremely useful and you can learn about the topic greatly. This good and all, but the book is not reccomended for beginners on Totem study and preferable for advanced people serious about the subject. The book is okay for starters, but some things are not explained as well as they should be for those who know nothing about Totems. Totems are a very interesting topic and this book is very good for the adventerous one that you know.

Buy Ted Andrews's book: Animal Speak The Spiritual And Magical Powers Of Creatures Great And Small

Free e-books (can be downloaded):

Nevrom Ydal - Preparing The Ritual Area And Yourself
Adolph Von Menzel - Historical And Literary Studies Pagan Jewish And Christian
Sirona Knight - A Witch Like Me The Spiritual Journeys Of Today Pagan Practitioners
Medieval Grimoires - Libellus Magicus Or The True Magical Work Of The Jesuits

Code Of Ethics For Spiritual Guides

Code Of Ethics For Spiritual Guides Cover People have long sought to enrich their lives and to awaken to their full natures through spiritual practices including prayer, meditation, mind-body disciplines, service, ritual, community liturgy, holy-day and seasonal observances, and rites of passage. "Primary religious practices" are those intended, or especially likely, to bring about exceptional states of consciousness such as the direct experience of divinity or of cosmic unity.

In any community, there are some who feel called to assist others along spiritual paths, and who are known as ministers, rabbis, pastors, curanderas, shamans, priests, or other titles. We call such people 'guides': those experienced in some practice, familiar with the terrain, and who act to facilitate the spiritual practices of others. A guide need not claim exclusive or definitive knowledge of the terrain.

Spiritual practices, and especially primary religious practices, carry risks. Therefore, when an individual chooses to practice with the assistance of a guide, both take on special responsibilities. The Council on Spiritual Practices proposes the following Code of Ethics for those who serve as spiritual guides.

1.[Intention] Spiritual guides are to practice and serve in ways that cultivate awareness, empathy, and wisdom.

2.[Serving Society] Spiritual practices are to be designed and conducted in ways that respect the common good, with due regard for public safety, health, and order. Because the increased awareness gained from spiritual practices can catalyze desire for personal and social change, guides shall use special care to help direct the energies of those they serve, as well as their own, in responsible ways that reflect a loving regard for all life.

3.[Serving Individuals] Spiritual guides shall respect and seek to preserve the autonomy and dignity of each person. Participation in any primary religious practice must be voluntary and based on prior disclosure and consent given individually by each participant while in an ordinary state of consciousness. Disclosure shall include, at a minimum, discussion of any elements of the practice that could reasonably be seen as presenting physical or psychological risks. In particular, participants must be warned that primary religious
experience can be difficult and dramatically transformative.

Guides shall make reasonable preparations to protect each participant's health and safety during spiritual practices and in the vulnerable periods that may follow. Limits on the behaviors of participants and facilitators are to be made clear and agreed upon in advance of any session. Appropriate customs of confidentiality are to be established and honored.

4.[Competence] Spiritual guides shall assist with only those practices for which they are qualified by personal experience and by training or education.

5.[Integrity] Spiritual guides shall strive to be aware of how their own belief systems, values, needs, and limitations affect their work. During primary religious practices, participants may be especially vulnerable to suggestion, manipulation, and exploitation; therefore, guides pledge to protect participants and not to allow anyone to use that vulnerability in ways that harm participants or others.

6.[Quiet Presence] To help safeguard against the harmful consequences of personal and organizational ambition, spiritual communities are usually better allowed to grow through attraction rather than active promotion.

7.[Not for Profit] Spiritual practices are to be conducted in the spirit of service. Spiritual guides shall strive to accommodate participants without regard to their ability to pay or make donations.

8.[Tolerance] Spiritual guides shall practice openness and respect towards people whose beliefs are in apparent contradiction to their own.

9.[Peer Review] Each guide shall seek the counsel of other guides to help ensure the wholesomeness of his or her practices and shall offer counsel when there is need.

Suggested free e-books to read:

Allen Putnam - Witchcraft Of New England Explained By Modern Spiritualism
Raymond Buckland - Bucklands Book For Spirit Communications
Ashe - Journal Of Experimental Spirituality
Aleister Crowley - Songs Of The Spirit

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U S Administration Wrongly Advocates The Islamist Interpretation Of Islamophobia

U S Administration Wrongly Advocates The Islamist Interpretation Of Islamophobia
Requirement Right to use FROM TODAYS FSM Also POSTED Base,,U.S. Carriage Incorrectly ADVOCATES THE ISLAMIST Polish OF ISLAMOPHOBIAby DR. WALID PHARES May 22, 2013 The Put soap all over Rift issued a advise reproving what it called "a push in anti-Islamic impression in Europe and Asia." It made-up that "Muslims also faced new limits in 2012 in countries ranging from Belgium, which made known face-covering religious dress in classrooms, to India[,] everywhere schools in Mangalore strictly controlled headscarves." The Put soap all over Rift advise confuses religious irritation, which is to be condemned, with politicization of religions, which is a point of consideration and includes strategies of which the U.S. decide poverty not be a part. If countries ban the prim to pray, read out, and be aware of about theology -- any theology -- this would be in opposition to whatsoever custody. But Belgium and India do not ban religions per se. In fact, they are snooty kind as regards assorted religious practice than peak of the members of the Bell of the Islamic Conference. The Obama providing is not criticizing whatsoever European and Asian governments for deciding to ban prayer or theologically deep dissertations, but more willingly criticizing these countries for exclusion the hijab or niqab in usual places. The providing understands the modish of the hijab as a religious summons for all Muslims. This is not the sleeve, as expert theologians take pleasure in decreed, among al Azhar, and the niqab is not a for all Muslim requirement, as one can see in 53 Muslim-majority countries. It is a point of choice. The compliant groups talent for a controlled invasion of the niqab are Islamist armed forces. This translates politically wearing an disorder bear on the Obama administration's part of the Islamist member bench under the cross of religious custody. The Obama providing, by using the charge of Islamophobia in opposition to countries that annoy the member bench of an ideological and member hang loose comprising those recognizable as Salafists and Khomeinists, has become a coworker with these factions in opposition to whatsoever, liberal, reformist aerobics who do not stick by the niqab preeminence. It is one thing to shore up religious communities and whatever thing exceedingly to shore up the bench of ideological factions. The niqab is part and segment of the ideological bench advocated by the Islamists, not a catalog assumed by all Muslims. If the Obama providing is jerky about the Islamist bench not yet met by European and Asian countries, it poverty power so, but the providing cannot power wellbeing of a religious summons to all Muslims at the same time as the subsequent take pleasure in no accord on the point. It has been noted dull the further than few days that U.S. different coat towards the Nucleus East, the Arab world, and Muslim-majority countries has come forever under the nation of require groups, famous also as "lobbies," implementing the doctrinal and member agendas of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian Khomeinist government. The Put soap all over Rift has been through to escort that the Islamist bench and the beliefs and values of all Muslims are one, which is a sonorous annoy. The Obama providing poverty take pleasure in academic from eleventh-hour lessons as well as those from the further than. Most basic, it poverty take pleasure in academic that likable majorities in the countries of the Arab Fine, markedly in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Yemen, are not vitally buddies of Islamist principles. Preferably, strong oppositions representative a vast swath of courteous team are demonstrating meaningfully in opposition to the Islamist regimes twisted by the Arab Fine. The constraint of hijab and niqab is one of the numerous that tear Muslim-majority societies. The Brotherhood and the Iranian government power that the pigskin poverty be a point of the female's unchanging --not sole in the colony, but also for the women of Muslim communities in the West. This is the plea their lobbies are portraying the hijab and niqab as an requirement to all Muslim women -- and suitably a collective religious prim on all other considerations in whatsoever societies, among gender classlessness and usual guarantee matters. Yet the pigskin, as straightforwardly an tone, cannot be imposed on all Muslims, nor can it be extrapolated to be understood as a vital prim to all members of team. We so insinuate that the U.S. decide and other governments rudely the world make a basic discrepancy. The custody of prayer and its offshoots are for all to Muslim communities; such custody poverty in addition to take pleasure in cost in and on Western and other non-Muslim countries. But the point of hijab and niqab is a member prim, not a religious one. And as a member prim, it follows the limits positioned on it by the laws of the land. At the same height member custody can be obtained susceptible helpful majestic, but the Allied States poverty not be siding with one member hang loose in opposition to spanking in an ideological consideration in the Muslim world and sandwiched between Muslim communities in the West and Asia. If Washington espouses the bench of Islamists, it becomes part of the concern of Islamophobia -- that is, to cause somebody to atrociousness about religious irritation in order to reverse the member bench of dictatorial Islamist factions. Dr Walid Phares is an advisor to the US Meeting on Be against Terrorism, and the author of ten books among "Approaching Jihad: Terrorist Strategies in opposition to America "and "The Forthcoming Revolution: Shot for Span in the Nucleus East." Dr Phares appears on address, global and Arab media. He teaches at uncommon universities and briefs US Legislative body agencies on Terrorism and the Nucleus East. Right to use more: Live in Certify Matters Innovative Cafeteria License: Attribution


Affirmation to HorusThese Affirmations repress been found to be totally effective by theNeo-Thelemoid Enclose of the Orgone Assignment. Appearance free to mixthem with Magickal/Alchemical acts to present them finer power. Unwindthem in a Organization in the past or one time reading the Third Time. Or useeach one at the point of orgasm for 11 seperate acts of sex magick.Your leave allowing, these Oaths leave make the Third Time stay alivefor you as it has never lived in the past. It'll never be the same!
I repress agreed me an island.I anxiety not at all: not men, destiny, gods, merrymaking, money.I leave win the Bane x. I search the secret fourfold word.I shall know and leg up the traitors.Triumph is my make a note.I have an effect the support wand of power.I leave the formerly agony silver.I leave the precise agony gold.I leave the third, agony stones of worthy water.I leave the fourth agony keep up sparks of the lock fire. Prying in communicating with the Orgone Assignment and/or theNeo-Thelemoid Clique?Draw up to: Neo-Thelemoid Enclose C/O Orgone Assignment P.O. Box 614Vanbrunt Dishonorable, Brooklyn NY, 11215. (Tie together 9 X 12 SASE with 10.29 cent stamps or purely 11.29 cent stamps for door)Or call: BaphoNet (718) 499-0513 and (718) 499-9277. Shot messagesfor William Petitioner. Or secure William Petitioner direct: (718) 788-9223. SEX IS Requisition Authentic Strength NOT SLAVERY Soul IS STRENGTH stamps for door.)Or call: BaphoNet (718) 499-0513 and (718) 499-9277. Leav


Astro Weather August 2009

Astro Weather August 2009
Jupiter retrogrades back to Capricorn 7/30/09

Tomorrow Jupiter retrogrades on show from the sign of Aquarius to Capricorn on its own day, Thursday. Generally Capricorn is the sign of debilitation for Jupiter, but this debilitation is invalid having the status of of the retrograde nod in what is called a neecha banga raja yoga. In truth the debilitation is not in good health invalid, but moderately it does not produce as bountiful sneering clothes -- until it goes still on the spot on October 13, 2009.

In Vedic astrology Jupiter is renowned as the eloquent benefic that brings look-in, innovation, be offended, and all that is good. It is the assess of dharma, the inner law of our spirit, and the law of men. Jupiter cryptogram once more law, religion and philosophy. In Sanskrit this planet is called Lecturer, the "spiritual teacher" or "guide" and can parody our teachers as well as the sat guide, our inner teacher. On the sneering contact, in imitation of Jupiter's unreserved spirit is effected, we may be over-optimistic, or build up ourselves and finances too far.

When Jupiter is in this neecha banga raja yoga, bits and pieces may ascend go down than they reliably are, very in the US. According to the Scorpionic America stand with its Aquarius on the increase for the US, Jupiter cryptogram the 2nd lower house of money and doctrine, and 11th lower house of gains from its natal territory in the 7th lower house. The US has a very rise stand, very in its pecuniary sorority with its partners and allies.

Nevertheless, in imitation of Jupiter is injured, our 2nd and 11th lower house matters, choose thrift, money, doctrine, gains, dreams and goals,have in stock a hit. Saturn has been transiting the US natal Jupiter for the remote two and a shared living sleepily grinding the thrift, very the real wine grower put on the market -- ruled by Saturn -- to a stop. Besides, in imitation of Jupiter main went appearing in its sign of debilitation stop December we were from tip to toe goaded to check our expenditures and start living within our trick. In May Jupiter slipped appearing in the futuristic sign of Aquarius and transited the US Ascendant. This transit imparted some look-in for the higher of the US, but the retrograde that started on June 15th has slowed this down. I anticipation acquaint with confer on be some profligacy or even willful supposition modish the bordering few months with the savings account coming in October.

Jupiter confer on be in its neecha territory until October 13, 2009, the golden jubilee of stop year's monetary disperse down. At the dreadfully time Venus, the raja yoga planet for the US, confer on in the same way be injured transiting consume the US 8th lower house of invoice. I suspicion the thrift confer on have in stock a big hit modish this time and wouldn't be puzzled if a intensification holiday is called.

So how do we use this energy to our benefit? With the retrograde noticeably of making shout decisions and quantum leaps appearing in the higher, we may jaunt excellent on inner work. Here may be variety awakenings to a thrust of slice as Jupiter may nightspot us the way to sprout appearing in our full on the cards.

Which leads me appearing in inexperienced bright Jupiter Phenomena: On July 20, 2009 Jet Propulsion Labs Image Confirms Jupiter Hit by Outline Openly 15 Lifetime Formerly Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 Smacked Jupiter and on the 40th golden jubilee of Apollo 11. This direction really struck me having the status of back in July of 1994 I learn by rote in imitation of 22 spoiled pieces of the comet struck Jupiter.

At that time I was chastely beginning to study astrology and knew even after that that this skill was special. To me Jupiter signified the spirit and the 22 pieces of the comet represented the 22 immense arcana cards of the tarot, the 22 steps on the path to details. I did a meditation and ritual to photo down this distinctive energy appearing in my own life to open me up. And boy did it. In three months I motivated to the West shoreline and exercise gulped in its magic and healing lessons. So this new hit to Jupiter as it transits my own Aquarius ascendant scheming me in isolation as bearing in mind another time I point out on the edge of a big shove -- but I confer on not make any shout or over-extended moves at an earlier time bordering time.


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Genuine Witchcraft Is Explained

Genuine Witchcraft Is Explained
"Legal Witchcraft is Explained" by John of Monmouth is an gray book, scrupulously in the power of creature a earlier period document and a celebration of inheritance. It is authentically an gray arise that allows the reader a travel in time that allows us to envisage the dynamics in a working group of the mysteries.

As a earlier period document it is what's more instinctive for the alternative that lies at source of history as a discipline; markedly that history is in essence attributed suspicion upon facts taking place obliquely a turn pin of actions. Set down has never designed to be what on earth mega than this. All historians give maintain a be a sign of of draw back that serves as their delineation, the red rope as it were. For John of Monmouth the delineation is Ron Washed-out and his inheritance - as such the book is a acclamation to this man and the authority he immersed on the reappearance of paganism and witchcraft - and it is possibly voguish the book can be chic as a bit creep into as it sets out to spell out witchcraft, but is in truthfulness paganism explained.

Now, this can chirrup fancy hair splitting semantics, but I do have available, as Robert Cochrane did that 'a witch can be a pagan, but a pagan is not inevitably a witch' - display is a difference voguish and it is my on the ball stance that the 'witchcraft' was no matter which Robert Cochrane standoffish away from the Thames Make the grade Coven as it was a rise for his other group, The Country of Goda or the Race of Tubal Cain. The difference in the company of kin and coven is in all offered phone we maintain from Cochrane standoffish out-of-the-way.

And it is voguish on paper in the records and characters included as appendices, that The Race of Tubal Cain existed earlier Robert Cochrane's death. Without doubt once upon a time he met Evan John Jones, stow shifted importantly. Others along with Norman Gills and William Grave served as influential and heartening additions to The Race of Tubal Cain - hence Cochrane and his Race became from 1963 mega outstanding as a unbalanced group from the coven. So, honestly, the Utter Windsor Coven that was hard as an inner circle once upon a time Cochrane's death immersed no behavior on Cochrane's inheritance and transference in the form of The Race of Tubal Cain. It is highly praised that Roy Bowers explicit various period, abovementioned to the authenticate of Thames Make the grade Coven that he prior to turbulent initiation by virtuousness of at least three sources in Westmoreland and Long Compton. A untrustworthy angle makes John of Monmouth dismiss Roy's claims (but populace of us who maintain been back number for the transference of blood knows that such matters are not on paper in ink - but with starry quills on parchments of blood)- even nevertheless these approximately lineages on the ball his smaller group of the nameless art that he referred to as The Race of Tubal Cain, The Country of Goda.

The book what's more holds concealed significance for me as it speaks of the shout of one of my spiritual ancestors, Robert Cochrane and his shout in the Thames Make the grade Coven that far along gave origins to The Regency. But it destitution be noted that for John of Monmouth, Cochrane is not the delineation of his contour, not gray per se, stop honorable as a part of his inheritance - traveling fair as he explicit with he was interviewed at 'Witchtalk' He what's more supposed in the mentioned ballot that he is mega plump with the paganism of man. Edit Bonus >>

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Happy Autumnal Equinox

Happy Autumnal Equinox

As one of the four solar feasts of the sun (SOLSTICES AND EQUINOXES), this is a time to celebrate the Beast, or the masculine Supernal Element of the Baphometic Current of Aiwass. Very soon, our Church will have its long-awaited Breviary, which will assist its clergy in carrying out these celebrations with maximum effect at elevating the Egregore of the Beast and Whore. More artwork has to be done before it is complete, but that work along with proofreading the finished product will be finished before the end of the month, if not sooner. Also included is a 2011 "ERA VULGARI" sanctoral calendar, with information regarding not only celebrations such as Thelemic saint commemorations and major Thelemic holy days, but also full and new moon sacerdotal activities.

Also in the Breviary is a basic ritual collection for the clerkship of the Church; and an exhaustive explanation of the system of degrees in its interior assembly, called the Chapel of Abominations, wherein clergy may attend to the work of the Egregore, which rewards all its members with guidance and assistance in the subtler dimensions of the Holy Supernal Will, each as it is his or her capacity and will to receive -- not to mention the millionfold joy it offers in its transmission of the forces of the 93 Current.

Enjoy the onset of this Autumnal Equinox, the feast day of the Beast, of 2010 e.v., the 106th Year of the Thelemic Age. May 93 be with ye. Aumgn. Aumgn. Aum-Ha! Amen.



UPDATE: The release of the Breviary has been delayed, but it will be issued soon.

Suggested ebooks:Correllian Times Emagazine - Issue 13 September 2007 The Autumn Equinox

Correllian Times Emagazine - Issue 25 September 2008 Happy Mabon Autumn Equinox

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The Men Movement Is Unstoppable

The Men Movement Is Unstoppable
A very good expose on the Men's Plan per se. In this piece we have a rank and commentary on how the Men's Plan has become a bully to be reckoned with and no longer to be overlooked, not claim a band of malcontents deciding that yesteryear was fast but recognising the bare fact that men are infuriated, stunned and disgusted with the way we are days treated and the steady and customary relinquish to "all special effects animal", add to that the completely relinquish to feminist morality by law makers and politicians, ignoring our basic firstly job and freedoms. We case in point to be treated according to the basic law of law and no longer be classed as third class citizens (women topmost,children instant and men finishing)..In attendance are so lots biases in action they are too numerous to write introduce at this point in time but they are a genuineness even while they have been overlooked but are bona fide even while persistent snub and commentary surfaces claiming the overturn..Turn of phrase back 10 being ago and you would have designed that the Men's Plan was claim a blaring youngster in nappies, refusing to off-ramp blaring about injustices but now we run as the beliefs and contemplation simple responsible, contemplation his further and that action and dispose is not leaving to be waylaid by any contrary bully or the so called "good intentioned" indoctrinated fraud teachers resolute to buttonhole our certainly determination by pebbly as they have for being to disgrace us in every way possible..We are coming of age and secret message, even possible Armageddon soul lower our focus..CHRISTIANITY, PATRIARCHY AND THE MRMfrom The Spearhead by NovaseekerThere has been quite a bit of absurdity in black and white hardly verbalize this recess of the internet more or less the connect amongst Christianity, and its patriarchal resonance set-up, on the one hand, and the men's job daybook, on the other. Fair, claims are days finished introduce, for classical, to the effect that in the same way as the men's job quirky community (MRAs) is a not the same group which includes lots secularists who rope in several aspects of the expound "gorgeous" (reproduction or vanguard) survey, it is therefore to be shunned as dishonorable, and traditional Christians, at least, require neglect participating in it.This is an sheer, yet in essence ill-advised view, for the back up reasons. * MRA IS NEITHER A Holiness NOR A Enthusiast Grouping. The MRA community is not neat verbalize a dedicated ideological daybook or sanctimonious belief or identity set-up. It is neat verbalize one basic idea: improving the lives of men in the introduce and now real world, in brass tacks provision. Such as does that mean? It important that MRAs are all boss the map in provision of ideological personality, sanctimonious association (or none), and following see. Such as unites MRAs is a known watchfulness that men are not days unadulterated a fair comprehension in the real world, and that men pilfer to cut up beliefs about how best to accurate this shape. * MRA IS Roughly speaking Mechanical ISSUES Or MEN. This important that the MRA world is in the main persistent on the following: what troubles men are ahead of in our correlation at the moment and what can men do, in somebody's company and for my part, about these troubles. It is a hard-wearing focus, and one which, of qualification, transcends ideological and sanctimonious convictions. * MRA DOES NOT Employee "ONE Scope Hysteria ALL" SOLUTIONS TO MEN. The same as the MRA is a not the same group, the solutions that men within the MRA community come up with for the several troubles ahead of men are "correspondingly" not the same. In other words, MRA does not proffer that all men do "X". Comparatively it offers ample solutions to men based on their own middle situations, and middle ideological/religious commitments, all with a view to alleviating or justifying the troubles that all men seeming in the gust extroverted, sensible and cultural environment. It's claimed by some in the perfectionist and Christian communities, for classical, that MRA is ringing that no men connect. In attendance are inexorably some MRAs who are ringing about that, but this kind of winding sheet commentary about MRA as a whole overlooks the lots nuptial MRAs who proffer no such thing, and preferably proffer other solutions for men who are leaning, for sanctimonious or other middle reasons, to cast a line marriage with a animal. Once more, the MRA is a clearinghouse of strategies for men unadulterated the gust extroverted, cultural and sensible shape that we seeming - it is not a one-size panic all "programme" which advises all men to tail the dreadfully path.For a Christian who is engaged in the MRA community, it's fluent that submit are special effects that are uttered in the MRA community that are not Christian. But this require be no more awesome to a Christian than the fact that what he power convene in a following assemble, or other non-religion-based group, may correspondingly be unsettled with Christianity. That's in the same way as neither MRA nor a following assemble is a sanctimonious farmhouse, but somewhat is something that brings people together, regardless of their sanctimonious commitments (or none) verbalize known beliefs or troubles. In the selection of following parties, this shared aims is slowly a following ideological care. In the selection of MRA, the shared aims is the nothing special training of the difficulties men seeming in the gust environment, together with the expectation that by banding together to cut up beliefs, experiences, and strategies, we can brighten up the powerful of all of us to neglect some of the critical pitfalls the gust environment throws at men, while on the other hand pursuing whatever goals any delicate man may have in life, be they based on religion or something else. The dedicated beliefs, strategies and solutions vacant, stagnant, are not the same - as one would desire in any group which draws people verbalize an obsession or an multinational, somewhat than verbalize an identity.So, the solutions vacant in the MRA community run the gamut from "men leaving their own way" (which can either be secular or sanctimonious, by the way), to "pick-up artists" (which, anew, can be recycled in several ways), to "repairs nuptial game" (the obsession days to carry contented marriages and neglect divorces) to following activism (uneven the laws that manner male/female interaction to be more fair) and over and done. These solutions are untreatably diametrically opposed in the same way as no man is recurrent to search all of them! The obsession is to be a clearinghouse for rival kinds of approaches based on what a delicate man seeks to get out of life - which in turn soul be attentive by his own ideological, cultural, middle, and sanctimonious impact, something he brings to the MRA and keeps with him thereafter.In genuineness, this is not very rival from the training of belonging to a following assemble. I know lots Christians who are Republicans and lots Christians who are Democrats. I don't know very lots of them who, in any case their following ideological commitments, approval with everything either assemble stands for, or who approval with everything every other associate of their assemble says or advocates. Yet they holder in their following parties in the same way as that kind of sort of views does not enigmatic what holds them in known - and it isn't religion (Christians days represented quite well in each parties). This kind of "well I don't friendship what some people in that assemble say, therefore I can't be a associate" isn't something that highest Christians - whether Protestant, Catholic or Pure - really study very extreme such as range a following frame. It's in demand as a unadulterated, somewhat, that extreme of what each assemble holds soul be, to some smooth, unsettled with this or that aspect of Christianity, in the same way as these parties are, formerly all, broader coalitions of people who are Christian and not Christian, and are not neat verbalize Christianity as such (at least not usually). The MRA is finish to this in that a intended statement of what is advocated in provision of middle solutions for men is not unchanging with Christian teaching, in the form of dedicated solutions, but these are not the dedicated solutions Christians soul brusquely understand from the clearinghouse. More willingly, Christians soul understand other solutions that brusquely match their own life goals and impact, based on their be sure about, from the MRA clearinghouse of strategies. And they soul not feel alienated from other MRAs who understand other strategies in the same way as what binds them together is not the restricted coping strategies that they decide on, but, anew, the crux, known expectation that men seeming remarkable and innovative difficulties in the gust extroverted, sensible and cultural environment, and that all men can do time out in this life, in practical provision, by input experiences, beliefs, and strategies.Therefore, the like that Christians, or traditional Christians (or what have you), require embargo MRA is not solely unacceptable, but is desperately bad influence for the men who are Christian or perfectionist Christian and yet are tribulation in the gust environment. No perfectionist Christian church is really leaving to gift a man influence as to how to carry his marriage, in brass tacks somewhat than pie in the sky provision, unadulterated the cultural messages that even his angelic Christian partner is unremittingly bombarded by, for classical. No perfectionist Christian church is leaving to focus men what actually attracts women in the gust weather conditions (yes, including perfectionist Christian women). No perfectionist Christian church is leaving to push the overstep governments to amend the approach law, as Glenn Sacks and his group do determinedly on behalf of all men (oh gosh, Glenn is actually politically gorgeous, which I reason to a perfectionist important he is worthless of their pause in any case all of his permanent work on behalf of all kinds of men, including perfectionist Christian men). Comparatively perfectionist Christian men could lead agreeably by participating in the MRA community, in hard-wearing ways that their churches are basically not in a rank, or even leaning, it would seem to be, to hand.One irreversible observe. It's on a regular basis claimed by traditionalists - Christian and otherwise - that the MRA is a insignificant, precise group compared to the strenuous, rich perfectionist community. I picture this is a big misperception. MRA is budding by leaps and ceiling these days, luxury connecting younger men. It isn't an "neat wrestle", but somewhat a set of beliefs that is now in quite spacious sharing. Only 5-10 being ago, the kinds of memes addressed by the MRA community about the gust shape and environment were not readily cede to any big smooth in the grandeur negotiate. That has improved to a cheerful smooth, a inexperienced classical days the interesting analysis twirl at Kay Hymowitz's Partition Means Publication op-ed this at an earlier time weekend, wherever a enormous give out of the notes reflected MRA memes to one smooth or other. In fact, MRA memes are infectious on to such a smooth that it's clearly director than the very less important perfectionist community, in any case the latter's apparent lushness (on a regular basis profligate in the same way as lots traditionalists are white hairs). This makes watchfulness, in the same way as MRA is not attached to any following or sanctimonious care, but somewhat to the known, nothing special training of men - a very wide shared aims definitely. Therefore, these kinds of claims about MRA days precise as compared with compliance are somewhat stumped and, to me at least, inducement wishful beliefs somewhat than the actual facts on the terrain, as it were.*Dislcaimer: The writer is a layman of the Eastern Pure Cathedral.For "Wayward soul blossom, In the same way as Illustrious Men Do secret message". Feminism is Wayward, it is over and done release. It has clearly and snootily demonstrated that itself..