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Ogou St Jacques Le Majeur

Ogou St Jacques Le Majeur
St Jacques Le Majeur, a very large Lwa in Haitian culture.He is an Ogou, a Nago lwa- God of War, skeleton in the cupboard under the Rada. Ogou bestows capture in war and he fights any clash impressively.

Ogou is a powerful warrior god who represents all aspects of power, zeal, and masculinity, as well as war, fire, lightning, politics, and metalworking. He is smarmy wrap up to Zeus in Greek religion/mythology. As such Ogou is searing, powerful, triumphal.

St Jacques Le Most important is a spirit and shareholder for blacksmiths and metal and marketable the herd,men in the armed services. He bestows capture in Battles,he gives result in Lotto,he makes men lucky in believable steeplechaser races. He is very powerful,he can guise in being and commonly seen on his white steeplechaser. He favors women, he is time-honored as a ladies man, and protects them,some women in Haiti conjure up him for help after they discover a esteem,taking into account to well a authorization or visa to come to the US. He bestows blessings surrounded by them.

As primary of the Ogous, he has a few Escorts, which we thoroughgoing companions, Badagri, Balanjo, Je rouj, St George...and supercilious..he is well dead on for each one Erzulies. When he is with you,commonly Dantor would be an get the message to him,though she does not babble on extreme equally it is his repeated. To work with him requires earsplitting understanding,he is not a patient man,he is revolutionary in thoughts,can be tightly but forever cuff. When he is with you,no weapon or arms can cut or harm your flesh. He inner self make certain your defended. He is disappoint smartly and can be infuriated out of the blue. He can ask the insect serveteur to be his bride,he inner self leg an build in in time to his women,he is the primary of all the erzulies,they all system him moreover he is the leader of supreme simbies loas and other loas. Agwe is moreover part of his military group,all of them work together as a bumpiness.

St George dinner is often vast in conjunction with James in July 25th. Desire to St James's the Extreme Or Santiago, he is the primary Ogou, he is called the For all, the turn of phrase Majeur resources Most important, For all the Most important.This month, pay him a small hitch, even say a prayer to St James on the 25h of July his dinner day,you can use this image or St George or each one.

Let Ogou fight your battles, his days are Wednesdays-However you can thoroughgoing on Ogou on any day, nevertheless he belongs to the Rada Clique, a Nago origin, God of War, he can moreover display Petwo aspects.

Offerings: Goats, Chickens, red and Black roosters, red rum.

COLORS: Red or Darkness violet,Khaki or Conservationist Navy colors/print, Navy Hats or a shirt can go on his Altar.

CANDLE: Redness, Red or Lilac

EMBLEM: a Machete, either rotten or Corroded. Red scarves or Lilac, an Navy sense swallow with a hat, military equipments can go on his altar, he is a shareholder for throng, control officers, firemen, Blacksmiths, Foil makers, Welders- Ogou employs all these men!

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