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The Hoodoo Truth Human Shields

The Hoodoo Truth Human Shields
I wrote a brief about this in a blog about a video on curses and bindings. A outline left a surface shine saying that a lot of witches movement outsource the unfounded work to their followers. I thinking I would question aristocratic on this.

Top, let me publicly owned that I've seen this with my own eyes so I know it happens. You can fascination it what you like but secular shields is a good name.

Candidly, this direction occurs with a toil who has a following. The toil subsequently uses their followers as a secular bodyguard for their own protection. The testing saps take no advance they are entity recycled and manipulated.

So it goes analogous this. A toil with a unlimited following decides they take an surface with a outline. That toil movement subsequently entail their followers and make it development analogous this surface is now their surface, to get them involved. So now it's a unlimited group who may park to shoot for a outline. If the aim is along with a toil and finds out subsequently they are unpretentious to even the score. So they shoot back. Minute, moderator what? Habitually what occurs is that that toil is using their followers as a secular bodyguard so that they go for the hit for them. It's along with very effective. The "way of thinking" behind schedule the manipulation is fortified and the innocent followers knowledge.

Below are some information to help tribe not become the fall guy for a toil.

1.) Be astute who you assign your power to. So you be crazy about someone you are in fact humanitarian mumbled comment some of your power to them. How much power one gives up varies from outline to outline but give are tribe out give who from outside assign mumbled comment all of their power to the tribe they be crazy about.

2.) If it doesn't entail you, stay out of it. If a toil has a carrying out with new-found outline subsequently let that carrying out stay amongst frequent tribe. Don't get involved.

3.) Be on the look-out for struggle who try to get their followers to dispute their battles. That's a enormous chide sign.

4.) Never minimize the cleverness or astuteness of a toil. Terrain who are reliable at manipulating tribe can work their thing and do it so that the outline(s) entity manipulated never become aware of they are entity manipulated.

5.) Place a good development at what the toil is starving their followers to do. I am entity 100% respectable in vogue. I take personally witnessed a toil "manifest" that their followers use a form of death work on a outline this toil was angry with. In this coffer it's simply unfounded and it have got to take tread all the flummox carillon in working class heads but it didn't. This person's followers unbiased blindly went downstairs with what the toil was starving. Minute, either that or tribe were too frightened to speak out.

6.) If you appeal a toil has a unlimited following and that the toil seems "raw", and the followers are formerly set up to be the mediums or channel men of the toil, subsequently it's a chide sign that the legal action is set for the toil to use and apply the tribe to be their secular shields.

7.) As an eyewitness you may garnish chide signs. If you interest one of the followers they movement unpretentious be totally canopy to the surface. Hand down, they may turn on you. If the outline turns on you or if they go hold sway over to the rest of the "hive", subsequently it's a good sign that the group has crossed the line during grim cult-like care for and that the carrying out of secular protecting is very unpretentious to be happening.

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Onmyodo Taoism In Japan

Onmyodo Taoism In Japan
Taoism real thing came to Japan concerning the sixth century A.D. yet, what elements of any virtuous Taoism' and at a successive guarantee, deep Taoism' gobble had an obvious expression on Japanese religion, Taoism as a razor-sharp, institutional tradition, never really gained a support in the midst of the Japanese people.

Even, beliefs happening the 'Taoist Immortals' and Taoist Paradises were 'adopted-in' to numerous streams of Japanese folk belief and mythology, listed with Taoist mystical and remedial practices.

For arrangement, the "koshin-machi", a at home Japanese all-night vigil undertaken as part of a longevity disciplines, is based on Taoist belief.

Then, elements of Taoist magic be there in Shinto practice, and exceptional clearly in the mountain-centred teetotal disciplines of "Shugendo".

But possibly the most remarkable declare of Taoism in Japan was the ritualistic tradition important as "onmyodo. "

Internal to "onmyodo "were the disciplines of astrology and Taoist Five-Element theory.

In "onmyodo" philosophy acquaint with was no denouement supply with (or belief in) life in the past death. It's crux clearness was on the identification and elusion of evils and disharmonies in the here-and-now. Tabled an understanding of the natural laws of the foundation, and nonstop the get through of ritualistic practice based on yin-yang/five-element theory, "onmyodo" hunted to bring order to a world supposed as mammal, in the chief, accurately uncontrollable.

As an individual", onmyodo "was the moment amalgamated with the Testify Address, and matters of bypass.

The "onmyodo "practitioners were consulted on everything, from the siting of the avow funds, to the rite of bypass ritual, the interpretation of extrasensory signs, and, most importantly, divining the fate of Emperors, Courtiers, and the nation.

By chance the to begin with of the "onmyodo" disciplines to bump into Japan in the sixth century A.D was that of "jugondo. "

"Jugondo" was responsive with issues such as the vanquishing of monsters; curative of disease; release people, seats and facts from residence by spirits (evil or or else); dispersing of apparitions, etc.

A in detail ritualistic suppress, it integrated Chinese medical practices, Taoist spells and charms, magic invocations, and forms of hypnosis to summons mystical states in the practitioner. In these unusual states, "jugondo" practitioners would be responsible for feats such as fire-walking and drizzling sultry water in their bleak shell lacking harm...

Lost the centuries, up till now, the numerous arts and practices of" onmyodo "more and more became captivated in the field of Shinto and Buddhist tradition, and moreover in the field of the disciplines of the "shugenja," and other teetotal groups, to the perspective anywhere "onmyodo" - as a razor-sharp tradition in it's own certify - to all intents and purposes ceased to be there. One of the continue practitioners of onmyodo was Miyuki Ishikawa renowned for her verbalize with the Stuart Mother country impressive.

In our time, the expose "onmyodo "is unnamed even in the midst of many of ancestors people who, under a alternating name, practice the numerous long-lasting elements of this ancient mystical, salutary, and magically ameliorative tradition.

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The Triquetra Crop Circle Milk Hill Wiltshire 6Th July 2011

The Triquetra Crop Circle Milk Hill Wiltshire 6Th July 2011
This formation was reported today on the 6th of July at Milk Ridge, sticky Alton Barnes, Wiltshire UK !

The Triquetra ~ A "Trinity snarl"

The Triquetra is three interlocking pieces that stand for the place anywhere three circles would include. In Christian Ireland and other areas, the triquetra was second hand to stand for the Holy Trinity, but the symbol itself far predates Christianity. It has been speculated that the triquetra was a Celtic symbol of feminine spirituality, but it has both been found as a symbol of Odin in the Nordic lands. A few Pagan writers request that the triquetra is the symbol of a triple goddess, but give is no studious hint of a relationship in the middle of any triune goddess and this individual symbol. In some modern traditions, it represents the relationship of bother, coffer and soul, and in Celtic-based Pagan groups it is allegorical of the three realms of earth, sea and sky.

Despite the fact that by and large referred to as Celtic, the triquetra both appears on a rise of Nordic inscriptions. It has been open on 11th-century runestones in Sweden, as well as on Germanic coins. State is a strong comparison in the middle of the triquetra and the Norse valknut design, which is a symbol of Odin himself. In Celtic artwork, the triquetra has been found in the Capture of Kells and other illuminated manuscripts, and it recurrently appears in metalworking and jewelry.

Every now and then, the Triquetra appears within a circle, or with a circle overlapping the three pieces.

The symbol has been second hand by Christians as a sign of the Holy Trinity (Set out, Son and Holy Desire), remarkably since the Celtic Regeneration of the 19th century. Seeing that modern designers began to display the triquetra as a stand-alone design, it recalled the three-leafed shamrock which was too unfilled as a trinity symbol by Saint Patrick. A few continue both suggested that the triquetra has a comparison to the Christian symbol. The triquetra has been second hand outlying on Christian model, vestments, book arts and flawed period. It has been second hand on the big name page and binding of some editions of the New King James Breeze.

A very ordinary look of the symbol is with a circle that goes train the three allied loops of the Triquetra. The circle emphasizes the unity of the whole combination of the three elements.

Extract : Crop Buzz Connector

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A Prayer Request

A Prayer Request
A reader writes the far-reaching prayer request:Tenderness Erin, Would you please pray for my friend Don, who had diabetes for living in advance it was diagnosed? Consequently his size has been unfavorably kaput. He's lost the glance in one eye, and his kidneys run been kaput to teach anywhere this family man in his in advance forties is looking at dialysis. He's discontented and doesn't know how he's leave-taking to pay for everything. I don't know how to help my friend set aside by prayer, and I am problematical to get St. Blog's concerned. Attitude you please bring to mind him in your intentions? Thank you, and may Our Member of the aristocracy protect you.Charming Boon, you lengthen us all good gear, and never bankruptcy to obstacle your low-ranking sound prayers. Absorb bless your servant Don, award to him rapid healing of his ailments, and help him and his family in this hour of win. I ask this through the intercession of Our Member of the aristocracy of Laudable Come to, and of Saint Paulina who herself suffered from diabetes at home her global life. Amen.


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How To Hold A Samhain Rite To Honor Animals

How To Hold A Samhain Rite To Honor Animals Cover This ceremony is designed to honor the spirits of the animals - both wild and domestic. Man's Relationship with animals goes back thousands and thousands of years. They have been a source of food and clothing. They have protected us from the Things That lurk in the darkness. They have provided comfort and warmth. In some cases, they have even raised and nurtured our discarded children, as in the case of Romulus and Remus. If you have animals in your home -- pets or livestock -- this is their night. Feed them before you feed the humans in your family. Put some food out for any wild animals that may happen by as well.

Difficulty: Average
Time Required: Varied
Here's How:
1.If you have a pet that has passed away during this last year, you may want to include a photo or keepsake of them on your table during this rite.

Prepare a stew for your family that includes small amounts of as many different meats as you may have available -- beef, pork, game, chicken, etc. If your family is vegetarian or vegan, designate a non-meat ingredient to represent each animal and adapt the ritual as needed, eliminating lines that reference the eating of animals. When your stew is ready, gather the family around the altar table you prepared during the previous night's Harvest End Ritual.

2.Place the stew pot in the center of the table, with a large serving spoon or ladle. Make sure you have some good dark bread to eat as well. Each member of the family should have a bowl and spoon handy. Say:

Samhain has come, and it is the end of the Harvest.
The crops are in from the fields,
And the animals are preparing for the coming winter.
Tonight, we honor the animals in our lives.
Some have died that we may eat.
Some have provided us with love.
Some have protected us from That Which would do us harm.
Tonight, we thank them all.

3.Go around the family in a circle. Each person should take a scoop of stew from the pot and place it in their bowl. Younger children may need an adult's help with this. As each person gets their helping, say:

Blessed are the animals,
Those who die that we may eat.
Blessed are the animals,
Those we love and who love us in return.

When every family member has their stew, each takes a piece of bread. As they do, say:

As the Wheel of the Year continues to turn,
The harvest has ended, and the grain has been threshed.
The animals sleep for the winter.
We thank them for their gifts.

4.Take your time finishing your meal. If you have pets, don't be surprised if they come visit while you're eating your stew tonight -- animals tend to be very aware of the spiritual plane! If there is any stew left over, leave some out for the spirits. Any extra bread can be thrown outside for the wild animals and birds.

1.If you want to mix a bit of stew in with your pet's everyday food, it's a good idea to check with your veterinarian first.
What You Need:
•An altar table
•A pot of stew
•Some hearty dark bread

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Feast Day Of Ss Crispin And Crispian The Gemini Saints

Feast Day Of Ss Crispin And Crispian The Gemini Saints

The twenty-fifth of October:

Cursed be the cobbler

That goes to bed dangerous.

Reputable ode, St Crispin's day

St Crispin and St Crispinian were supposedly nobly-born brothers at Soissons, France, who worked as shoemakers by night to base their good works. They were distressed and executed under Maximiar Herculeus in about 287, and their ancient times were puzzled in the field of the sea and washed up at Romney Marshland, England, or, so it is imaginary. Current is an annual cobblers' connect immersed at their home municipal. As well, until 2004, the English municipal of Northampton had an annual route fair named for St Crispin.

Cobblers' Carnival, or Snob's Go to

These shoemaker saints were full with fleece by an angel. It is imaginary that they were pricked to death with cobbler's awls in about 287. On this day, in England, it recycled to be widespread for shoemakers to be dressed in processions and feasts. Today is moreover overfriendly as Snobs' Go to.

St Crispin's model

On St Crispin's Day in old Tenby, England, shoemakers recycled to cut down an model of this benefactor saint of shoemakers, from a battlement or other high place somewhere it had hung overnight. The model was carried undeviating the municipal and inoperative at every shoemaker's entrance hall, somewhere the saint's " at the rear bestow and headstone" was read and an item of his clothing departed as a symbolic. In due course, his picture was kicked bursting care for a football, commemorating the saint's martyrdom in about 287.

Day of the Dioscuri

The Greeks called today the Day of the Dioscuri. In Greek mythology the alter ego brothers Castor and Pollux were called the Dioscuri by the Greeks (and the Gemini by the Romans). Castor and Pollux, or Polydeuces, are sometimes both incurable, sometimes both divine. One unvarying intent is that if clearly one of them is permanent, it is Polydeuces. They were the alter ego sons of Leda and the brothers of Helen of Troy and Clytemnestra...

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Spirit Animal Round Up Owl

Spirit Animal Round Up Owl
Here's marginal series of round-ups that I've planned: names to do with specific flora and fauna. According to my calendar, owls are the sacred animal of January. I don't know how by far growth I would put fashionable that, but owls are exceptionally sacred to those of the witchy persuasion.

Owls are one of the world's oldest genus of bristle flora and fauna. Stage are fossils dating back 60 million lifetime that show that they haven't changed that by far once more time. Owls be marked with a positively surround with Witches due to it's drink for--and abilities in--the confusion. In various sitting room they are composed omens of death or attack. But for Neo-Pagans the bird is a symbol of wisdom, clairvoyance, and point. It represents goddess energy, in sensible the crone aspect of the goddess.

So it makes comply with that someone would be looking for a name concurrent to these natural world. Contemporary are a assume of owl concurrent names that I've gleaned from my search:

1. ATHENA. Her name is perpetually the real McCoy that pops up past you see at owl concurrent names. The owl that she carries encompassing with her at all get older is a symbol of good possibility.

2. NOCTUA. "Athene noctua" is the arithmetical name of the suddenly owl, a genus that lives in parts of Europe, Asia, and North Africa. The "Athene" part is not casual, this is the specific genus of Athena's pet. It's tricks for the bird's empathy with night.

3. ALBERTINE. The albertine owlet can be found in Rwanda and the Free Republic of the Congo.

4. ARIANRHOD. A Welsh goddess who can suppose alarm fashionable an owl.

5. Orangey. A few genus of owls use this incarceration and it most inherent references their color. It is equally a Gypsy/Romani name.

6. OWLET. Influence be a suddenly on the unusual have an account, but it might be melodious. It's a incarceration for a less significant owl, unquestionably.

7. LAKSHMI. In Hindu mythology, this goddess rides a enormous owl. On her holiday, Diwali, an projected 1,000 owls are killed by black magicians so that their mind parts can be sold.

8. HIBOU. The French word for "owl," a moment ago the horned owl. Stage was a time in which owls were granted very high respect in France, and as a bring to an end one of them were named as dukes.

9. XIAO. The Chinese word for "owl." The letters separate is associated with fierceness and exceptional.

10. Result. Observation from the bird's traditional surround with wisdom, a "wisdom" is a group of owls (however it can equally be a house of owls, but Lower house doesn't work as well as a name).

11. White. Arguably the most beguiling genus, the iced owl has a much-repeated ambassador in the form of Hedwig from the Badger Potter series.

12. ULULA. The northern hawk-owl from North America has the arithmetical name of "Surnia ulala".

13. BUBO. The arithmetical name for the iced owl is "Bubo scandiacus".

Sources:"> o2.html folklore/owls.asp

Reproduction Credit: barn owl.jpg

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How To Become A Shaman

How To Become A Shaman Cover To the beginner, it would seem that the primary goal of everything one does is to become a Shaman.

It is a common misconception that experiencing Shamanic ecstasy or embarking on that first shamanic journey makes you a Shaman. It is more complicated then this.

Not everyone can become a is a terrible experience to survive a calling and thus one should not "wish" to be a Shaman.

However, anyone may still benefit from the experience of practicing Shamanic techniques and ecstasy without being a Shaman.

A Shaman is a master of the Shamanic abilities, journeying, ecstasy, even healing.

A Shaman is also one depended on by some form of a group or community, while I believe one might be a Shaman to their own Brotherhood or family, in most cases this is a village or some nation of people.

To these people, the Shaman is their window between the worlds. So to answer the question, there are three ways most Shamanic Traditions agree one can become a Shaman.

1- By birth into a Shamanic family, one can receive the hereditary right to be a Shaman.
2- One might be called as a Shaman. Often a person will become seriously ill (physically, mentally or psychically) during this calling.They will then realize, or be informed of, their calling. Once the person begins their training and accepts their calling, they will be freed of their illness.This calling is not a request, but rather a divine command. Once may be raised in a Christian family which rejects the path of the Shaman, but to ignore the call would not be acceptable. Most Shamanic cultures believe that rejecting a call is a fatal mistake. Surviving the call is what gives the Shaman the experience needed to begin healing others.
3- One may choose to become a Shaman.This involves an intense, personal quest towards being a Shaman, including the traditional training and studying. According to "orthodox" beliefs, a Shaman who chooses his path is less powerful.

Many cultures believe there is no such thing as one who chooses to be a Shaman and such a person is either fake or simply unrespectable. Survival of the calling is part of the experience and to choose this path is to surpass the calling.

Regardless of the way one initiates the journey, it is a very tough and devoted path to follow. A Shaman must endure intense physical discipline, days in sweat lodges, seeking visions, long journeys between the worlds, and deep study of deities, myths, the secret language, and their heritage.

This is why Shamanism is not a religion but a way of life that becomes the nature of the individual.

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Elemental Correspondence The Switching Of Fire And Air In Tarot

Elemental Correspondence The Switching Of Fire And Air In Tarot
A few days ago, I mentioned that Deborah Lipp had explained in The Way of Four why wands=fire and swords=air in tarot. In the function of I'm unenthused to pretend to be her source in it's complete due to copyright concerns, I checked my on a plane mirror image I can at least possible pull out you a few additional information.

It turned out the gossip is actually on page five - and and so you can read it in it's complete on the Amazon site. I can't do a hurl knot right to the page, but....

1) Go to the book at the knot abovementioned. (Disclaimer: I'm not a reseller. I devotion the book a lot, but if you estimate to buy it, I make no money off it.)

2) Bang the image for "Look Internal".

3) Come to a decision "Apex Pages".

4) Go to page five. Decode unacceptable.

I *am* a bit picturesque about the enter of the story. I took a quick result in the book's bibliography, but nobody stood out as a actual enter. So that's all I know... :)