Thursday, February 19, 2009

Animal Speak The Spiritual And Magical Powers Of Creatures Great And Small

Animal Speak The Spiritual And Magical Powers Of Creatures Great And Small Cover

Book: Animal Speak The Spiritual And Magical Powers Of Creatures Great And Small by Ted Andrews

Want to learn how to speak the language of critters, large and small? Easy-to-read and understand, Ted Andrews's bestselling Animal Speak shows readers how to identify his or her animal totem and learn how to invoke its energy and use it for personal growth and inner discovery. Nature lovers will love this insightful compendium, chock-full of touching stories about animals, natural history, and animal folklore. Readers will also learn magical animal rites and how to read omens. Animal Speak includes a Dictionary of bird, animal, reptile, and insect totems, which describe each creature's meaning. For example, if a person's totem is dragonfly, he or she was most likely excessively emotional and passionate in early years, learning with age to balance it with mental clarity and control. If a dragonfly suddenly shows up in your life, it means you may need to gain a new Perspective or make a change.

Totems are Spirit Guides (spirits who help you along on your journeys through life) that come to you in the form of animals. A Totem can be any animal that you have a strange connection to. This book is very good when it comes to the topic of Totems. Trust me, I've done a lot of studying and have seen a lot of information, but this has the most extensive collection of knowledge.

The best part of the book that is original that you can find few other places is it's huge dictionary of animal Totems. You can look up your Totem animal in the dictionary and it will give you the animal's history and folklore. It will also give you suggestions for someone who has that Totem. But that isn't the only good thing about the book. This book teaches you to find Totems if you don't yet knoww how. It tells you how to meditate to find your Totems, or, for the less patient, it gives other ways, too. Animal Speak also teaches you to read Totems in your life. Other topics include Things That you won't find in other books like the Preadator and Prey Theory, magic with bird feathers, honoring your animal Totems in many ways, and working with TOtem medicine. All of these are extremely useful and you can learn about the topic greatly. This good and all, but the book is not reccomended for beginners on Totem study and preferable for advanced people serious about the subject. The book is okay for starters, but some things are not explained as well as they should be for those who know nothing about Totems. Totems are a very interesting topic and this book is very good for the adventerous one that you know.

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