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Techniques Of Modern Shamanism

Techniques Of Modern Shamanism Cover

Book: Techniques Of Modern Shamanism by Phil Hine

The Techniques offered in this book are by no means definitive - just a beginning. There’s much more to be said on this subject, but you will find other works to help you. Probably the best way to use this book is to find some friends who are interested and try and explore the techniques together. You don’t need any fancy trappings, as your BodyMind is all that is needed at this stage. With Other people helping you, you’ll learn faster and have more fun too.

This book is a collection of practical exercises, the aim of which is to enhance awareness of the world around us. The first part of this book deals with basic sensory exercises, while the second half deals with trance states, and some of the basic group dynamics involved in helping other people into them. Using these techniques will not make you a ‘shaman/shamanka’, but they are drawing on the shamanic outlook - which depends from an enhanced awareness of our environment, and the ability to mediate between the everyday, and the sacred aspects of our experience. “Walking between the Worlds” requires that we learn to extend our perceptions from the ordinary, to see the extra-ordinary which lies within it. Many of the techniques require group exploration, since it is impossible to grow in total isolation from others.

Many of the exercises were originally part of the Shamanic Development Course run by Sheila Broun and myself in 1987. I am particularly indebted to Sheila, whose continuing work is a spur towards my own efforts. Also, to the course participants, who gave much in the way of enthusiasm, criticism, and their own experience, so that the course far surpassed our own hopes for its success. Also, I would like to thank Rich Westwood for supporting this project, and just about everyone to whom I’ve ever written to or talked with on this subject.

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