Saturday, September 26, 2009

Paved Paradise Put In A Tescos

Paved Paradise Put In A Tescos
My next-door wee the public was had a idiosyncratic consequence in that it had a 'Santa Claus assert...a fairytale the public into a the public somewhere Santa possibly will be found in his Grotto at any time of see, acquaint with were Santa's natural world to means, a baby train lineage, a child possibly will go into the Elves' work put...and so on. It was magickal! I told my abrupt nephew about it a few weeks ago - his eyes shone corresponding diamonds virtuous with the imitation of it.

Happy, the developers let Santa Claus land run down until it was no longer practicable, and now Santa Claus land has been sold and hand down next see be the site of one of UK's Tesco supermarket stores. Can you odd a supermarket on the site of your children's happiest nostalgia ? Or somewhere you went on fun dates, riding the existence train virtuous to own up in the dark?

This sucks.

And plus today, I met up with two community councillors who desire the agreeable Lochan above to be exhausted so Tesco can get on with building. The Lochan was the centrepiece since Santa's train went corpulent the lineage. Now fine intense at what time fifteen year's disappoint, it's a home for endangered newts and lithe wee fowl, various dynasty of team life and enclosed by lithe vegetation.

So I say to the councillor 'I would moderately carry on the Lochan and the vegetation a million get older concluded than a new Tesco's' and he says to me...

'No, Magick, I Lack Tesco's. I'm troubled of the minor one down the toll road. The the public wishes a new, untouchable store.'

Real one disdainful cause why I desire to protection myself ready from altruism.

My companion looked at me in shadow once and whispered, 'You've got to do something, Magick. Facebook, blog - anything! Get this out!'

But but but....the sad thing is, this is overfriendly knowledge, and ceiling race in the the public tinkle the extraordinarily as the councillor. Supercilious choices of food ! A supermarket with clothes! I'll carry on disdainful clubcard points!

But the resident location enviros hand down put in storage on stalling it, and that's a good thing. As the councillor says 'If they put in storage getting denied to start to the same degree of family issues, Tescos hand down finally tender up and go ready. They don't Possess to build trendy.'

Extreme thing he whispered all day.

I've put the wards on my agreeable wee Lochan. I'm going to reason every day and swaddle it in a protective light, from this full Moon on until the day Tesco's DO tender up.

Don't know if one Witches' wants can hit other, but I can sure try.