Saturday, July 5, 2008

Reiki Shamanism A Guide To Out Of Body Healing

Reiki Shamanism A Guide To Out Of Body Healing Cover

Book: Reiki Shamanism A Guide To Out Of Body Healing by Jim Pathfinder Ewing

Whether you are just learning about Reiki or are proficient in your practice; if you've ever believed that you were already `doing' Reiki before being attuned to it; if you've ever traveled in your mind's eye through your prayers to the bedside of a sick family member or friend; if the word 'shamanism' has always caught your eye or if you are considering any of the healing arts - then this book is for you!

When I read the very first paragraph of Chapter Two, I all but broke down and cried - giving thanks for these long awaited words from Jim Pathfinder Ewing. Even though I had been practicing and teaching in the Traditional Usui Method of Reiki Energy Healing for the past 6 years, something always seemed to be 'missing' from my practice. Jim's words resonated so deep within my heart and soul that I knew beyond a doubt he was speaking age olde truth - just as New Age is not new at all, neither is Reiki just a 100 yr old Japanese form of energy healing. Its roots are ancient and shamanic and the founding father was himself a Shaman who upon his vision quest, received the well known symbols and Instructions for healing that are taught world wide in Reiki classrooms today!

Jim shares this truth, knowledge and his own Experiences in a simple,honest language that brilliantly illustrates how both modalities of reiki and shamanism can come full circle in a such a natural, complimentary way. With more than 25 pages of notes and Bibliographies at the end, "Reiki Shamanism" is a road map unto itself and will surely open an evolutionary door to the entire Reiki healing community.

We are living in profound and prophetic times when more and more folks are desperately searching for lifelines. It is no secret that the time has come for great healing and awakening on our planet and I believe, now more than ever, we as a planetary society need to tune back into the heartbeat of our Earth Mother.

This book was pure energy healing for my soul and I highly recommend it as well as any of Jim's other books, classes or workshops. He shows us how easy it really is to become the necessary caregivers, not only to heal ourselves, but all our relations and ultimately, our Mother Earth. All we need to do is take that first step...

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