Friday, July 23, 2010

Shamanic Festivals And Worship Days

Shamanic Festivals And Worship Days Cover The festivals are reckoned as they have been for centuries by most Southwestern tribes, by both the Sun and the Moon. The seasons begin on the first Full Moon after a Solstice or an Equinox. The Solstices and Equinoxes themselves are times of celebration as well, and perhaps the period between the two (which usually works out to be no more than a week or so) could be considered a time of Holiday. Lesser ceremonials are held on New Moons and Full Moons between the first Full Moons of the seasons. Optionally certain Pagan festivals could be celebrated in conjunction With Other groups, but they are not to be adopted as official Lifeway Fellowship Ceremonial days.

There are other ceremonials that are personal in nature, and can be held at any time, although synchronizing them with the Festivals and the New and Full Moons is advisable. They are Naming, where a newborn child is named in the presence of the group and their Life-beads given; Coming Of Age, where the child's physical maturity is acknowledged, and where, for a short time, they become Child of the Water (if a boy) or White Painted Woman (if a girl); Initiation, where a person becomes a full-fledged member of the group, given after a person becomes a legal adult; Joining, where a man and a woman consent to be married; Unjoining, where a man and woman who are married consent to have the bond dissolved, which is to be done only after four reconciliation attempts fail or after evidence of marital infidelity or abuse is given before the group; the Moonlodge, which is a special sweat for women in their Moon-time; and Release, where a ceremony for a dead member of the Fellowship is done to guide their soul Back Home. Other ceremonials that are dreamed or envisioned by a person or group are also encouraged.

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